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Monday 12/24 - Owl Reversed - While the holiday season is seen as a time for cheer and celebration, it can also be a time for getting in touch with our Shadow sides. Spiritual teach Ram Dass tells us that, “if you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family” and in doing that, you might just notice how much work you still have to do to stay centered in compassion, patience, and love. The medicine here is to get honest with yourself. All those judgements you so quickly place on others reflect at least as much about you as they do anyone else. In what ways do you act out those very same traits? Even if it is on a much smaller scale or only within your heart and mind? Just because it hasn’t seen the light of day doesn’t mean that it doesn’t live within you and seep out energetically. Look closely at the ways you are hard on others, examine how you are hard on yourself for these very same things, and then offer up a little compassion for all of you. Sometimes accepting something about ourselves is the very key to healing and releasing it.

Tuesday 12/25 - Grouse - Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, today is most definitely a day to celebrate life, the passing of another year, and the possibilities held within a new one ahead. Really be present with your body today and the wondrous gift it is to inhabit it, to be able to gaze upon the beauties of this world, to be able to touch a loved one or feel a brisk breeze or the warmth of a fire, to have a heart that beats for you every single day. The very best way to express gratitude for these blessings is to not take them for granted, to really utilize them, and to do so in a way that elevates your spirit and those of others around you. Whether that means to dance or sing or offer hugs or make food or to simply look at someone and make a point of truly seeing them, do it. Celebrate your life today. It is, without question, the greatest gift.

Wednesday 12/26 - Badger - The time has come for you to fully express yourself, to not hold back, and to go after the thing that you most desire with everything that you’ve got. Assertiveness can be a double-edged sword--effective, but if not used carefully, potentially off-putting. They key to avoiding this pitfall is to make sure that your goals and efforts are rooted in love and sought out with integrity. You can pursue your passions without compromising your values as long as you stay flexible and creative in your approach.

Thursday 12/27 - Whale Reversed - Have you’ve been feeling disconnected from your own voice, your intuition, or Spirit? It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves worked up into a frenzy during this time of year and feeling overwhelmed with social obligations, financial concerns, and heavy energy around either the year that is passing or the one ahead. If any of this is ringing true for you then you might want to consider setting aside some time to cultivate space for quiet and stillness. Spend some time out in nature alone. Meditate. Pour your heart and mind out onto the pages of a journal. These practices allow you to reconnect with your higher self and the wisdom that always lives inside of you. Sometimes you simply have to step away from the external noise long enough to be able to hear your own voice.

Friday 12/28 - Skunk - One of the most empowering things you can do is to learn how to be conscious and intentional with the way you use your energy. So many misunderstandings and interpersonal issues stem from a lack of effective or clear communication and this applies to unspoken messages as much as it does the words we use. Check in with a few people you trust to speak from an honest, wise, and compassionate place. Ask them how they experience you and take note of any unexpected responses. This isn’t about judging any aspect of who you are or how you show up, but rather becoming more aware of what signals you’re putting out into the world and making sure that you are actively choosing what kind of energy you emit in each moment.  

Saturday 12/29 - Raven - We are constantly surrounded by magic, miracles, and things beyond any sort of logical explanation. The questions is: Are we honoring the synchronicities, the messages we receive, and the mystery of life? To do so doesn’t necessarily require a great deal of fanfare, but rather a pause, a moment of listening internally for the deeper message, and a willingness to act from a place of faith and trust when what we hear doesn’t necessarily make sense to the rational mind. This is your task today. Should you embrace it with both arms, you will be in for both a big adventure and some very unexpected blessings.

Sunday 12/30 - Dragonfly - Any transformation first begins with an honest assessment of where one currently is, and as we prepare to leave one year behind and pass through the portal into a new one, we are in an especially potent moment for getting uncompromisingly honest with ourselves about who we are, what we want, how we have held ourselves back, and what we must do to step into our full light and claim the life that we know in our hearts we were meant for. Peel back the layers today. Strip away any part of you that is not fully authentic. Shine a light on all the shadows and hold whatever you find gently, so that you may release it with love. Today can be the beginning of anything you want. Who you are tomorrow is entirely up to you.