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Monday 11/5 - We are greeted today by Rabbit and a message that fear can swallow you up whole--if you let it. Don’t. Confront your fears. Embrace uncertainty. Dig into your faith in yourself and in the Divine Order of this life. And while you have to start by acknowledging your fears in order to release them, make sure that you don’t get stuck in the loop of feeding them energy. If you speak of what scares you today, make sure to frame your fears as things that you are learning to overcome, because your words become your reality.

Tuesday 11/6 - Bear reversed let’s us know that it is time to ignore all of the noise “out there” and tune back into to your greatest source of guidance--your Higher Self. Create some space today for a meditation or a solo walk out in nature. Listen closely to your own heart and let its sweet wisdom bubble forth. As tempting as it can be to hand the keys over and let someone else drive, the only one who can determine the right course for your life is you.

Wednesday 11/7 - When Turtle shows up in the reversed position, it’s always a sign that some earth medicine is needed. Connecting with the natural world can be one of the most healing practices and today you may be in need of some extra grounding. If possible, put your bare feet on the earth or lie down in a patch of soft grass. Allow yourself to be fully supported and let your tension melt away. Acknowledge that your every breath is a miracle, as is the gift of feeling the sun on your face, taking in the expansiveness of the sky above, and of getting to experience this life in a human body.

Thursday 11/8 - Prairie Dog pops into the cards today to let you know that it might be time to take a little retreat. Proper rest is absolutely vital to maintaining wellness in mind, body, and spirit, but our modern world with all of its non-stop stimulation can make it challenging to fully decompress, but decompress you must! Turn off your phone, step away from the screens, and take some time to do things that are gentle and nourishing. Even if all you can carve out if an hour for some quiet time by yourself in a park today, do it. Sometimes the smallest acts of self-care can be more powerfully supportive than you could have imagined.

Friday 11/9 - Questions you might want to ask yourself today are: Am I doing what I know in my heart to be right? Or am I just following along with the crowd? The medicine of Crow is all about law, but not the often arbitrary law of man. It’s about Divine Law. The truths that shine through any rationalizations or illusions. Since Crow showed up in the reversed position, it might be time to examine the integrity of your actions. If you find that you get a tight or sinking feeling in your gut or chest when thinking of something you’ve done or are doing, listen to that and then course correct as needed.

Saturday 11/10 - When Eagle graces us with her presence, we know that Spirit is beckoning us to come closer, to connect more deeply, and to honor the sacredness of all things. Your life can be a series of meaningless motions, OR every breath you take, every word you speak, and every choice you make can be infused with intention. What impact do you want to have on the world around you? What legacy do you wish to leave in your wake when your time on this planet comes to a close? Let the answers to these questions guide you through life and you’ll find more purpose and courage than you ever knew lived within you.

Sunday 11/11 - Hawk medicine reminds us to notice the signs and the messengers all around us. There is no such thing as coincidence. Allow yourself to see and honor the synchronicity in your life. Stay open to receiving guidance from unusual sources. Repetitive numbers. Strange encounters with animals. The uncanny wisdom of a small child. Pay attention. Listen with your heart. The answers are right there. You only need to trust the truth of what you feel.