Monday 9/2 – Prairie Dog Reversed  – It  seems that last week’s theme of slowing down and taking time to drop into deeply restorative states is continuing into this week. The medicine of Prairie Dog is retreat and the call today is to rest. Sleep in, schedule an appointment for some bodywork, or lounge around in a pool or bath. Whatever you do, make sure that you are stepping away from any unnecessary sources of stimulation and allowing yourself to be deeply nourished in mind, body, and spirit. Even just a little time out for a meditation or lying on the earth to ground can go a long way towards refreshing your being.

Tuesday 9/3 – Wolf Reversed - Be extra mindful today in the ways that you seek guidance. A little support or another perspective can be helpful from time to time, but at the end of that day, are you coming back to your own inner knowing? No one else has more authority over what your life should look like than you. Make sure you honor that. Besides, putting others up on pedestals is always a set up for disillusionment and the truth is that it’s not fair to anyone involved. 

Wednesday 9/4 – Snake – No matter what comes your way today, use it in service to your own healing and that of the world. Let the abundance of beauty you encounter overflow into the quality of your presence with others. Mine your challenges for gifts and opportunities to create positive change in your communities. Every experience offers you a chance to learn, grow, and deepen your capacity for compassion and connection--what will you create today?

Thursday 9/5 – Raccoon – Every one of us has some sort of gift in this life, whether that’s a loving, grounded family, material abundance, wisdom beyond your years, a natural talent, or powerful embodiment of a certain virtue. Your task today is to find the areas in which you’ve been blessed and then to share those blessings with those around you who may not have been as fortunate. This is, after all, how any one of us is nurtured into greatness in this life and paying it forward is an investment in our elevation as a collective community. 

Friday 9/6 – Badger Reversed  – There are times when bringing an intensity to our pursuits can be beneficial, maybe even vital, but today we would be much better served by staying soft. This doesn’t mean you can’t be determined or driven, but do so in a way that keeps you connected to your heart and steeped in kindness. You may find that you get better results this way and spend less of your own energy in the process, too.

Saturday 9/7 – Turtle Reversed – The antidote to feeling disconnected is to open your eyes, mind, and heart to the world around you. Notice the beauty that surrounds you, sometimes even in the most unexpected places. Soak up the gifts of nature in any way you can. Stare deeply into the sky. Inhale the fragrance of plant life. Let your body be warmed by the sun. Remember that you are just as vital to this complex universe as every rock, blade of grass, and drop of water and let that knowing instill a sense of belonging in you. If this is feeling particularly challenging, find a way to steward the natural world. Volunteer to clean up a beach, put out a dish of water for thirsty bees, or donate to organizations that protect wildlife. Owning your impact can not only bring more meaning and purpose to your life, but can nourish your soul as well.  

Sunday 9/8 – Black Panther – The unknown can be scary, but it is also the birthplace of possibility. Rather than getting wrapped up in your fears, focus on curiosity. Let yourself be drawn towards the things that light you up. Your comfort zone might be cozy, but it’s not where you’re going to find growth or expansion, so take a leap today, big or small, and trust that you will be able to catch yourself.

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