Monday 9/9 – Crow Reversed  – The week kicks off with an appearance from Crow in the reversed position, reminding us to check in with our hearts and spirits about how we show up in the world. It can be easy to justify certain behaviors or ways of being but deep down we always know the truth. Where in your life have you been playing mind games with yourself in order to mold your morals around what is convenient or easy? No need to be hard on yourself, but it’s time to get honest with yourself and make any adjustments necessary to clear out any incongruence between what you know to be right and how you’re actually showing up.

Tuesday 9/10 – Lynx - We don’t always have to name what we know and today is a day where it might be in everyone’s best interest to just keep your observations to yourself. Timing is everything. If you feel an overwhelming urge to name something, ask yourself where that is coming from. It may be something that you’d do just as well to process and release on your own. Besides, information is often better received when it isn’t accompanied with a heavy charge. There may come a time when it feels truly right to share, but until then, mum’s the word.

Wednesday 9/11 – Jaguar – Integrity is all about walking your talk and it’s something worth checking in with on a regular basis. We all have blind spots but there are always tells that give away the places where we have work to do. Where are you defensive? What would you prefer for others not to see? What parts of your life do you find yourself making excuses for? Sometimes the subtlest shifts can bring us back into alignment. The key is to be both brave and compassionate as we approach our self-inquiry.

Thursday 9/12 – Buffalo – Prayer doesn’t have to look like folded hands and kneeling to be powerful. Maybe it’s writing down a vision that fills your heart up with hope. Perhaps it’s releasing your worries in the form of flowers getting carried down a stream. It could be a dance that embodies gratitude for all that you have. However you choose to offer up your joys and fears, give them over to Spirit today. You were never meant to carry the weight of this human existence all on your own, but it’s up to you to find a way to lighten your load that feels true to you.

Friday 9/13 – Black Panther Reversed  – The unknown can be terrifying or exciting; it’s really all a matter of perspective. For many of us, it comes down to programming and formative experiences around change and uncertainty, but we always have the opportunity to shift the way we relate to the world around us. Save yourself the unnecessary energy drain and choose wonder over worry today.

Saturday 9/14 – Eagle Reversed – It’s important to remember that your breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs. The moments in which we are most humbled and vulnerable are often the ones in which we have the ability to be most open to grace and receiving support from Spirit. This can come in the form of a kind stranger, a moment of potent connection with nature, or an infusion of strength or courage that we didn’t think we had within us. Stay open today, even if it feels uncomfortable. Your challenges are not here to crush you. They are here to strengthen you and open you up. Let them.

Sunday 9/15 – Grouse – It’s been a big week full of some powerful shifts, but the week ends with a call to step into a lighter, more carefree way of being. Set aside your troubles and worries, if only for a matter of hours today, and dance, play outside, savor a delicious meal, or bask in warm sunlight. Allow yourself to remember that even in the hardest of times, life is a blessing. It may seem counter-intuitive or awkward at first, but sometimes simply going through the motions of play triggers a shift from the outside in. Allow yourself to exhale deeply today and you may even find that you experience a perspective shift that makes your challenges feel a bit more manageable.

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