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Monday 10/29 - This week starts of with a message from Ant in the reversed position, warning us not to speed through life or make decisions hastily. Take the time to be measured in all that you do. Rushing today will only result in silly mistakes and wrong turns that end up causing you more grief and lost time than if you had simply practiced a little more patience.

Tuesday 10/30 - Moose reversed is a gentle but firm reminder that showing a little encouragement and appreciation of others can go a long way, and doesn’t at all detract from your own accomplishments. In fact, supporting others can often bring out the best in us, albeit in quieter and less showy ways. Take some time today to really notice and acknowledge those who bring light into your life and the lives of others and trust that your time will come as well.

Wednesday 10/31 - Lynx medicine is that of secrets and the emergence of this stealthy feline let’s us know that it’s time to uncover something that’s been out of view, and most likely, something you’ve hidden from yourself. Confront your fear and get really honest with yourself. What has your intuition or gut been trying to tell you, and are you following its guidance? These are the questions you’ll want to focus on today.

Thursday 11/1 - Bat reversed comes right along behind Lynx to further encourage you to embrace a new way of being. Perhaps this shows up on the job front, in relationships, or simply in how you view yourself. Don’t resist the shifts that seem to be taking place in your life. Welcome change as it always brings along with it some beautiful possibilities.

Friday 11/2 - Spider asks that we close the week down with a message about staying open to opportunities by getting out of your head and back in the flow. Make art. Dance. Put pen to paper. This creative energy will nourish your spirit and help you ground while simultaneously building your own magnetism, which means you’ll not only attract something wonderful in, but that you’ll be ready for it as well.

Saturday 11/3 - Badger reversed indicates that we’ll need to watch out for unhealthy expressions of anger, both from ourselves and those around us. It is important to remember that under all anger is hurt and fear, and the ultimate solvent for it is self-love. Practice good boundaries today around how you both share and receive emotional energy.

Sunday 11/4 - Dragonfly reversed reminds us to not let the illusion to sweep us away but rather to actively create your dreams and to bring them to life. Release your limiting self beliefs and relinquish any paths that are not nourishing your soul. Claim your power to be the architect of your life; it’s a job that only you can do.