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Monday 9/17 - This week kicks off with a message from Spider telling us it’s time to exercise our gifts of creative expression. Whether it’s through movement, visual arts, vocal work, or writing, be sure to take some time today to allow yourself to open up to the channel of Divine inspiration. Use your creativity to release something that you no longer wish to carry or to spread an empowering message. Your gifts are not random, but are intricately linked to your purpose during your time on earth.

Tuesday 9/18 - Have you been feeling frozen in place? Rabbit in the reversed position indicates that it might be a good time to pause and analyze your situation before making any moves. To avoid getting caught up in fear traps, take a little bit of a time out today to soothe your nervous system so you can get a clear perspective and choose your next course of action from a calm and centered place.

Wednesday 9/19 - When Crow shows up reversed, the message is about living in integrity and doing what is right, not because we ‘should’, but because we are living from a place of harmony within ourselves and with all of creation. Ask yourself today what shifts you might make to allow your presence to be one that uplifts the energy of any space you grace while still being true to your own heart.

Thursday 9/20 - Today, Skunk appears in the reversed position to remind us to be mindful of what kind of energy we are putting out in the world and how it impacts other’s perceptions of us before we even open our mouths. Have people been responding to you in ways that leave you feeling confused or misunderstood? If so, it might be time to reflect on how you’re showing up and if some simple shifts in how you speak or carry yourself might pave the way for more authentic and enjoyable interactions going forward.

Friday 9/21 - Toward the end of the week, Beaver in the reversed position indicates that you may be experiencing a block in your creative or professional flow. Have you lost interest in the work that you do? Are you paralyzed by perfectionism? Or are you simply just burnt out? Allow the medicine of Beaver to help you find the source of your energy leak and then make the appropriate repairs or adjustments necessary so that you can continue to share your unique creative gifts with the world.

Saturday 9/22 - Snake slithers in today to share its medicine of transmutation with you. This is well-timed on the heels of Beaver because Snake medicine supports shifts in consciousness, physical states, and spiritual growth. What are you ready to shed? Who do you want to become? Today’s the day to allow the new you to emerge.

Sunday 9/23 - As we close out the weekend, Moose medicine comes into play and helps us integrate the pride and self worth that comes from acknowledging your strengths, gifts, and innate value. There’s nothing arrogant about loving yourself and in fact, deeply rooted self esteem allows for a grounded self confidence that is incredibly magnetic. Love yourself up today and celebrate the unique presence that only you bring to this world.