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Monday 9/10 - At the beginning of this new week, Grouse reversed is letting us know that we must first ground our own energy before we can direct it effectively towards the manifestation of our hopes and dreams. This makes perfect sense as we continue to navigate the energies of an earthy new moon in Virgo for the next day or so. Take some time out today to dance, walk, spend time out in nature, and if you can, get your feet directly on the earth. Once you are reconnected to your center and to Source energy, you will be much more able to call in the opportunities and shifts you’ve been seeking, and more ready to navigate them gracefully from a place of alignment as well.

Tuesday 9/11 - As we head into Tuesday, Deer reversed beckons us to approach our inner world and feelings with compassion, particularly with regard to fear. Fear is not something to be shoved down or run from. Avoidance only pushes those parts of our experience into our Shadow where it festers and manifests as shame, projections, or judgment. Instead, work on cultivating a radical acceptance of yourself, the parts the are easy to celebrate, as well as the ones that you may not be so quick to embrace. Explore your fears with curiosity and offer yourself the loving encouragement you would give to a small child. No matter how many years we’ve walked upon the earth, we all need a little tenderness and support from time to time. And the kinder and more gentle we are with ourselves, the more able we are to share those qualities with those around us.

Wednesday 9/12 - When Skunk scampers into the cards, you know it’s time to share your unique essence with the world. No more sliding by unnoticed or muting your frequency. Allow who you truly are to shine through so that you not only attract in the things that are most in alignment for you, but also repel all that truly isn’t. Skunk medicine is powerful medicine and can clear pathways of obstacles if harnessed and channelled properly. Just make sure that you’re intentional about the energy you emit and be prepared to back it up with action when the time is right.

Thursday 9/13 - Today, Porcupine is giving us a playful reminder to stay open-hearted and curious. When was the last time you allowed yourself to be filled with wonder and pure joy? As children, we are receptive to all of the magic and beauty of this world, but as we move into adulthood, we often begin to close ourselves off by developing tunnel vision towards goals or putting up armor around our hearts. Allow yourself to drop back into that innocent state that once came so naturally to you and you might be surprised by the abundance that flows your way.

Friday 9/14 - As we move into the weekend, Swan invites us to surrender into the flow of life and let go of any need to control. This doesn’t mean to move through life with no sense of will or agency, but involves an active acceptance of the highs and the lows that we all navigate over the course of our days. When we stop resisting our own experiences and take the path of equanimity, we tap into the universal heartbeat, our connection to source, our creativity, and our intuition.

Saturday 9/15 - When Bat is found hanging upside down in the cards, it’s generally a sign that you’ve been stalling your own growth or transformation. Have you been so busy clinging to an old way of being that you’re not able to welcome in change? Life will push us towards our destinies no matter how hard we fight it. Make it easier on yourself and step willingly into the path that you know is meant for you.

Sunday 9/16 - Dog medicine is that of loyalty but when Dog appears in the reversed position, it usually indicates that you may need to look at whether or not you’ve been true to yourself and to those you care about. Have you been struggling to be the kind of friend you wish to be in relationships with others? Have you been unkind or not trustworthy towards yourself? If so, today’s the day to recommit to showing up as your most honest, loving, and dependable self. Both in relationship with yourself and with others, you only get what you give.