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Monday 10/15 - We are greeted at the beginning of this week by Beaver, the builder of the animal world. When we harness Beaver medicine, we find ourselves inspired and motivated to channel our energies into productive ventures. What would you like to create in this world? What legacy do you hope to leave behind when your days on this planet are done? And who can you recruit to support you on this mission? Don’t hesitate or hold off until you feel ready. Even the tiniest steps can move you closer to achieving your goals and dreams so get started today.

Tuesday 10/16 - Ant medicine speaks to us of patience and patience requires faith. If there is something in your life that you have been calling in, but haven’t seen it manifest just yet, don’t give up. Stay the course, connect with your breath and the blessings that are present in your life, and trust that your steady and continued efforts will yield the results you desire, or maybe even something better.

Wednesday 10/17 - When Bat comes flitting into a spread, it’s usually a sign that some major shifts are on the horizon, and more likely than not, they’ll be internal ones. What are you ready to shed? What can you let go of now to allow yourself to step into a more authentic and joyful version of yourself? Change can bring fear, but it also ushers in infinite possibility and now is your chance to step forward into a new way of being. Be brave and embrace the opportunity of this moment.

Thursday 10/18 - Owl is a very gifted nocturnal hunter that has special feathers designed to be silent during flight so that its prey can’t detect its presence until it’s too late. In the natural world, the Owl only using these gifts as necessary to feed itself and it’s young, but if Owl medicine is being abused, as is indicated with the Owl card in the reversed position, it’s usually a sign that deception has become an issue. Whether you are lying to others or to yourself, it’s i\time to come clean. Confront the shadows and allow the light of truth to sweep them away. You might be surprised  by how much lighter you feel once you’re no longer carrying the burden of secrets and untruths.

Friday 10/19 - Turtle reversed is a very clear message that it is time to re-establish your connection with Mother Earth. Spend time outside. Let your bare feet touch the ground. Allow yourself to be consumed by awe over the absolute miracle of our beautiful planet and give thanks for the natural bounty that we can so easily take for granted. Your relationship to nature can not only provide deep healing for you, but can also help heal our planet, too.

Saturday 10/20 - Weasel reversed has a similar message to that of Owl reversed and asks us to make sure that we are being honest and carrying ourselves with integrity. In order to share your truth though, you must first know what it even is. Spend some time today exploring the parts of yourself you don’t often examine. Are there ways, big or small, where you have not been fully with yourself and is it possible that this self-trickery is doing you more harm than good? One way to know if you’ve truly found the answer to that question is what your body says to you. When you’re able to move through the world with ease in your body and mind, then you’ll know that you’re no longer constricting around anything that’s hidden.

Sunday 10/21 - Snake medicine can be challenging, but its rewards are great. The serpent shows up when it’s time to transmute energy or experiences into something more elevated. If you’ve been struggling with anger or pain, you have an opportunity to channel it into something positive and healing, not just for yourself but for others as well. They key is to figure out what tools will help you create magic out of misfortune. Writing. Movement. Song. Meditation. Volunteer work. Activism. These are just a few ways to give a purpose to your struggles. Figure out what your gifts are and use them to turn your challenges into opportunities for deep, deep healing.