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Monday 12/17 - Turtle - Our connection with the earth is innate. We are, in fact, nature itself. One moving part in the unfathomably intricate dance of the cosmos. It’s easy to forget sometimes. To become so wrapped up in our own realtively tiny lives that we forget our relationship with the very ground we stand on, the air we breath, the fire that warms us, and the water that quite literally composes the majority of our body. Make a point of remembering today. Find a way to give thanks for the lands that have held you. The specific offering is not as important as the quality of your presence and the depth of your gratitude.

Tuesday 12/18 - Badger Reversed - Badger medicine is rarely gentle, but tends to be both thorough and effective. It involves rooting out the source of the issue and then working with tireless focus to clear it. And honestly, there’s no better time to remove anything from your life that has been holding you back. Only a matter of days before the Winter Solstice and on the cusp of a new year, it’s time to be proactive about cleansing the toxins from your life, whether those are internal (limiting belief systems and patterns that don’t serve your highest vision of your life) or external (environmental pollutants, toxic relationships, or clutter). Just be sure you’re releasing with love because what isn’t released with love has a way of coming back around like a boomerang.

Wednesday 12/19 - Whale - Finding your voice isn’t always about speaking up. Sometimes it’s about tuning in. Listening closely to those subtle shifts in your body, the heart-pulls, and the calls from your soul. These are not meaningless signals firing at random, but clues. A roadmap to your passion and purpose in this world. Study, cultivate, and honor them and you will have created the very best navigation system you could ever hope to have in this life.

Thursday 12/20 - Skunk Reversed - Have you allowed yourself to get too wrapped up in concern for what others think of you lately? If so, it’s time to let go of the egoic attachment to your reputation and bring the focus back to your character--who you truly are as opposed to who people think you are. When you live your life with integrity, grace is natural and you move with an ease and empowerment that draws in opportunity and genuine connection. You won’t need to worry about gaining shallow favor from others as you will have earned deep admiration and respect through your actions.

Friday 12/21 - Raven Reversed - It’s time to get back in your own lane. Dabbling in other people’s business or Spirit business, for that matter, is a risky endeavor and usually doesn’t end well. Take a deep breath, center your own energy, and then ask yourself if there are any circumstances or issues in your life that bring up tension in your body. If so, that’s very likely a sign that you are trying to exert your control over something that is not yours to begin with. Free yourself from the struggle by falling into trust and surrender. What’s meant for you will always be yours. No need to try to force it.  

Saturday 12/22 - Owl - Sometimes, refraining from commenting or engaging is the most powerful thing you can do and today is one of those times. Observe from a safe distance today. Interpersonal interactions and even the ebb and flow happening inside of you. If you can carve out some space in your schedule for meditation today, definitely do. If that’s not possible, at least employ extra mindfulness as you move through your activities and interactions. Solutions and next best steps will be much more apparent from this vantage point.

Sunday 12/23 - Grouse Reversed - Yes, life can get heavy. But that doesn’t mean that you should cease to celebrate the light that’s always woven, however subtly, into the darkness. Today, let that celebration happen on the physical level. Move your body. Marvel at the incredible miracle of your own life. Tap into the flow of life force within your own heart-center and dance in whatever way feels most authentic and nourishing for you. This practice is so simple and also one of the most powerful methods for releasing and clearing energy. Give yourself over to it and you might just find that you close out the weekend feeling more vibrant and inspired.