weekly card reading 11.12.18.jpg

Monday 11/12 - This week starts off with a message from Snake, encouraging us to channel all of the intense energies that have been moving through lately into our own healing. Allow life to soften you. Create. Let the tears fall and as they do, let them cleanse your heart and soul. No energy is inherently bad or harmful. It is only when we hold on to it, refuse to allow it to pass on through, that it can warp and mutate. So let the energies rise. Let them move through you. And then release them in whatever way you can.

Tuesday 11/13 - The Wolf is the teacher, the leader, the guide. But when he shows up in the reversed position, it asks us to reflect on how those roles show up in our own lives. Have we been serving as the teacher to another, and if so, have we walked that path with grace? Have we been loving in our guidance, or have we fallen to extremes of either lording our authority over those who would follow us or abandoning them altogether when we find that serving as a guide has become too burdensome. Think back on the teachers who have most supported your growth across your lifetime. What qualities allowed them to be a gift to you in human form and can you carry their legacy forward today by offering that same light to another?

Wednesday 11/14 - Coyote medicine may have you laughing and crying at the same time today. In the reversed position, it signifies a time in which you may feel as though every step you take is wrong. Some lessons in life are a little more painful than others. If you find yourself in the thick of frustration, try to take a step back and see your life from a broader lens. If possible, laugh. If tears are needed, shed those as well. And then maybe laugh a little bit more. Sometimes it’s the only thing we can do.

Thursday 11/15 - When Frog is in the reversed position, it’s a surefire sign that your life is in need of a cleanse. That could be physical in the form of a detox diet, mental in the form of a meditation practice, or a spiritual cleanse in which you actively release energies, habits, and any other part of your life that is no longer serving you. Letting go can be challenging for sure. But when we open up our fists and release what we’ve been holding, we create space to receive something new. Ask yourself what you’re ready to allow into your life, and then let that vision support you as you release what’s no longer meant for you.

Friday 11/16 - Any day is a good day to practice some self-love but the appearance of Moose indicates that acknowledging your gifts and light is especially important today. Take some time to reflect on your own journey. Celebrate how far you’ve come. Rest in your heart space and allow yourself to really feel your own inherent goodness and worth. We are all living embodiments of the Divine. Knowing and honoring that truth will help you move through even the darkest of times with an unmistakable grace.

Saturday 11/17 - Have you been talking out of turn lately? Sharing secrets that weren’t yours to share? Speaking without thinking of how your words might impact others? If so, Lynx reversed is encouraging you to be more mindful of how you speak. Today is definitely a day to ask yourself before you speak: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

Sunday 11/18 - Beaver is the builder of the animal kingdom and while Sunday is often considered a day of rest, you might consider using today to lay the groundwork for a project you’ve been dreaming about lately. It doesn’t have to be all work and no play though. See if you can bring a sense of passion, joy, and lightheartedness to your work today. You might find that you wake up tomorrow more inspired and energized than if you had whiled away the day.