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Monday 8/27 - This week starts off with beautiful manna energy from the Dolphin. Take time to really tune into your sensual experiences and celebrate the beautiful gift of your own life. Allow yourself to open up to a deeper connection with Source energy, either through time spent in nature or a breath meditation, and you may even receive insights or wisdoms today. 

Tuesday 8/28 - With Fox popping up, you might want to consider dropping out of the spotlight and allowing yourself to blend in or go unnoticed today. Particularly if you've been unsure about relationship or work matters recently, take this as an opportunity to observe quietly and gather information that will help you determine your next course of action. Once you’ve had time to assess the situation from a place of stillness, you’ll be able to move quickly and decisively.

Wednesday 8/29 - If you have been pushing, pushing, pushing lately and are starting to feel worn down, then it’s time to connect with the medicine of Prairie Dog and retreat. Whether that means unplugging from work and taking a much-needed personal day to really immerse yourself in self care practices or backing off of a conflict you’ve been entangled in to allow the tension to settle and perhaps even a resolution to arise naturally. Sometimes less is more and today is definitely a day to subscribe to that motto.

Thursday 8/30 - When Jaguar shows up in the reversed position, it’s generally a sign that you may want to do a little personal inventory to determine how well your actions are aligned with your values. If you notice that you’ve compromised your own integrity by acting in ways that harm yourself or others, right your wrongs by making sincere amends and committing to showing up with with an honest and pure heart in all that you do.

Friday 8/31 - As the week comes to close, Antelope  in the reversed position guides us to take action. Where have you been procrastinating in your life? What have you been avoiding addressing? Have you been giving your power away? If so, it’s time to take charge of your life once again. What can you tackle today that will help you release any feelings of helplessness and step into a sense of empowerment? No more stalling--it's time to just do it!

Saturday 9/1 - What better day than a Saturday to reconnect with your inner child's natural innocence, open heartedness, curiosity, and joyfulness. Porcupine medicine reminds us to drop the armor we have gathered around us over the years and to allow softness and vulnerability to lead. This medicine is not to be confused for weakness, but is in fact one of the strongest and most courageous ways of meeting the world.

Sunday 9/2 - On Sunday, Grouse joins us and reminds us to make our every move a celebration of the truly miraculous circumstances that have led us to find ourselves here, at this moment in time, on this very special blue planet. If you have the opportunity to spend some time in moving meditation today, take it! Whether that means dancing, walking, running, practicing tai chi or some other form of movement that helps you connect to the universal pulse that beats through all living things, make sure that you allow yourself to be fully embodied and present to the magic of your own existence. It's a surefire way to end the weekend on a nourishing note that will leave you energized and inspired for the new week ahead.