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Monday 10/1 - On the first day of this new week and new month and on the tail of an incredibly emotionally charge week, it makes perfect sense that Horse would show up to guide us. Horse medicine is about Power and it’s a good time to ask yourself what that means to you? Who do you know that embodies true power and what does that look like? Does it include compassion, humility, and the ability to maintain a peaceful center, even in the midst of a righteous fight for justice? If not, it might be worth examining from where you draw your power, how you chose to channel it, and if that energy is being used most effectively and for the highest good. It’s work we all must do, no matter where we are on this journey of life, and we must do it with an honest and courageous heart.

Tuesday 10/2 - Jaguar supports the message of Horse and adds a focus on Integrity. To move through the world with Integrity, your actions and words must align with and embody your deepest values and truths, and the first step in making that happen is uncovering what you truly believe in and what motivates your choices. Take some time today to get clarity around what’s most important to you in this world and let that insight, along with the compassionate wisdom of your heart, guide you in all that you do.

Wednesday 10/3 - Skunk speaks to us of Reputation and being aware of not only what we’d like other people to think of us, but what energies we may be putting out into the world, consciously or unconsciously, that let people know who we are before we ever utter a word. Just because your speech is kind doesn’t mean others can’t feel your silent judgements. Even if you never actively use your power over others doesn’t mean your sense of superiority isn’t sensed. Are you giving mixed signals by leaking a type of energy that you have no intention of acknowledging or being accountable for? Take a little personal inventory today and ask yourself if your talk is backed up by your walk, on all levels. Perfection isn’t the goal, but continuous practice and progress is the path of healing and growth.

Thursday 10/4 - Frog medicine is so sweet and all about Cleansing the mind, body, and spirit. A vital part of self-care is releasing toxins from your life and this can happen on so many levels. Right now, it seems the call is to allow the tight and knotted up spots in your energetic field to soften. To release anything that is causing you pain, so that you can take the next right steps from a place of clarity. If you think a physical de-cluttering process, nutritional cleanse, or meditation practice might support you, by all means go for it. It is time to release anything in your life, be it thought patterns, materials, habits, connections, etc., that do not serve your healing, growth, and transformation.

Friday 10/5 - Beautiful Dragonfly shows up just in time to support the process of transformation by helping us clear away the Illusions we live under and within. If you allow it, Life can be a constant process of having cloudy lenses removed from your eyes bringing you closer and closer to true and clear vision. What have you been taking for granted? Where are your blind spots? In what ways do you need to get much more honest with yourself in order to live as your very best self?

Saturday 10/6 - Mountain Lion can be tricky medicine to swallow for many of us, particularly those of us who are reluctant to step into positions of Leadership. Standing out from the crowd can feel risky and being in a position to guide others involves a great deal of responsibility, but we can always begin with ourselves and model the types of shifts we wish to see in the world. It’s often as simple as coming back to our hearts, asking what truly serves the greater good in each moment, and doing the thing that is right, even if it’s not always easy. True leadership is often much quieter, more gentle, and more humble than most would ever imagine.

Sunday 10/7 - Buffalo medicine is that of Prayer and Abundance. It is a reminder of the sacredness of all life and all experiences and encourages us to take time to connect quietly with the universal heartbeat that makes the flowers open and closes and your very own lungs expand and contract. When you connect with this sense of Oneness, you invite miracles into your life.