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Monday 12/31 - Prairie Dog Reversed - While New Year’s Eve is often a time of boisterous celebration and indulgent gatherings, a quieter, more intentional approach to closing out the year may be called for today. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ring in the new year joyously, but perhaps consider taking some time during the day to do some solo reflection on the journey that the past year has taken you on. The challenges, the successes, the learning, growth, and love. What are you most grateful for? How has your life shifted? What can you shed and what would you like to cultivate going forward? If you’re feeling social come nightfall, join in on an intimate gathering at which you can connect with others in a soulful way that will have you meeting the new year with clarity and warm, well-nourished heart.

Tuesday 1/1 - Dolphin - It’s the beginning of a brand new year full of possibilities and here you are, greeting it, despite everything you’ve had to overcome to get here. That simple fact alone is more than enough reason to celebrate, and there’s no better way to celebrate the gift of your own life than filling it with meaning and purpose. What that will look like is yours to decide, but if you’re struggling to know what path is meant for you or what your next right step is, try connecting with the most basic manifestation of your own life force--your breath. If nothing else, it’s a powerful way to drop you into a state of gratitude and a vibrational state that supports alignment and a sense of wellbeing. Make a practice of working with your breath, either through regular breath awareness meditation or pranayama breathwork, and you might find yourself moving through blocks, honing your intuitive capacities, and calling in opportunities you’ve only dreamt of in the year ahead!

Wednesday 1/2 - Wild Boar - If you’re realizing that you’ve inadvertently carried some things into the new year that you wish would have stayed behind in 2018, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Get really honest with yourself, and anyone else around you if necessary, about what’s no longer serving you and the shifts that need to take place for you to reclaim your power. Are there any sneaky habits that you’ve been telling yourself “aren’t that big of an issue”, but you know in your heart are holding you back? Do you participate in relationship dynamics that leave you more drained than inspired? No more minimizing the impacts of negative habits and toxicity in your life! Confront them head on with open eyes and a courageous heart. If you truly do the work, you’ll have good reason to thank yourself by this time next year.

Thursday 1/3 - Owl Reversed - The call for a deep personal inventory continues today. The worst lies we tell are the ones we tell ourselves. To avoid shame. To maintain an illusion of who we believe ourselves to be. To side-step the real work. But all ies require maintenance and over time they become heavier burdens to bear than the truth ever could have been. To set yourself free, you must shine a light on all the shadows that live within your own heart. This is a task that must be done with lots of compassion. The goal is not to punish yourself for being so very human, but to increase empowerment. To be able to act from a place of awareness and choice as you move forward.

Friday 1/4 - Badger -  The intense energies don’t seem to let up as the first week of the year comes to a close. In fact, what’s called for today is direct and assertive action. What goals did you set for the year ahead? Passivity and wishful-thinking won’t support your ability to make your dreams a reality. Whether it’s a new job or promotion, a healthier lifestyle, or a special someone you’ve been noticing for a while, go after what you want today without apology. You may not get an affirmative response, but you certainly don’t have to be the one to say no to yourself, and you just might get exactly what you ask for..or something even better.

Saturday 1/5 - Spider Reversed - If you’ve found yourself tempted to meddle in other people’s business or wanting to critique everyone around you, it may be a sign that you haven’t been using your creative gifts properly. We are all gifted with the ability to create--whether that’s words or visual art or businesses or buildings that reach to the skies. If you don’t believe you’re a creative person then you’ve simply not discovered your unique form or forms of expression. One way to do so is to revisit the things that brought you joy as a child. Follow the calls that come from your soul, regardless of whether or not they seem logical. If you already know what your gifts are, it’s time to dedicate more time to cultivating them. When you are guided by passion and purpose, you radiate a quiet confidence and fulfillment that is way more likely to influence others in positive ways than words of advice ever will.

Sunday 1/6 - Beaver Reversed -  The messages around the importance of purpose and passion carry through to today as well. Boredom and apathy are the result of internal blocks, not external circumstances. Have you deemed your personal mission in life to be insignificant? Or yourself to be unworthy for some reason? Remember that, of all the billions of people on the planet, there is no one just like you and that is not a coincidence. With your  unique life journey, qualities, gifts, and even challenges, there is something special that only you can offer the world. It doesn’t have to reshape the entire fabric of the cosmos. Every addition of goodwill and loving action in the world contributes to the betterment of life for all. Find your why. Big or small. And do something towards that purpose every single day. It really can be that simple.