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Monday 10/22 - This week starts off with the introspective medicine of Bear, encouraging us to take time away from distractions, to quiet our lives and our minds, and to connect deeply with the wisdom that lives inside. Even if your day is full, see if you can slow down your reaction time and take even just a single extra beat before making decisions or taking any action to feel into the situation. This space you create to tune into your intuition and Higher Self will support greater alignment and ultimately save you time in the long run.

Tuesday 10/23 - The messages to tune into our inner worlds continue as Owl graces us with her presence, signaling that things might not be exactly as they seem today, and encouraging us to stay aware of subtle cues from our bodies, nature, and Spirit. Trust your senses and know that if something feels off, it probably is. No need to make any sudden movements until the picture is clear. Until then, simply observe quietly.

Wednesday 10/24 - As we move into the middle of the week, Turtle emerges to remind us of the importance of maintaining a connection with Mother Earth. When was the last time you lied in the grass and stared up at the sky? Let the sunlight warm your skin and the breeze cool it? Sometimes the simplest practices are the most powerful and simply spending time in Nature is one of the most grounding and healing things you can do for yourself. Even if all you have is a few extra minutes to admire the beauty of a flower or bask in the light of tonight’s full moon, take some time today to really honor and appreciate the mother that supports all of us.

Thursday 10/25 - When Prairie Dog shows up in the reversed position, it’s generally a warning that if you don’t take some time to rest and release stress, you may be headed for trouble. Don’t wait until your health suffers or you start making sloppy mistakes because you’re too tired to think clearly. A short break from the grind can go a long way towards recharging your batteries and may actually help you be more focused and productive once you’re ready to jump into action again. If you have enough time for a a full-blown retreat or spa day, by all means take it! Like the rest of nature, we too are governed by natural rhythms that ebb and flow, so make sure your allowing yourself to have the downtime that is absolutely necessary to maintain vibrance and health.

Friday 10/26 - As the week comes to a close, Blue Heron wanders in in the reversed position indicating that self-reflection is called for at this time. What drives you? How are you spending your days and what energy to bring to your relationships with others and yourself? It is only through understanding ourselves that we are able to grow, to determine what is serving us and what is not, and to determine what our next right step is. Give yourself the gift of some time for meditation or journaling today so that you can allow your truth to come forward and guide you on your current path.

Saturday 10/27 - The only constant in this life is change and, when Butterfly flutters in, it’s a sure sign that you are undergoing a particularly potent transformation. Sometimes this process can be challenging and involve the death of certain parts of ourselves. Have faith. The caterpillar doesn’t know that its disintegration is leading to the birth of incredible winged beauty until it emerges from the chrysalis in its new form. You too are shifting into an even more wondrous version of yourself. So gently let go of anything that’s meant to fall away and step bravely into the incarnation that is your destiny.

Sunday 10/28 - Squirrel is the gatherer of the animal kingdom and smartly stores away nourishment for itself as fall sets in each year, but when this little critter shows up in the reversed position, it can indicate that you’ve stumbled into a mindset of lack. Have you been hoarding things? Or perhaps been stingy with your time, energy, or love? If so, today is the day to loosen your grip. After all, you can’t receive into a closed fist, or one that’s already full. You might even be surprised to find that when you release something you thought you needed to hold onto for fear that nothing else would come along, the Universe might send an even lovelier gift your way.