Card Reading Forecast 9.3.18.jpg

Monday 9/3 - This Monday, Raven helps us kicks things off with a bit of magic and as we move towards a new moon in Virgo on the 9th, it’s the perfect time to use infuse your words and practices with extra intention. Just make sure that you are very clear about what you desire, because you might just get whatever it is that you call in today.

Tuesday 9/4 - Speaking of falling under spells, you may want to exercise a little extra caution and discernment today as Coyote reversed indicates that a trickster may be in your midst. It might even be you! Have you been getting in your own way, tripping over games you’ve laid out, or finding yourself lost in mazes in your mind? If so, the first step is to laugh at yourself lovingly and then consider if there are other approaches that might better serve you.

Wednesday 9/5 - Have you been pushing yourself too hard and burning the candle at both ends? Prairie Dog reversed is letting you know that it’s time to take a break and some much needed rest. In our work hard, play harder culture, true restoration may seem like a frivolous luxury but, unless you want to run yourself right into the ground, it’s absolutely vital right now. See if you can carve out even a little bit of time today to do something truly relaxing and nourishing. If you can spend the whole day doing things that feed your soul, even better!

Thursday 9/6 - Now that you’ve had a little time to recharge, Antelope is here to help you spring back into action. But this isn’t about doing things just to busy yourself. It’s about efforts that are aligned with your higher purpose. What is most important to you? What legacy do you wish to create during your time on the earth? When you can answer those questions, you’ll know what the next right steps are.

Friday 9/7 - When Porcupine shows up with it’s belly up, it’s an indicator that you’ve become to guarded. You can’t receive with a closed fist, so open up and allow love to flow into your life. It’s true that vulnerability and intimacy can be scary, but they pave the way for some of the greatest gifts of life, so dig deep, call on the courage inside your heart, and take a chance today.

Saturday 9/8 - On Saturday, Jaguar slinks in reminding us of the importance of integrity. This is not to be mistaken for self-righteousness or perfectionism, but is simply a consistent commitment to walking your talk and living from a place of humility, kindness, compassion, and honesty. Spend a little time today connecting with your deepest values and redefining how you can make your life an active expression of those qualities.

Sunday 9/9 - As we enter new moon time, Dragonfly swoops in to let us know that shifts are in the air. As dynamic, ever-evolving beings, we are constantly in a state of transformation and where that process leads depends greatly on how intentionally we approach our lives. Harness the manifestation power of the new moon and the medicine of Dragonfly today to get clear about what shifts you would like to create in your life. If you can spend some time in ritual, whether that’s journaling about your visions, meditating, or simply connecting with the earth, definitely do so today. The whole universe is conspiring to support your dreams today, so take advantage of this potent time!