However you found your way here, welcome!


It’s a big, wide world out here in cyberspace and I am honored that you would take the time to explore my little corner. It is my hope that whatever you find here supports you in some way, big or small, and truly, that is my intention in all of the work that I do.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with matters of the heart, holistic healing, and spiritual practices. This initially led me to study Clinical Psychology at the graduate level; however, I eventually found that Western clinical settings felt limiting in terms of the ways I wanted to work with people, and after many years of exploration, I found myself immersed in the world of alternative Healing Arts. 

While some practitioners are dedicated to a single modality, I find great joy in sharing a variety of offerings that allow for a layered and multi-dimensional approach to whole-being health. While some clients might feel best served by dialogue-based coaching, others are more drawn to working through the body and spirit with Reiki, Breathwork, AromaTouch, or an Intuitive Card Reading.

My goal is to make my work inclusive and approachable to absolutely anyone, regardless of their background or experience level with any of these practices. I consider it one of the highest honors when a new client tells me that they had never before considered having their cards read or receiving energy healing, but that they felt comfortable stepping into a session with me.

I believe my educational background, which includes a unique combination of Western clinical training and consistent study of alternative and holistic healing practices, has endowed me with the ability to create a safe container for clients to explore a wide range of wellness-related concerns in ways that are heart-centered and self-guided. It is my firm belief that my clients are the ultimate authority over their own lives and healing journeys and that my role is simply that of a humble guide.

While I will most likely never tout myself as an expert or guru of any sort, I can absolutely say that creating space to heal, to glean growth from painful experiences, and to connect with the heart in a way that allows for fully authentic and joyful living is without a doubt my greatest passion. There is nothing that brings me more fulfillment than seeing the positive shifts that take place when my clients gain clarity and empowerment through a Wellness Coaching session, activate their ability to release energetic blockages and heal the mind, body, and spirit during a Breathwork Healing session or Reiki treatment, drop into a deeply restorative state during an AromaTouch session, or experience the guidance and support of Spirit through an Intuitive Card Reading.

If you’re ready to begin your healing journey or have been on the path for some time and are simply desiring some support along the way, I would be truly honored to work with you. Let’s get started!