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Monday 1/7 - Squirrel - It’s the first full week of the new year, which means that if you were still trying to make your way out of the holiday haze last week, it’s time to get back in the game. Use today to lay the foundation for any projects you want to get underway or maybe even complete in the upcoming weeks and months. Never underestimate the importance of the preparation phase. A little time spent organizing and getting your strategy clearly laid out can be the difference between going the distance and gassing out. One way to get geared up for a big goal is to envision the moment that you complete it and then work backwards from there. What did you need to do just before you crossed the finish line? And then what needed to be handled just before that? And so on...Work your way back to where you are now and then you’ll know exactly what your first step should be.

Tuesday 1/8 - Black Panther Reversed - No matter how long our lives have been stable for, life will always eventually throw us a curveball at some point or another. A sudden shift in your work environment. Changes within an important relationship. Maybe even changes within your own heart and mind that alter how you relate to your own life. We can’t always control what comes up in life, but we can decide to stay open, to embrace the constant ebb and flow, and to trust that everything is happening for us, to serve our growth, and to ultimately lead us to the very place we’re meant to be. If you’re finding yourself getting caught in the fear trap, breathe deeply and connect with your heart center. Ask you ancestors and the elements to support you. And remember that you have made it to the other side of every obstacle you’ve encountered so far. Maybe even stronger, and most certainly wiser, than before. Believe in yourself and allow that faith to give you strength and courage as you move forward into the unknown.

Wednesday 1/9 - Hawk - Signs will present themselves today, but it is up to you to stay open to them, to create enough space and stillness to be able to receive them, and then to allow your heart to feel their meanings. It may not always be something so obvious as a magic 8 ball tell you to “go for it”. Sometimes we can receive messages from strangers who have no idea how significantly their words land with us or from the elements reminding us of parts of our spirit that need tending. Unusual sightings or interactions with animals are never coincidental and, while there are common meanings attributed to different animal encounters across different cultures, don’t underestimate your ability to interpret your own experience as well. You intuition can be an incredibly powerful  guide in your life. But it must me developed like any other skill or gift--through practice.

Thursday 1/10 - Lizard - Today is a day to pay special attention to your dreams, both those that come while you slumber, but also those that come while your eyes are open as well. They are not frivolous but rather calls from your soul, guiding you towards your path. If you find your mind wandering repeatedly to something specific, be that a creative idea or a vision of travel or problem that has yet to be solved, set aside some time for yourself to give you attention to that in an intentional way. Ask for the meaning or solution to be revealed to you and then sit in silent meditation or put a pen in your hand and allow yourself to write from free association without judgement about what comes out. You might be surprised by the messages that come forward, but don’t dismiss them. Even if they don’t make perfect sense at the moment, trust that you are gathering pieces of the puzzle and the picture will become clearer as you move forward.

Friday 1/11 - Dog - In a world where there is background noise almost constantly, it can sometimes be a challenge to hear our own hearts, but today, that is exactly your task. There may be many energies in your environment pulling for your attention, trying to influence you, and wanting you to join their team or cause. It’s not that they are necessarily selfish or malicious, but we all want to have our needs and desires met, so it’s important that you stay centered in your own truth, as no one else can do that for you. What are your deepest values? Who and what do you stand behind? Get clear about the answers to these questions and then make sure your actions are authentic and aligned.  

Saturday 1/12 - Owl - There’s more than meets the eye to someone in your field today. If your gut is telling you that something isn’t adding up, listen to it. No need for confrontation; simply take a step back and observe the situation to gather more information before taking any action. Pay particular attention to how people’s behaviors and choices do or do not match up with their words and then determine how much you want to engage with them accordingly. While you’re at it, it might be worth taking the same inventory of yourself. Often when we hides things from ourselves, it shows up in our external circumstances. If someone unsavory has wandered into your life, ask yourself how you might also embody the very qualities that you find yourself judging in others, even if only in very subtle ways. Shadow work isn’t always pretty, but it sure does clean up the energy you’re emitting and, as a result, the energies you’re attracting in as well.

Sunday 1/13 - Raccoon - If you’ve received support from your community in recent seasons, it may be time to turn around and pay it forward. Look around and see if there is anyone in your circle who could use a helping hand. Whether that’s in the form of a sounding board or words of encouragement or maybe even working with them to get the wheels moving on a passion project of theirs, giving back to those in your community can bring deeper meaning into your life and keep kindness and a sense of abundance flowing for everyone. Just make sure that you are empowering others rather than infantilizing or enabling them. Your support should be like a breeze that lifts them up into the air, but after that, it’s up to them fly.