Weekly Forecast Monday January 7th, 2019

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Monday 1/7 - Squirrel - It’s the first full week of the new year, which means that if you were still trying to make your way out of the holiday haze last week, it’s time to get back in the game. Use today to lay the foundation for any projects you want to get underway or maybe even complete in the upcoming weeks and months. Never underestimate the importance of the preparation phase. A little time spent organizing and getting your strategy clearly laid out can be the difference between going the distance and gassing out. One way to get geared up for a big goal is to envision the moment that you complete it and then work backwards from there. What did you need to do just before you crossed the finish line? And then what needed to be handled just before that? And so on...Work your way back to where you are now and then you’ll know exactly what your first step should be.

Tuesday 1/8 - Black Panther Reversed - No matter how long our lives have been stable for, life will always eventually throw us a curveball at some point or another. A sudden shift in your work environment. Changes within an important relationship. Maybe even changes within your own heart and mind that alter how you relate to your own life. We can’t always control what comes up in life, but we can decide to stay open, to embrace the constant ebb and flow, and to trust that everything is happening for us, to serve our growth, and to ultimately lead us to the very place we’re meant to be. If you’re finding yourself getting caught in the fear trap, breathe deeply and connect with your heart center. Ask you ancestors and the elements to support you. And remember that you have made it to the other side of every obstacle you’ve encountered so far. Maybe even stronger, and most certainly wiser, than before. Believe in yourself and allow that faith to give you strength and courage as you move forward into the unknown.

Wednesday 1/9 - Hawk - Signs will present themselves today, but it is up to you to stay open to them, to create enough space and stillness to be able to receive them, and then to allow your heart to feel their meanings. It may not always be something so obvious as a magic 8 ball tell you to “go for it”. Sometimes we can receive messages from strangers who have no idea how significantly their words land with us or from the elements reminding us of parts of our spirit that need tending. Unusual sightings or interactions with animals are never coincidental and, while there are common meanings attributed to different animal encounters across different cultures, don’t underestimate your ability to interpret your own experience as well. You intuition can be an incredibly powerful  guide in your life. But it must me developed like any other skill or gift--through practice.

Thursday 1/10 - Lizard - Today is a day to pay special attention to your dreams, both those that come while you slumber, but also those that come while your eyes are open as well. They are not frivolous but rather calls from your soul, guiding you towards your path. If you find your mind wandering repeatedly to something specific, be that a creative idea or a vision of travel or problem that has yet to be solved, set aside some time for yourself to give you attention to that in an intentional way. Ask for the meaning or solution to be revealed to you and then sit in silent meditation or put a pen in your hand and allow yourself to write from free association without judgement about what comes out. You might be surprised by the messages that come forward, but don’t dismiss them. Even if they don’t make perfect sense at the moment, trust that you are gathering pieces of the puzzle and the picture will become clearer as you move forward.

Friday 1/11 - Dog - In a world where there is background noise almost constantly, it can sometimes be a challenge to hear our own hearts, but today, that is exactly your task. There may be many energies in your environment pulling for your attention, trying to influence you, and wanting you to join their team or cause. It’s not that they are necessarily selfish or malicious, but we all want to have our needs and desires met, so it’s important that you stay centered in your own truth, as no one else can do that for you. What are your deepest values? Who and what do you stand behind? Get clear about the answers to these questions and then make sure your actions are authentic and aligned.  

Saturday 1/12 - Owl - There’s more than meets the eye to someone in your field today. If your gut is telling you that something isn’t adding up, listen to it. No need for confrontation; simply take a step back and observe the situation to gather more information before taking any action. Pay particular attention to how people’s behaviors and choices do or do not match up with their words and then determine how much you want to engage with them accordingly. While you’re at it, it might be worth taking the same inventory of yourself. Often when we hides things from ourselves, it shows up in our external circumstances. If someone unsavory has wandered into your life, ask yourself how you might also embody the very qualities that you find yourself judging in others, even if only in very subtle ways. Shadow work isn’t always pretty, but it sure does clean up the energy you’re emitting and, as a result, the energies you’re attracting in as well.

Sunday 1/13 - Raccoon - If you’ve received support from your community in recent seasons, it may be time to turn around and pay it forward. Look around and see if there is anyone in your circle who could use a helping hand. Whether that’s in the form of a sounding board or words of encouragement or maybe even working with them to get the wheels moving on a passion project of theirs, giving back to those in your community can bring deeper meaning into your life and keep kindness and a sense of abundance flowing for everyone. Just make sure that you are empowering others rather than infantilizing or enabling them. Your support should be like a breeze that lifts them up into the air, but after that, it’s up to them fly.



Weekly Forecast Monday December 31st

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Monday 12/31 - Prairie Dog Reversed - While New Year’s Eve is often a time of boisterous celebration and indulgent gatherings, a quieter, more intentional approach to closing out the year may be called for today. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ring in the new year joyously, but perhaps consider taking some time during the day to do some solo reflection on the journey that the past year has taken you on. The challenges, the successes, the learning, growth, and love. What are you most grateful for? How has your life shifted? What can you shed and what would you like to cultivate going forward? If you’re feeling social come nightfall, join in on an intimate gathering at which you can connect with others in a soulful way that will have you meeting the new year with clarity and warm, well-nourished heart.

Tuesday 1/1 - Dolphin - It’s the beginning of a brand new year full of possibilities and here you are, greeting it, despite everything you’ve had to overcome to get here. That simple fact alone is more than enough reason to celebrate, and there’s no better way to celebrate the gift of your own life than filling it with meaning and purpose. What that will look like is yours to decide, but if you’re struggling to know what path is meant for you or what your next right step is, try connecting with the most basic manifestation of your own life force--your breath. If nothing else, it’s a powerful way to drop you into a state of gratitude and a vibrational state that supports alignment and a sense of wellbeing. Make a practice of working with your breath, either through regular breath awareness meditation or pranayama breathwork, and you might find yourself moving through blocks, honing your intuitive capacities, and calling in opportunities you’ve only dreamt of in the year ahead!

Wednesday 1/2 - Wild Boar - If you’re realizing that you’ve inadvertently carried some things into the new year that you wish would have stayed behind in 2018, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Get really honest with yourself, and anyone else around you if necessary, about what’s no longer serving you and the shifts that need to take place for you to reclaim your power. Are there any sneaky habits that you’ve been telling yourself “aren’t that big of an issue”, but you know in your heart are holding you back? Do you participate in relationship dynamics that leave you more drained than inspired? No more minimizing the impacts of negative habits and toxicity in your life! Confront them head on with open eyes and a courageous heart. If you truly do the work, you’ll have good reason to thank yourself by this time next year.

Thursday 1/3 - Owl Reversed - The call for a deep personal inventory continues today. The worst lies we tell are the ones we tell ourselves. To avoid shame. To maintain an illusion of who we believe ourselves to be. To side-step the real work. But all ies require maintenance and over time they become heavier burdens to bear than the truth ever could have been. To set yourself free, you must shine a light on all the shadows that live within your own heart. This is a task that must be done with lots of compassion. The goal is not to punish yourself for being so very human, but to increase empowerment. To be able to act from a place of awareness and choice as you move forward.

Friday 1/4 - Badger -  The intense energies don’t seem to let up as the first week of the year comes to a close. In fact, what’s called for today is direct and assertive action. What goals did you set for the year ahead? Passivity and wishful-thinking won’t support your ability to make your dreams a reality. Whether it’s a new job or promotion, a healthier lifestyle, or a special someone you’ve been noticing for a while, go after what you want today without apology. You may not get an affirmative response, but you certainly don’t have to be the one to say no to yourself, and you just might get exactly what you ask for..or something even better.

Saturday 1/5 - Spider Reversed - If you’ve found yourself tempted to meddle in other people’s business or wanting to critique everyone around you, it may be a sign that you haven’t been using your creative gifts properly. We are all gifted with the ability to create--whether that’s words or visual art or businesses or buildings that reach to the skies. If you don’t believe you’re a creative person then you’ve simply not discovered your unique form or forms of expression. One way to do so is to revisit the things that brought you joy as a child. Follow the calls that come from your soul, regardless of whether or not they seem logical. If you already know what your gifts are, it’s time to dedicate more time to cultivating them. When you are guided by passion and purpose, you radiate a quiet confidence and fulfillment that is way more likely to influence others in positive ways than words of advice ever will.

Sunday 1/6 - Beaver Reversed -  The messages around the importance of purpose and passion carry through to today as well. Boredom and apathy are the result of internal blocks, not external circumstances. Have you deemed your personal mission in life to be insignificant? Or yourself to be unworthy for some reason? Remember that, of all the billions of people on the planet, there is no one just like you and that is not a coincidence. With your  unique life journey, qualities, gifts, and even challenges, there is something special that only you can offer the world. It doesn’t have to reshape the entire fabric of the cosmos. Every addition of goodwill and loving action in the world contributes to the betterment of life for all. Find your why. Big or small. And do something towards that purpose every single day. It really can be that simple.



Weekly Forecast Monday December 24th

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Monday 12/24 - Owl Reversed - While the holiday season is seen as a time for cheer and celebration, it can also be a time for getting in touch with our Shadow sides. Spiritual teach Ram Dass tells us that, “if you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family” and in doing that, you might just notice how much work you still have to do to stay centered in compassion, patience, and love. The medicine here is to get honest with yourself. All those judgements you so quickly place on others reflect at least as much about you as they do anyone else. In what ways do you act out those very same traits? Even if it is on a much smaller scale or only within your heart and mind? Just because it hasn’t seen the light of day doesn’t mean that it doesn’t live within you and seep out energetically. Look closely at the ways you are hard on others, examine how you are hard on yourself for these very same things, and then offer up a little compassion for all of you. Sometimes accepting something about ourselves is the very key to healing and releasing it.

Tuesday 12/25 - Grouse - Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, today is most definitely a day to celebrate life, the passing of another year, and the possibilities held within a new one ahead. Really be present with your body today and the wondrous gift it is to inhabit it, to be able to gaze upon the beauties of this world, to be able to touch a loved one or feel a brisk breeze or the warmth of a fire, to have a heart that beats for you every single day. The very best way to express gratitude for these blessings is to not take them for granted, to really utilize them, and to do so in a way that elevates your spirit and those of others around you. Whether that means to dance or sing or offer hugs or make food or to simply look at someone and make a point of truly seeing them, do it. Celebrate your life today. It is, without question, the greatest gift.

Wednesday 12/26 - Badger - The time has come for you to fully express yourself, to not hold back, and to go after the thing that you most desire with everything that you’ve got. Assertiveness can be a double-edged sword--effective, but if not used carefully, potentially off-putting. They key to avoiding this pitfall is to make sure that your goals and efforts are rooted in love and sought out with integrity. You can pursue your passions without compromising your values as long as you stay flexible and creative in your approach.

Thursday 12/27 - Whale Reversed - Have you’ve been feeling disconnected from your own voice, your intuition, or Spirit? It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves worked up into a frenzy during this time of year and feeling overwhelmed with social obligations, financial concerns, and heavy energy around either the year that is passing or the one ahead. If any of this is ringing true for you then you might want to consider setting aside some time to cultivate space for quiet and stillness. Spend some time out in nature alone. Meditate. Pour your heart and mind out onto the pages of a journal. These practices allow you to reconnect with your higher self and the wisdom that always lives inside of you. Sometimes you simply have to step away from the external noise long enough to be able to hear your own voice.

Friday 12/28 - Skunk - One of the most empowering things you can do is to learn how to be conscious and intentional with the way you use your energy. So many misunderstandings and interpersonal issues stem from a lack of effective or clear communication and this applies to unspoken messages as much as it does the words we use. Check in with a few people you trust to speak from an honest, wise, and compassionate place. Ask them how they experience you and take note of any unexpected responses. This isn’t about judging any aspect of who you are or how you show up, but rather becoming more aware of what signals you’re putting out into the world and making sure that you are actively choosing what kind of energy you emit in each moment.  

Saturday 12/29 - Raven - We are constantly surrounded by magic, miracles, and things beyond any sort of logical explanation. The questions is: Are we honoring the synchronicities, the messages we receive, and the mystery of life? To do so doesn’t necessarily require a great deal of fanfare, but rather a pause, a moment of listening internally for the deeper message, and a willingness to act from a place of faith and trust when what we hear doesn’t necessarily make sense to the rational mind. This is your task today. Should you embrace it with both arms, you will be in for both a big adventure and some very unexpected blessings.

Sunday 12/30 - Dragonfly - Any transformation first begins with an honest assessment of where one currently is, and as we prepare to leave one year behind and pass through the portal into a new one, we are in an especially potent moment for getting uncompromisingly honest with ourselves about who we are, what we want, how we have held ourselves back, and what we must do to step into our full light and claim the life that we know in our hearts we were meant for. Peel back the layers today. Strip away any part of you that is not fully authentic. Shine a light on all the shadows and hold whatever you find gently, so that you may release it with love. Today can be the beginning of anything you want. Who you are tomorrow is entirely up to you.  



Weekly Forecast Monday December 17th

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Monday 12/17 - Turtle - Our connection with the earth is innate. We are, in fact, nature itself. One moving part in the unfathomably intricate dance of the cosmos. It’s easy to forget sometimes. To become so wrapped up in our own realtively tiny lives that we forget our relationship with the very ground we stand on, the air we breath, the fire that warms us, and the water that quite literally composes the majority of our body. Make a point of remembering today. Find a way to give thanks for the lands that have held you. The specific offering is not as important as the quality of your presence and the depth of your gratitude.

Tuesday 12/18 - Badger Reversed - Badger medicine is rarely gentle, but tends to be both thorough and effective. It involves rooting out the source of the issue and then working with tireless focus to clear it. And honestly, there’s no better time to remove anything from your life that has been holding you back. Only a matter of days before the Winter Solstice and on the cusp of a new year, it’s time to be proactive about cleansing the toxins from your life, whether those are internal (limiting belief systems and patterns that don’t serve your highest vision of your life) or external (environmental pollutants, toxic relationships, or clutter). Just be sure you’re releasing with love because what isn’t released with love has a way of coming back around like a boomerang.

Wednesday 12/19 - Whale - Finding your voice isn’t always about speaking up. Sometimes it’s about tuning in. Listening closely to those subtle shifts in your body, the heart-pulls, and the calls from your soul. These are not meaningless signals firing at random, but clues. A roadmap to your passion and purpose in this world. Study, cultivate, and honor them and you will have created the very best navigation system you could ever hope to have in this life.

Thursday 12/20 - Skunk Reversed - Have you allowed yourself to get too wrapped up in concern for what others think of you lately? If so, it’s time to let go of the egoic attachment to your reputation and bring the focus back to your character--who you truly are as opposed to who people think you are. When you live your life with integrity, grace is natural and you move with an ease and empowerment that draws in opportunity and genuine connection. You won’t need to worry about gaining shallow favor from others as you will have earned deep admiration and respect through your actions.

Friday 12/21 - Raven Reversed - It’s time to get back in your own lane. Dabbling in other people’s business or Spirit business, for that matter, is a risky endeavor and usually doesn’t end well. Take a deep breath, center your own energy, and then ask yourself if there are any circumstances or issues in your life that bring up tension in your body. If so, that’s very likely a sign that you are trying to exert your control over something that is not yours to begin with. Free yourself from the struggle by falling into trust and surrender. What’s meant for you will always be yours. No need to try to force it.  

Saturday 12/22 - Owl - Sometimes, refraining from commenting or engaging is the most powerful thing you can do and today is one of those times. Observe from a safe distance today. Interpersonal interactions and even the ebb and flow happening inside of you. If you can carve out some space in your schedule for meditation today, definitely do. If that’s not possible, at least employ extra mindfulness as you move through your activities and interactions. Solutions and next best steps will be much more apparent from this vantage point.

Sunday 12/23 - Grouse Reversed - Yes, life can get heavy. But that doesn’t mean that you should cease to celebrate the light that’s always woven, however subtly, into the darkness. Today, let that celebration happen on the physical level. Move your body. Marvel at the incredible miracle of your own life. Tap into the flow of life force within your own heart-center and dance in whatever way feels most authentic and nourishing for you. This practice is so simple and also one of the most powerful methods for releasing and clearing energy. Give yourself over to it and you might just find that you close out the weekend feeling more vibrant and inspired.



Weekly Forecast Monday December 10th

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Monday 12/10 - Blue Heron Reversed -. Choosing the path of awareness and growth is beautifully courageous, but it’s important to not develop tunnel vision in your pursuit to become “enlightened”. Even the greatest sages and gurus know that being able to take life a little less seriously and laugh at yourself every once in a while is vital to becoming a balanced and whole human. Sometimes, dropping back into the body or connecting with community can bring just as much insight as spending hours in meditation so make sure that any self-reflection you’ve undertaken is coupled with a healthy dose of light-hearted activity, connection with others, and an understanding that perfection only exists in the mind.

Tuesday 12/11 - Antelope Reversed -  It’s time to get moving. It doesn’t matter which direction you choose, but choose you must. If you’ve recently found yourself stuck in analysis paralysis, it might help to remember that there are no wrong paths and that, as long as you follow the wisdom of your heart, you will always be led to the exact place you are meant to be. And, if you find yourself down a road that you no longer wish to traverse, you can always turn around or re-route. So relieve some of the pressure you’ve placed upon yourself and just take action.

Wednesday 12/12 - Eagle Reversed - Have you been feeling disconnected? From yourself? From your sense of purpose? From the world around you? It is normal to feel cut off from the flow of source energy when we are discouraged or depleted--mentally, physically, or spiritually, but it is also up to us to re-establish the connection. Take some time today to remind yourself of the bigger picture and just how magical this life truly is. Hike to a beautiful vista and take in the view. Try something new. Drop into deep conversation with a stranger. Whatever you do, make sure to shake your life up a little bit so some of those stagnant energies and thoughts can clear out and make room for a fresh perspective.

Thursday 12/13 - Spider Reversed - When we don’t find intentional ways to express ourselves, we are likely to end up doing so in ways that are not only unconscious, but often a bit destructive as well. This is why it is so important to not bottle up or push down your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. If you have something that you need to get out of your system but aren’t quite ready to share it with the world, purge that energy onto a canvas, a notebook, or an voice memo and then destroy it if you need to. Keep creating and outletting until your heart and body feel light again.

Friday 12/14 - Black Panther - In order to step into the unknown, you must first trust. In yourself and ultimately in something greater than yourself as well. When in your life have you been seemingly assisted by unseen forces? Have you ever experienced a time where unexpected help showed up at the exact moment you need it most? Maybe it was even just a sudden burst of courage that came out of nowhere and helped you make your way through something challenging. Call on those experiences today to help you embrace the parts of your path that are not yet illuminated. We all eventually meet a day where we must walk in the dark. Stay connected to the energy of your own precious heart and you will not have to worry about where your next step will take you.

Saturday 12/15 - Bat Reversed - Transitions can challenge even the most grounded of us all, but it is only when we resist change that we truly suffer. If life seems to be pushing you into something new, don’t fight it. Allow yourself to drop into the flow of the current and you’ll be more able to make choices about what opportunities you wish to take and which ones you prefer to let float on by. It may feel like you are losing parts of yourself or your life that you aren’t quite yet ready to let go of, but rest assured that more aligned possibilities are on their way to you. You only need to let go of the past so that you can be open and ready to receive them.

Sunday 12/16 - Deer - Gentleness may be one of the most underrated qualities, but it has a power all its own. Our very masculine-oriented world often rewards fire and assertiveness, even aggression, and there is a time and place for making things happen by sheer force of will. However, there are also moments when dropping into tenderness and the energy of pure, innocent love is called for and today is one of those days. Where can you soften? Where can you drop the need to push and shove your way through others or even through yourself? Cultivate a deeper sense of patience and compassion, offer it freely to yourself and those around, and watch previously impenetrable barriers crumble all around you.



Weekly Forecast Monday December 3rd

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Monday 12/3 - Hawk Reversed - Have you caught yourself checking out lately? Using busyness, food, substances, and other objects or habits as a way to escape your own experience? If so, you may also be blocking your own intuition and ability to receive guidance from Spirit. In order to reconnect with a sense of clarity and alignment, you’ll need to cultivate more space for stillness, reflection, and presence in your life. Practicing breath awareness could be especially beneficial today and go a long way towards bringing you back into your body and heightening your intuitive capacities.

Tuesday 12/4 - Fox Reversed - Today is not the day to try to blend in or dim your light. Shine brightly and, in doing so, you’ll give others permission to do the same. And the world always needs more lightmakers. If you find that some people are turned off by you showing up in your full radiance, then send those people love and keep on moving.  

Wednesday 12/5 - Badger Reversed - Are you caught in a bit of a shame spiral after showing up in a less than graceful way? No need to beat yourself up and honestly there’s no use anyway. After all, we tend to hurt others when we’ve been hurt, so the best thing you could do for both yourself and for others is to take some time to reflect on where your wounds are and what will best serve your healing. When you process and release your own angers and sadnesses, you free yourself from their grip and give yourself the opportunity to respond, rather than react, to your circumstances.

Thursday 12/6 - Moose - Put some thought into how you present yourself today. From your outward appearance to the energy you emit, the number one person you should be trying to impress is yourself. If your self-esteem has taken a bit of a dip lately, figure out where you’re not meeting your own standards and then challenge yourself to step into your very best self. And don’t forget that the target is progress, not perfection.

Friday 12/7 - Raccoon Reversed - Have you been trying to handle things all on your own?  Too afraid to delegate responsibility? It’s important to allow yourself to lean into your community and to trust others to come through for you every once in a while. Can you ask for help where you need it? Maybe it’s as simple as asking a friend to be an accountability buddy for a big goal you’ve been struggling to stay focused on or asking your partner or housemates to help you out around the house. Whatever it is, reaching out and letting someone else know how they can support you can be a powerful gift, both to yourself and to the person you bestow with your precious trust.

Saturday 12/8 - Turkey Reversed - If you’ve found yourself mired in a mindset of lack lately or feeling like your resources are stretched too thin to be generous then it’s time to shift your focus towards the areas of your life that actually do feel abundant. Maybe you’re rich in love and friendship. Perhaps you’ve got natural artistic ability in spades. Or you’re lucky enough to live in a place where you are surrounded by beauty. There’s always something to be thankful for and tapping into the frequency of gratitude can be the tiny shift that changes the whole game for you today.

Sunday 12/9 - Horse Reversed - Where are you feeling disempowered in your life? And how can you reclaim responsiblity for how you want to feel and what you want your journey to look like? Usually it comes down to better boundaries, with yourself as much as with others. Do your daily habits support you in creating the life that you truly desire? Do you surround yourself with people that encourage, inspire, and expand your heart and mind? Are you able to focus on the lessons in your challenges, more so than any pain they bring you? If you’re a little shaky in any of these arenas, today you’ll want to grab the reins and actively navigate your way towards the path you know is meant for you.



Weekly Forecast Monday November 26th

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Monday 11/26 - As the week kicks off, Rabbit appears to remind us to stay centered and clear when it comes to our visions. All too often, we feed our fears with energy in the form of worry and words of doubt, but this only draws us away from that which we most desire. Instead acknowledge your concerns, but then release them and move through your day with trust that what is meant for you will be yours and anything that falls away is only clearing the path for something better.

Tuesday 11/27 - Today, Black Panther shows up in the reversed position only further encouraging us to embrace the unknown. Sure, planning and analyzing can have their place but sometimes surrendering and allowing life to simply unfold can help us tap into the flow rather than needing to push so hard. Again, this involves trust, both in the divine orchestration of life and in your ability to navigate whatever comes your way.

Wednesday 11/28 - Skunk medicine is all about reputation, so the question you want to ask yourself today is: What kind of impression have I been making? If you’re feeling misunderstood or find that you’re not getting the responses you seek from others, you might want to look at what kinds of signals you’ve been putting out. In any case, remember that your energy introduces you before you ever speak, so mind your vibes and do your best to be intentional and authentic in your interactions.

Thursday 11/29 - Hawk reversed indicates that you’ve either been missing the signs or simply ignoring them. Open your eyes. Create space for stillness. Connect with the elements. Talk to strangers. Listen to your body. There is information all around you, guiding you every day. All you have to do is open yourself up to receive the messages.

Friday 11/30 - It seems that there won’t be an early wrap on the work week today as Beaver lets us know that it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start building towards our dreams. Your visions aren’t going to manifest themselves! Figure out what you want to create in your life and in the world and then work backwards from there. Create small, attainable goals and make sure to include deadlines to keep you on track. If you can do even one small thing each day, before too long you’ll find that your dreams have become your reality.

Saturday 12/1 - Butterfly medicine asks that we honor the never-ending cycle of transformation. We are constantly dying and being reborn into new versions of ourselves. This process isn’t always easy and often requires a willingness to shed parts of who we were so that we may become who we’re meant to be. What in your life is no longer a fit? What needs to be released so that you can move into the next phase of your life? Can you trust that any changes taking place right now are only carrying you towards your destiny?

Sunday 12/2 - Snake reversed only echoes the messages of Butterfly and let’s us know that creative outlets can help support us through any shifts that are currently underway. Set aside some time today to paint, write, dance, or participate in any other activity that helps get you out of your head and back into your heart and a more open state of being. A sense of playfulness can be one of the most powerful assets when you’re navigating challenging transitions so don’t be afraid to cut loose a little bit today.



Weekly Forecast Monday November 19th

weekly card reading 11.19.18.jpg

Monday 11/19 - This week starts off with the medicine of Salmon in the reversed position. Salmon take a very special journey each year, swimming upstream to their birthplace to spawn. The journey home doesn’t always have to be a physical one. How can you come back to yourself today and reclaim your essence? What lit you up as a child? When was the last time you laughed? If you have been struggling to feel connected to yourself, today is the day to engage with the very simplest pleasures and allow life’s beauty to heal you. You may also find that when you cultivate a frequency of joy, life responds kindly.

Tuesday 11/20 - Porcupine echoes the messages of Salmon and encourages us to bring more playfulness into our lives. No one said that being austere was a requirement for doing good work in the world. In fact, softness and a light heart can often get more done and without leaving us drained. In what areas of your life can you invite a spirit of curiosity? Is there a chip on your shoulder that is weighing you down? Release resentments and limiting beliefs and open yourself up to the sweetness of life.

Wednesday 11/21 - When Moose reversed shows up, it’s usually a sign that your self esteem may have taken a bit of a dip lately. Investigate why and then take steps to bring yourself back into alignment. If your actions haven’t been backing up your words or vision of yourself, it’s time to change that. If you’ve noticed yourself feeling jealous of others, flip the script and turn your feelings into aspirations. You have the power to  create whatever you want in your own life so stop focusing on how green the grass looks in others’ yards and starting watering your own.

Thursday 11/22 - Raccoon brings the medicine of community. Multiple minds coming together to achieve one goal. Each individual doing their part and sharing in the rewards. How can you be a better team player today? Are there sacrifices you can make for the greater good that ultimately support your wellness too? There’s a special kind of fulfillment that comes from being part of something greater than yourself and today is a wonderful day to give yourself that gift.

Friday 11/23 - Turkey follows up Raccoon and only further drives home the importance of giving back to the community, and you can start by raising your awareness around the needs of those around you and finding ways to support them. Sometimes the simplest gestures can greatly lessen the burdens of others. Offer an ear, a smile, your generosity, your time and efforts, or any other form of energy you feel able to share with an open and warm heart.  

Saturday 11/24 - This weekend, Frog encourages us to let go, to release, and to cleanse anything from your life that is holding you back from being your truest, most vibrant self. Healing is sometimes more about clearing away obstacles to health than it is about bringing on new habits. What patterns of thought or behavior are no longer serving you? And more importantly, what will it take for you to be free from them?

Sunday 11/25 - Jaguar reversed is a warning that you may have been out of integrity lately. Are you living in a way that is true to your values and who you wish to be in the world? If not, it’s never too late to reconnect with your truth and then embody it in all that you do. Spend some time today reflecting on what kind of impact you wish to make on the world around you. Even small shifts in the energy you bring into interactions can make a huge difference in your life and of those around you.



Weekly Forecast Monday November 12th

weekly card reading 11.12.18.jpg

Monday 11/12 - This week starts off with a message from Snake, encouraging us to channel all of the intense energies that have been moving through lately into our own healing. Allow life to soften you. Create. Let the tears fall and as they do, let them cleanse your heart and soul. No energy is inherently bad or harmful. It is only when we hold on to it, refuse to allow it to pass on through, that it can warp and mutate. So let the energies rise. Let them move through you. And then release them in whatever way you can.

Tuesday 11/13 - The Wolf is the teacher, the leader, the guide. But when he shows up in the reversed position, it asks us to reflect on how those roles show up in our own lives. Have we been serving as the teacher to another, and if so, have we walked that path with grace? Have we been loving in our guidance, or have we fallen to extremes of either lording our authority over those who would follow us or abandoning them altogether when we find that serving as a guide has become too burdensome. Think back on the teachers who have most supported your growth across your lifetime. What qualities allowed them to be a gift to you in human form and can you carry their legacy forward today by offering that same light to another?

Wednesday 11/14 - Coyote medicine may have you laughing and crying at the same time today. In the reversed position, it signifies a time in which you may feel as though every step you take is wrong. Some lessons in life are a little more painful than others. If you find yourself in the thick of frustration, try to take a step back and see your life from a broader lens. If possible, laugh. If tears are needed, shed those as well. And then maybe laugh a little bit more. Sometimes it’s the only thing we can do.

Thursday 11/15 - When Frog is in the reversed position, it’s a surefire sign that your life is in need of a cleanse. That could be physical in the form of a detox diet, mental in the form of a meditation practice, or a spiritual cleanse in which you actively release energies, habits, and any other part of your life that is no longer serving you. Letting go can be challenging for sure. But when we open up our fists and release what we’ve been holding, we create space to receive something new. Ask yourself what you’re ready to allow into your life, and then let that vision support you as you release what’s no longer meant for you.

Friday 11/16 - Any day is a good day to practice some self-love but the appearance of Moose indicates that acknowledging your gifts and light is especially important today. Take some time to reflect on your own journey. Celebrate how far you’ve come. Rest in your heart space and allow yourself to really feel your own inherent goodness and worth. We are all living embodiments of the Divine. Knowing and honoring that truth will help you move through even the darkest of times with an unmistakable grace.

Saturday 11/17 - Have you been talking out of turn lately? Sharing secrets that weren’t yours to share? Speaking without thinking of how your words might impact others? If so, Lynx reversed is encouraging you to be more mindful of how you speak. Today is definitely a day to ask yourself before you speak: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

Sunday 11/18 - Beaver is the builder of the animal kingdom and while Sunday is often considered a day of rest, you might consider using today to lay the groundwork for a project you’ve been dreaming about lately. It doesn’t have to be all work and no play though. See if you can bring a sense of passion, joy, and lightheartedness to your work today. You might find that you wake up tomorrow more inspired and energized than if you had whiled away the day.



Weekly Forecast Monday November 5th

weekly card reading 11.5.18.jpg

Monday 11/5 - We are greeted today by Rabbit and a message that fear can swallow you up whole--if you let it. Don’t. Confront your fears. Embrace uncertainty. Dig into your faith in yourself and in the Divine Order of this life. And while you have to start by acknowledging your fears in order to release them, make sure that you don’t get stuck in the loop of feeding them energy. If you speak of what scares you today, make sure to frame your fears as things that you are learning to overcome, because your words become your reality.

Tuesday 11/6 - Bear reversed let’s us know that it is time to ignore all of the noise “out there” and tune back into to your greatest source of guidance--your Higher Self. Create some space today for a meditation or a solo walk out in nature. Listen closely to your own heart and let its sweet wisdom bubble forth. As tempting as it can be to hand the keys over and let someone else drive, the only one who can determine the right course for your life is you.

Wednesday 11/7 - When Turtle shows up in the reversed position, it’s always a sign that some earth medicine is needed. Connecting with the natural world can be one of the most healing practices and today you may be in need of some extra grounding. If possible, put your bare feet on the earth or lie down in a patch of soft grass. Allow yourself to be fully supported and let your tension melt away. Acknowledge that your every breath is a miracle, as is the gift of feeling the sun on your face, taking in the expansiveness of the sky above, and of getting to experience this life in a human body.

Thursday 11/8 - Prairie Dog pops into the cards today to let you know that it might be time to take a little retreat. Proper rest is absolutely vital to maintaining wellness in mind, body, and spirit, but our modern world with all of its non-stop stimulation can make it challenging to fully decompress, but decompress you must! Turn off your phone, step away from the screens, and take some time to do things that are gentle and nourishing. Even if all you can carve out if an hour for some quiet time by yourself in a park today, do it. Sometimes the smallest acts of self-care can be more powerfully supportive than you could have imagined.

Friday 11/9 - Questions you might want to ask yourself today are: Am I doing what I know in my heart to be right? Or am I just following along with the crowd? The medicine of Crow is all about law, but not the often arbitrary law of man. It’s about Divine Law. The truths that shine through any rationalizations or illusions. Since Crow showed up in the reversed position, it might be time to examine the integrity of your actions. If you find that you get a tight or sinking feeling in your gut or chest when thinking of something you’ve done or are doing, listen to that and then course correct as needed.

Saturday 11/10 - When Eagle graces us with her presence, we know that Spirit is beckoning us to come closer, to connect more deeply, and to honor the sacredness of all things. Your life can be a series of meaningless motions, OR every breath you take, every word you speak, and every choice you make can be infused with intention. What impact do you want to have on the world around you? What legacy do you wish to leave in your wake when your time on this planet comes to a close? Let the answers to these questions guide you through life and you’ll find more purpose and courage than you ever knew lived within you.

Sunday 11/11 - Hawk medicine reminds us to notice the signs and the messengers all around us. There is no such thing as coincidence. Allow yourself to see and honor the synchronicity in your life. Stay open to receiving guidance from unusual sources. Repetitive numbers. Strange encounters with animals. The uncanny wisdom of a small child. Pay attention. Listen with your heart. The answers are right there. You only need to trust the truth of what you feel.



Weekly Forecast Monday October 29th

weekly card reading 10.29.18.jpg

Monday 10/29 - This week starts of with a message from Ant in the reversed position, warning us not to speed through life or make decisions hastily. Take the time to be measured in all that you do. Rushing today will only result in silly mistakes and wrong turns that end up causing you more grief and lost time than if you had simply practiced a little more patience.

Tuesday 10/30 - Moose reversed is a gentle but firm reminder that showing a little encouragement and appreciation of others can go a long way, and doesn’t at all detract from your own accomplishments. In fact, supporting others can often bring out the best in us, albeit in quieter and less showy ways. Take some time today to really notice and acknowledge those who bring light into your life and the lives of others and trust that your time will come as well.

Wednesday 10/31 - Lynx medicine is that of secrets and the emergence of this stealthy feline let’s us know that it’s time to uncover something that’s been out of view, and most likely, something you’ve hidden from yourself. Confront your fear and get really honest with yourself. What has your intuition or gut been trying to tell you, and are you following its guidance? These are the questions you’ll want to focus on today.

Thursday 11/1 - Bat reversed comes right along behind Lynx to further encourage you to embrace a new way of being. Perhaps this shows up on the job front, in relationships, or simply in how you view yourself. Don’t resist the shifts that seem to be taking place in your life. Welcome change as it always brings along with it some beautiful possibilities.

Friday 11/2 - Spider asks that we close the week down with a message about staying open to opportunities by getting out of your head and back in the flow. Make art. Dance. Put pen to paper. This creative energy will nourish your spirit and help you ground while simultaneously building your own magnetism, which means you’ll not only attract something wonderful in, but that you’ll be ready for it as well.

Saturday 11/3 - Badger reversed indicates that we’ll need to watch out for unhealthy expressions of anger, both from ourselves and those around us. It is important to remember that under all anger is hurt and fear, and the ultimate solvent for it is self-love. Practice good boundaries today around how you both share and receive emotional energy.

Sunday 11/4 - Dragonfly reversed reminds us to not let the illusion to sweep us away but rather to actively create your dreams and to bring them to life. Release your limiting self beliefs and relinquish any paths that are not nourishing your soul. Claim your power to be the architect of your life; it’s a job that only you can do.



Weekly Forecast Monday October 22nd

weekly card reading forecast 10.22.18.jpg

Monday 10/22 - This week starts off with the introspective medicine of Bear, encouraging us to take time away from distractions, to quiet our lives and our minds, and to connect deeply with the wisdom that lives inside. Even if your day is full, see if you can slow down your reaction time and take even just a single extra beat before making decisions or taking any action to feel into the situation. This space you create to tune into your intuition and Higher Self will support greater alignment and ultimately save you time in the long run.

Tuesday 10/23 - The messages to tune into our inner worlds continue as Owl graces us with her presence, signaling that things might not be exactly as they seem today, and encouraging us to stay aware of subtle cues from our bodies, nature, and Spirit. Trust your senses and know that if something feels off, it probably is. No need to make any sudden movements until the picture is clear. Until then, simply observe quietly.

Wednesday 10/24 - As we move into the middle of the week, Turtle emerges to remind us of the importance of maintaining a connection with Mother Earth. When was the last time you lied in the grass and stared up at the sky? Let the sunlight warm your skin and the breeze cool it? Sometimes the simplest practices are the most powerful and simply spending time in Nature is one of the most grounding and healing things you can do for yourself. Even if all you have is a few extra minutes to admire the beauty of a flower or bask in the light of tonight’s full moon, take some time today to really honor and appreciate the mother that supports all of us.

Thursday 10/25 - When Prairie Dog shows up in the reversed position, it’s generally a warning that if you don’t take some time to rest and release stress, you may be headed for trouble. Don’t wait until your health suffers or you start making sloppy mistakes because you’re too tired to think clearly. A short break from the grind can go a long way towards recharging your batteries and may actually help you be more focused and productive once you’re ready to jump into action again. If you have enough time for a a full-blown retreat or spa day, by all means take it! Like the rest of nature, we too are governed by natural rhythms that ebb and flow, so make sure your allowing yourself to have the downtime that is absolutely necessary to maintain vibrance and health.

Friday 10/26 - As the week comes to a close, Blue Heron wanders in in the reversed position indicating that self-reflection is called for at this time. What drives you? How are you spending your days and what energy to bring to your relationships with others and yourself? It is only through understanding ourselves that we are able to grow, to determine what is serving us and what is not, and to determine what our next right step is. Give yourself the gift of some time for meditation or journaling today so that you can allow your truth to come forward and guide you on your current path.

Saturday 10/27 - The only constant in this life is change and, when Butterfly flutters in, it’s a sure sign that you are undergoing a particularly potent transformation. Sometimes this process can be challenging and involve the death of certain parts of ourselves. Have faith. The caterpillar doesn’t know that its disintegration is leading to the birth of incredible winged beauty until it emerges from the chrysalis in its new form. You too are shifting into an even more wondrous version of yourself. So gently let go of anything that’s meant to fall away and step bravely into the incarnation that is your destiny.

Sunday 10/28 - Squirrel is the gatherer of the animal kingdom and smartly stores away nourishment for itself as fall sets in each year, but when this little critter shows up in the reversed position, it can indicate that you’ve stumbled into a mindset of lack. Have you been hoarding things? Or perhaps been stingy with your time, energy, or love? If so, today is the day to loosen your grip. After all, you can’t receive into a closed fist, or one that’s already full. You might even be surprised to find that when you release something you thought you needed to hold onto for fear that nothing else would come along, the Universe might send an even lovelier gift your way.



Weekly Forecast Monday October 15th

weekly card reading forecast 10.15.18.jpg

Monday 10/15 - We are greeted at the beginning of this week by Beaver, the builder of the animal world. When we harness Beaver medicine, we find ourselves inspired and motivated to channel our energies into productive ventures. What would you like to create in this world? What legacy do you hope to leave behind when your days on this planet are done? And who can you recruit to support you on this mission? Don’t hesitate or hold off until you feel ready. Even the tiniest steps can move you closer to achieving your goals and dreams so get started today.

Tuesday 10/16 - Ant medicine speaks to us of patience and patience requires faith. If there is something in your life that you have been calling in, but haven’t seen it manifest just yet, don’t give up. Stay the course, connect with your breath and the blessings that are present in your life, and trust that your steady and continued efforts will yield the results you desire, or maybe even something better.

Wednesday 10/17 - When Bat comes flitting into a spread, it’s usually a sign that some major shifts are on the horizon, and more likely than not, they’ll be internal ones. What are you ready to shed? What can you let go of now to allow yourself to step into a more authentic and joyful version of yourself? Change can bring fear, but it also ushers in infinite possibility and now is your chance to step forward into a new way of being. Be brave and embrace the opportunity of this moment.

Thursday 10/18 - Owl is a very gifted nocturnal hunter that has special feathers designed to be silent during flight so that its prey can’t detect its presence until it’s too late. In the natural world, the Owl only using these gifts as necessary to feed itself and it’s young, but if Owl medicine is being abused, as is indicated with the Owl card in the reversed position, it’s usually a sign that deception has become an issue. Whether you are lying to others or to yourself, it’s i\time to come clean. Confront the shadows and allow the light of truth to sweep them away. You might be surprised  by how much lighter you feel once you’re no longer carrying the burden of secrets and untruths.

Friday 10/19 - Turtle reversed is a very clear message that it is time to re-establish your connection with Mother Earth. Spend time outside. Let your bare feet touch the ground. Allow yourself to be consumed by awe over the absolute miracle of our beautiful planet and give thanks for the natural bounty that we can so easily take for granted. Your relationship to nature can not only provide deep healing for you, but can also help heal our planet, too.

Saturday 10/20 - Weasel reversed has a similar message to that of Owl reversed and asks us to make sure that we are being honest and carrying ourselves with integrity. In order to share your truth though, you must first know what it even is. Spend some time today exploring the parts of yourself you don’t often examine. Are there ways, big or small, where you have not been fully with yourself and is it possible that this self-trickery is doing you more harm than good? One way to know if you’ve truly found the answer to that question is what your body says to you. When you’re able to move through the world with ease in your body and mind, then you’ll know that you’re no longer constricting around anything that’s hidden.

Sunday 10/21 - Snake medicine can be challenging, but its rewards are great. The serpent shows up when it’s time to transmute energy or experiences into something more elevated. If you’ve been struggling with anger or pain, you have an opportunity to channel it into something positive and healing, not just for yourself but for others as well. They key is to figure out what tools will help you create magic out of misfortune. Writing. Movement. Song. Meditation. Volunteer work. Activism. These are just a few ways to give a purpose to your struggles. Figure out what your gifts are and use them to turn your challenges into opportunities for deep, deep healing.



Weekly Forecast Monday October 8th

card reading forecast 10.8.18.jpg

Monday 10/8 - This week starts off the messages of reversed Whale, which lets us know that it’s time to tune out the rest of the world and tune more deeply into our inner knowing and our connection to Spirit. If you’re finding that the “noise” from “ou there” is pulling intensely for your energy and attention, raise your own voice in song or chanting to ground yourself back into your body and to reclaim your sovereignty. From this place you’ll be more able to allow your inner wisdom to flow forth and guide you.

Tuesday 10/9 - Dragonfly is the master of illusion and dreams. When it flies into your cards, it’s usually a sign that it’s time to look a little more closely at your inner and outer worlds to see if things are really as they seem. Have you been tricking yourself into thinking that your practicing self care when you’re really just being self indulgent and maybe even a little self destructive? Perhaps you’ve been playing the hero in a situation, when really you have ulterior motives? Or maybe  you’ve simply been lying to yourself about where your passions truly lie. Whatever the case may be, today’s the day to pull back the curtain and get really honest with yourself about any and all areas of your life that may be out of alignment.

Wednesday 10/10 - Have you been unable to catch your breath lately? Feeling off center and frazzled? If so, Dolphin reversed encourages you to give your body the simplest and most vital source of nourishment it craves--deep, healing breath. Take some time out today, even if it’s only a few minutes, to set everything else aside and simply connect with the rise and fall of your chest. Inhale and exhale slowly and as deeply as you can to reconnect to yourself and the precious life force that runs through all living things. It is such a gift and taking time to acknowledge it with a little bit of love and gratitude can go a long way towards shifting your perspective and energetic state.

Thursday 10/11 - When Hummingbird shows up in the reversed position, it’s usually a sign that you’ve forgotten what a joyful experience this life can be. Especially with the heaviness of the news and our go-go-go pace, it’s easy to feel like we can’t stand up under the weight of the world. But your light and joy is what can bring about positive shifts and healing for our planet and global community. Practice self care today in the form of simple pleasures to remember the joy you felt as a child. Once your cup is full, you can serve others from the overflow.

Friday 10/12 - Grouse seems to be echoing the messages of Hummingbird as the week comes to a close and encourages you to move your body to connect with yourself and Spirit. Dance, skip, take a long walk, or dive into a flowy yoga sequence. If your movement is restricted, use the power of your mind to visualize yourself in physical expression and tap into the magic and mystery of being a soul held in the soft flesh of a human body.

Saturday 10/13 - Sometimes the weekends are for sleeping in and lazing about but not today. Antelope ask us to spring into action and to take whatever steps are necessary to move closer to your goals. What can you do today to invest in your dreams and visions? Pick one or two tasks that will help you cultivate the life you desire and put your whole heart into completing them. Your future self will look back and thank you.

Sunday 10/14 - Raccoon medicine is that of the “Generous Protector” and endows up with the ability to offer our strength to others with compassion. Is there someone in your circle who might need your support today? Even a simple gesture like a phone call to let someone know that you care or offering your ear can make a big difference to someone with a heavy heart. Just be sure that give from a place a true generosity and in a way that empowers, rather than enables, those you help.



Weekly Forecast - Monday October 1st

card reading forecast 10.1.18.jpg

Monday 10/1 - On the first day of this new week and new month and on the tail of an incredibly emotionally charge week, it makes perfect sense that Horse would show up to guide us. Horse medicine is about Power and it’s a good time to ask yourself what that means to you? Who do you know that embodies true power and what does that look like? Does it include compassion, humility, and the ability to maintain a peaceful center, even in the midst of a righteous fight for justice? If not, it might be worth examining from where you draw your power, how you chose to channel it, and if that energy is being used most effectively and for the highest good. It’s work we all must do, no matter where we are on this journey of life, and we must do it with an honest and courageous heart.

Tuesday 10/2 - Jaguar supports the message of Horse and adds a focus on Integrity. To move through the world with Integrity, your actions and words must align with and embody your deepest values and truths, and the first step in making that happen is uncovering what you truly believe in and what motivates your choices. Take some time today to get clarity around what’s most important to you in this world and let that insight, along with the compassionate wisdom of your heart, guide you in all that you do.

Wednesday 10/3 - Skunk speaks to us of Reputation and being aware of not only what we’d like other people to think of us, but what energies we may be putting out into the world, consciously or unconsciously, that let people know who we are before we ever utter a word. Just because your speech is kind doesn’t mean others can’t feel your silent judgements. Even if you never actively use your power over others doesn’t mean your sense of superiority isn’t sensed. Are you giving mixed signals by leaking a type of energy that you have no intention of acknowledging or being accountable for? Take a little personal inventory today and ask yourself if your talk is backed up by your walk, on all levels. Perfection isn’t the goal, but continuous practice and progress is the path of healing and growth.

Thursday 10/4 - Frog medicine is so sweet and all about Cleansing the mind, body, and spirit. A vital part of self-care is releasing toxins from your life and this can happen on so many levels. Right now, it seems the call is to allow the tight and knotted up spots in your energetic field to soften. To release anything that is causing you pain, so that you can take the next right steps from a place of clarity. If you think a physical de-cluttering process, nutritional cleanse, or meditation practice might support you, by all means go for it. It is time to release anything in your life, be it thought patterns, materials, habits, connections, etc., that do not serve your healing, growth, and transformation.

Friday 10/5 - Beautiful Dragonfly shows up just in time to support the process of transformation by helping us clear away the Illusions we live under and within. If you allow it, Life can be a constant process of having cloudy lenses removed from your eyes bringing you closer and closer to true and clear vision. What have you been taking for granted? Where are your blind spots? In what ways do you need to get much more honest with yourself in order to live as your very best self?

Saturday 10/6 - Mountain Lion can be tricky medicine to swallow for many of us, particularly those of us who are reluctant to step into positions of Leadership. Standing out from the crowd can feel risky and being in a position to guide others involves a great deal of responsibility, but we can always begin with ourselves and model the types of shifts we wish to see in the world. It’s often as simple as coming back to our hearts, asking what truly serves the greater good in each moment, and doing the thing that is right, even if it’s not always easy. True leadership is often much quieter, more gentle, and more humble than most would ever imagine.

Sunday 10/7 - Buffalo medicine is that of Prayer and Abundance. It is a reminder of the sacredness of all life and all experiences and encourages us to take time to connect quietly with the universal heartbeat that makes the flowers open and closes and your very own lungs expand and contract. When you connect with this sense of Oneness, you invite miracles into your life.



Weekly Forecast - Monday September 24th

weekly card reading forecast 9.24.18.jpg

Monday 9/24 - Have you been operating from a place of tunnel vision? Are you so focused on what you feel you need to achieve that you’ve lost sight of your place in the bigger picture? Buffalo in the reversed position indicates that it’s time for you to soften into a more receptive place and open your heart to receive that abundance that already envelopes you. Today happens to be a full moon as well so it’s the perfect time to loosen your grip and let go of anything that is holding you back from living in true alignment with yourself and with Spirit.

Tuesday 9/25 - Antelope in the reversed position echoes the messages of Buffalo and asks you to reconnect with your heart center in order to understand what the next right step is. Get clear, not only about what your desires are, but also what’s underneath them. When you move through the world with honest and kind energy (the combo is the key!), those around you will be inspired to support your cause.

Wednesday 9/26 - Whale medicine is all about primordial memory, collective consciousness, and universal wisdom. Today is most definitely a day to trust your gut, that deep inner knowing that can serve as your most powerful compass and guide in the life. If you don’t feel strongly connected to your intuitive abilities (we all have them; it’s just a matter of cultivating your gifts), take some time today to tune into your senses of smell, sight, sound, touch, and hearing. Practice exploring them, one at a time, and you might just begin to notice signals and synchronicities that have been trying to present themselves to you.

Thursday 9/27 - When Raccoon shows up in the reversed position, it’s usually a sign that we need to practice more compassion and generosity, especially with ourselves. If you’ve been in a funk or have run yourself ragged taking care of others, it’s time to let the flow of energy circle back around to you. If there are people around you who are offering to support you in some way, allow yourself to receive! If you don’t have people in your life who can show up for you at the moment, take some for yourself to recharge in whatever way is most nourishing to you.

Friday 9/28 - Spider reversed can have a number of meanings, but on the heels of the Autumnal Equinox, the message coming through seems to be one about balance with regard to masculine and feminine energy. Almost everyone carries both masculine and feminine qualities (not to be confused with be male/manly or female/girlie). The masculine embodies discipline, guidance, responsiveness, decisiveness, and stability. The feminine embodies expressiveness, playfulness, intuition, creativity, surrender, and flexibility. Most of us have a tendency to lean more towards one side of the spectrum or the other and today, Spider encourages us to look within and ask ourselves how we might create more balance in the energies that we embody.

Saturday 9/29 - Hummingbird is  the messenger of joy and when she shows up in the reversed position, she’s letting us know that we have been blocking our connection with the things that light us up and bring us true happiness and fulfillment. Simplify your life. Remember what made you smile and laugh as a child. Focus on simple pleasures like sunlight on your skin, the breeze in your hair, or the taste of a delicious meal. It is only when we have nourished our own spirit that we can take our work out into the world to serve others.

Sunday 9/30 - Weasel reversed says one thing loud and clear: BE HONEST. With yourself. With others. And while you’re at it, tune into your Spidey senses and ask yourself how you feel around others. Are there people in your life who leave you feeling confused or spun around? If so, it might be time to give yourself a little space from those relationships so that you can reconnect with your own center, feel into your truth, and then live it through your words and actions.



Weekly Forecast - Monday September 17th

card reading forecasr 9.17.18.jpeg

Monday 9/17 - This week kicks off with a message from Spider telling us it’s time to exercise our gifts of creative expression. Whether it’s through movement, visual arts, vocal work, or writing, be sure to take some time today to allow yourself to open up to the channel of Divine inspiration. Use your creativity to release something that you no longer wish to carry or to spread an empowering message. Your gifts are not random, but are intricately linked to your purpose during your time on earth.

Tuesday 9/18 - Have you been feeling frozen in place? Rabbit in the reversed position indicates that it might be a good time to pause and analyze your situation before making any moves. To avoid getting caught up in fear traps, take a little bit of a time out today to soothe your nervous system so you can get a clear perspective and choose your next course of action from a calm and centered place.

Wednesday 9/19 - When Crow shows up reversed, the message is about living in integrity and doing what is right, not because we ‘should’, but because we are living from a place of harmony within ourselves and with all of creation. Ask yourself today what shifts you might make to allow your presence to be one that uplifts the energy of any space you grace while still being true to your own heart.

Thursday 9/20 - Today, Skunk appears in the reversed position to remind us to be mindful of what kind of energy we are putting out in the world and how it impacts other’s perceptions of us before we even open our mouths. Have people been responding to you in ways that leave you feeling confused or misunderstood? If so, it might be time to reflect on how you’re showing up and if some simple shifts in how you speak or carry yourself might pave the way for more authentic and enjoyable interactions going forward.

Friday 9/21 - Toward the end of the week, Beaver in the reversed position indicates that you may be experiencing a block in your creative or professional flow. Have you lost interest in the work that you do? Are you paralyzed by perfectionism? Or are you simply just burnt out? Allow the medicine of Beaver to help you find the source of your energy leak and then make the appropriate repairs or adjustments necessary so that you can continue to share your unique creative gifts with the world.

Saturday 9/22 - Snake slithers in today to share its medicine of transmutation with you. This is well-timed on the heels of Beaver because Snake medicine supports shifts in consciousness, physical states, and spiritual growth. What are you ready to shed? Who do you want to become? Today’s the day to allow the new you to emerge.

Sunday 9/23 - As we close out the weekend, Moose medicine comes into play and helps us integrate the pride and self worth that comes from acknowledging your strengths, gifts, and innate value. There’s nothing arrogant about loving yourself and in fact, deeply rooted self esteem allows for a grounded self confidence that is incredibly magnetic. Love yourself up today and celebrate the unique presence that only you bring to this world.



Weekly Forecast - Monday September 10th

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Monday 9/10 - At the beginning of this new week, Grouse reversed is letting us know that we must first ground our own energy before we can direct it effectively towards the manifestation of our hopes and dreams. This makes perfect sense as we continue to navigate the energies of an earthy new moon in Virgo for the next day or so. Take some time out today to dance, walk, spend time out in nature, and if you can, get your feet directly on the earth. Once you are reconnected to your center and to Source energy, you will be much more able to call in the opportunities and shifts you’ve been seeking, and more ready to navigate them gracefully from a place of alignment as well.

Tuesday 9/11 - As we head into Tuesday, Deer reversed beckons us to approach our inner world and feelings with compassion, particularly with regard to fear. Fear is not something to be shoved down or run from. Avoidance only pushes those parts of our experience into our Shadow where it festers and manifests as shame, projections, or judgment. Instead, work on cultivating a radical acceptance of yourself, the parts the are easy to celebrate, as well as the ones that you may not be so quick to embrace. Explore your fears with curiosity and offer yourself the loving encouragement you would give to a small child. No matter how many years we’ve walked upon the earth, we all need a little tenderness and support from time to time. And the kinder and more gentle we are with ourselves, the more able we are to share those qualities with those around us.

Wednesday 9/12 - When Skunk scampers into the cards, you know it’s time to share your unique essence with the world. No more sliding by unnoticed or muting your frequency. Allow who you truly are to shine through so that you not only attract in the things that are most in alignment for you, but also repel all that truly isn’t. Skunk medicine is powerful medicine and can clear pathways of obstacles if harnessed and channelled properly. Just make sure that you’re intentional about the energy you emit and be prepared to back it up with action when the time is right.

Thursday 9/13 - Today, Porcupine is giving us a playful reminder to stay open-hearted and curious. When was the last time you allowed yourself to be filled with wonder and pure joy? As children, we are receptive to all of the magic and beauty of this world, but as we move into adulthood, we often begin to close ourselves off by developing tunnel vision towards goals or putting up armor around our hearts. Allow yourself to drop back into that innocent state that once came so naturally to you and you might be surprised by the abundance that flows your way.

Friday 9/14 - As we move into the weekend, Swan invites us to surrender into the flow of life and let go of any need to control. This doesn’t mean to move through life with no sense of will or agency, but involves an active acceptance of the highs and the lows that we all navigate over the course of our days. When we stop resisting our own experiences and take the path of equanimity, we tap into the universal heartbeat, our connection to source, our creativity, and our intuition.

Saturday 9/15 - When Bat is found hanging upside down in the cards, it’s generally a sign that you’ve been stalling your own growth or transformation. Have you been so busy clinging to an old way of being that you’re not able to welcome in change? Life will push us towards our destinies no matter how hard we fight it. Make it easier on yourself and step willingly into the path that you know is meant for you.

Sunday 9/16 - Dog medicine is that of loyalty but when Dog appears in the reversed position, it usually indicates that you may need to look at whether or not you’ve been true to yourself and to those you care about. Have you been struggling to be the kind of friend you wish to be in relationships with others? Have you been unkind or not trustworthy towards yourself? If so, today’s the day to recommit to showing up as your most honest, loving, and dependable self. Both in relationship with yourself and with others, you only get what you give.



Weekly Forecast - Monday September 3rd

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Monday 9/3 - This Monday, Raven helps us kicks things off with a bit of magic and as we move towards a new moon in Virgo on the 9th, it’s the perfect time to use infuse your words and practices with extra intention. Just make sure that you are very clear about what you desire, because you might just get whatever it is that you call in today.

Tuesday 9/4 - Speaking of falling under spells, you may want to exercise a little extra caution and discernment today as Coyote reversed indicates that a trickster may be in your midst. It might even be you! Have you been getting in your own way, tripping over games you’ve laid out, or finding yourself lost in mazes in your mind? If so, the first step is to laugh at yourself lovingly and then consider if there are other approaches that might better serve you.

Wednesday 9/5 - Have you been pushing yourself too hard and burning the candle at both ends? Prairie Dog reversed is letting you know that it’s time to take a break and some much needed rest. In our work hard, play harder culture, true restoration may seem like a frivolous luxury but, unless you want to run yourself right into the ground, it’s absolutely vital right now. See if you can carve out even a little bit of time today to do something truly relaxing and nourishing. If you can spend the whole day doing things that feed your soul, even better!

Thursday 9/6 - Now that you’ve had a little time to recharge, Antelope is here to help you spring back into action. But this isn’t about doing things just to busy yourself. It’s about efforts that are aligned with your higher purpose. What is most important to you? What legacy do you wish to create during your time on the earth? When you can answer those questions, you’ll know what the next right steps are.

Friday 9/7 - When Porcupine shows up with it’s belly up, it’s an indicator that you’ve become to guarded. You can’t receive with a closed fist, so open up and allow love to flow into your life. It’s true that vulnerability and intimacy can be scary, but they pave the way for some of the greatest gifts of life, so dig deep, call on the courage inside your heart, and take a chance today.

Saturday 9/8 - On Saturday, Jaguar slinks in reminding us of the importance of integrity. This is not to be mistaken for self-righteousness or perfectionism, but is simply a consistent commitment to walking your talk and living from a place of humility, kindness, compassion, and honesty. Spend a little time today connecting with your deepest values and redefining how you can make your life an active expression of those qualities.

Sunday 9/9 - As we enter new moon time, Dragonfly swoops in to let us know that shifts are in the air. As dynamic, ever-evolving beings, we are constantly in a state of transformation and where that process leads depends greatly on how intentionally we approach our lives. Harness the manifestation power of the new moon and the medicine of Dragonfly today to get clear about what shifts you would like to create in your life. If you can spend some time in ritual, whether that’s journaling about your visions, meditating, or simply connecting with the earth, definitely do so today. The whole universe is conspiring to support your dreams today, so take advantage of this potent time!



Weekly Forecast - Monday August 27th

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Monday 8/27 - This week starts off with beautiful manna energy from the Dolphin. Take time to really tune into your sensual experiences and celebrate the beautiful gift of your own life. Allow yourself to open up to a deeper connection with Source energy, either through time spent in nature or a breath meditation, and you may even receive insights or wisdoms today. 

Tuesday 8/28 - With Fox popping up, you might want to consider dropping out of the spotlight and allowing yourself to blend in or go unnoticed today. Particularly if you've been unsure about relationship or work matters recently, take this as an opportunity to observe quietly and gather information that will help you determine your next course of action. Once you’ve had time to assess the situation from a place of stillness, you’ll be able to move quickly and decisively.

Wednesday 8/29 - If you have been pushing, pushing, pushing lately and are starting to feel worn down, then it’s time to connect with the medicine of Prairie Dog and retreat. Whether that means unplugging from work and taking a much-needed personal day to really immerse yourself in self care practices or backing off of a conflict you’ve been entangled in to allow the tension to settle and perhaps even a resolution to arise naturally. Sometimes less is more and today is definitely a day to subscribe to that motto.

Thursday 8/30 - When Jaguar shows up in the reversed position, it’s generally a sign that you may want to do a little personal inventory to determine how well your actions are aligned with your values. If you notice that you’ve compromised your own integrity by acting in ways that harm yourself or others, right your wrongs by making sincere amends and committing to showing up with with an honest and pure heart in all that you do.

Friday 8/31 - As the week comes to close, Antelope  in the reversed position guides us to take action. Where have you been procrastinating in your life? What have you been avoiding addressing? Have you been giving your power away? If so, it’s time to take charge of your life once again. What can you tackle today that will help you release any feelings of helplessness and step into a sense of empowerment? No more stalling--it's time to just do it!

Saturday 9/1 - What better day than a Saturday to reconnect with your inner child's natural innocence, open heartedness, curiosity, and joyfulness. Porcupine medicine reminds us to drop the armor we have gathered around us over the years and to allow softness and vulnerability to lead. This medicine is not to be confused for weakness, but is in fact one of the strongest and most courageous ways of meeting the world.

Sunday 9/2 - On Sunday, Grouse joins us and reminds us to make our every move a celebration of the truly miraculous circumstances that have led us to find ourselves here, at this moment in time, on this very special blue planet. If you have the opportunity to spend some time in moving meditation today, take it! Whether that means dancing, walking, running, practicing tai chi or some other form of movement that helps you connect to the universal pulse that beats through all living things, make sure that you allow yourself to be fully embodied and present to the magic of your own existence. It's a surefire way to end the weekend on a nourishing note that will leave you energized and inspired for the new week ahead.