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Monday 12/3 - Hawk Reversed - Have you caught yourself checking out lately? Using busyness, food, substances, and other objects or habits as a way to escape your own experience? If so, you may also be blocking your own intuition and ability to receive guidance from Spirit. In order to reconnect with a sense of clarity and alignment, you’ll need to cultivate more space for stillness, reflection, and presence in your life. Practicing breath awareness could be especially beneficial today and go a long way towards bringing you back into your body and heightening your intuitive capacities.

Tuesday 12/4 - Fox Reversed - Today is not the day to try to blend in or dim your light. Shine brightly and, in doing so, you’ll give others permission to do the same. And the world always needs more lightmakers. If you find that some people are turned off by you showing up in your full radiance, then send those people love and keep on moving.  

Wednesday 12/5 - Badger Reversed - Are you caught in a bit of a shame spiral after showing up in a less than graceful way? No need to beat yourself up and honestly there’s no use anyway. After all, we tend to hurt others when we’ve been hurt, so the best thing you could do for both yourself and for others is to take some time to reflect on where your wounds are and what will best serve your healing. When you process and release your own angers and sadnesses, you free yourself from their grip and give yourself the opportunity to respond, rather than react, to your circumstances.

Thursday 12/6 - Moose - Put some thought into how you present yourself today. From your outward appearance to the energy you emit, the number one person you should be trying to impress is yourself. If your self-esteem has taken a bit of a dip lately, figure out where you’re not meeting your own standards and then challenge yourself to step into your very best self. And don’t forget that the target is progress, not perfection.

Friday 12/7 - Raccoon Reversed - Have you been trying to handle things all on your own?  Too afraid to delegate responsibility? It’s important to allow yourself to lean into your community and to trust others to come through for you every once in a while. Can you ask for help where you need it? Maybe it’s as simple as asking a friend to be an accountability buddy for a big goal you’ve been struggling to stay focused on or asking your partner or housemates to help you out around the house. Whatever it is, reaching out and letting someone else know how they can support you can be a powerful gift, both to yourself and to the person you bestow with your precious trust.

Saturday 12/8 - Turkey Reversed - If you’ve found yourself mired in a mindset of lack lately or feeling like your resources are stretched too thin to be generous then it’s time to shift your focus towards the areas of your life that actually do feel abundant. Maybe you’re rich in love and friendship. Perhaps you’ve got natural artistic ability in spades. Or you’re lucky enough to live in a place where you are surrounded by beauty. There’s always something to be thankful for and tapping into the frequency of gratitude can be the tiny shift that changes the whole game for you today.

Sunday 12/9 - Horse Reversed - Where are you feeling disempowered in your life? And how can you reclaim responsiblity for how you want to feel and what you want your journey to look like? Usually it comes down to better boundaries, with yourself as much as with others. Do your daily habits support you in creating the life that you truly desire? Do you surround yourself with people that encourage, inspire, and expand your heart and mind? Are you able to focus on the lessons in your challenges, more so than any pain they bring you? If you’re a little shaky in any of these arenas, today you’ll want to grab the reins and actively navigate your way towards the path you know is meant for you.