Monday 9/16 – Armadillo Reversed  – When we talk about healthy boundaries, we are so often focused on concerns of boundaries not being strong or clear enough, but the opposite extreme can be just as unhealthy. Are there places in your life where you keep people at a distance by being rigid? Perhaps there’s somewhere you could be just a touch more flexible in a way that creates more space for connection. The lines are drawn in the sand so that we can adjust them as we shift and change. Make sure that you’re checking in regularly to see what is right for the moment at hand.

Tuesday 9/17 – Raccoon Reversed - Helping others out is a beautiful thing, but when you start running around trying to save the day, especially for those who didn’t ask for support, you’re most likely veering into martyrdom territory and that rarely ends well. Try bringing the focus back to your own life and pour all of that loving energy on yourself. If someone does actually ask for your support, make sure that you’re showing up in a way that empowers rather than encourages dependency. This will keep resentments at bay on both sides and creates a circular energy exchange that is mutually enriching rather than depleting. 

Wednesday 9/18 – Horse Reversed – We’re all entitled go deep into our feels from time to time, but watch out today for a tendency to get sucked into a pity party. Wallowing in what’s not going right or pointing fingers will never get you to the place you want to be. Instead, look within. Find the places in your life where you have agency to create positive changes and get to work making shift happen. If you find that you’ve been the architect of your own unhappiness, there’s no need to beat yourself up about it either. Becoming aware of our own self-sabatoging habits is at least half of the battle. Once you know better, you can not only do better, but enjoy the rewards of creating a life that truly feels joyous to you.

Thursday 9/19 – Otter – It’s easy to forget that we humans are really just animals after all. It’s even easier to forget that we come from lineages of communal creatures that spend a lot of time engaged in bonding and connection behaviors. Our modern day society isn’t always set up to encourage lots of community time or deep intimacy, so it’s vital to the wellbeing of all of us that we set aside time just for that. If you don’t feel that there are communities around you that gather or connect in ways that feel supportive and inclusive then seize the opportunity to be the one to create that space. We all need places where we can feel seen and accepted and creating those spaces is a special kind of service that will create so much nourishment for not only those around you, but for yourself as well. 

Friday 9/20 – Owl  – Open to the possibility of learning something new about yourself today. You may have gifts that you haven’t even discovered yet, just waiting to be tapped. Maybe it’s an artistic skill. Perhaps it’s an intuitive capacity. It could even be a passion or dream that you’ve kept hidden away, even from yourself, for some reason. Just because you’ve lived with yourself your whole life doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about you. Stay curious. Try new things just to see what sticks. You never know what you might find and the ways, both big  and small, in which your life could shift.

Saturday 9/21 – Dragonfly – The self-discovery continues on today as Dragonfly calls us to release our illusions and to clean the lens through which we view the world. What limiting beliefs are you ready to leave behind? What fears no longer hold any power over you, and how high can you soar once you no longer carry the weight of self-doubt and judgement? You’re entire experience of the world can change in an instant; all you have to do is choose to shift your perspective. 

Sunday 9/22 – Lizard – The unconscious mind is so incredibly powerful and holds the keys to our deepest desires and gifts. Notice where you go, both when you dream during sleep and when your mind wanders during the day. Don’t write off your dreams as too big/too small/too silly/ etc. It’s time to give yourself permission to invest in your heart’s quiet callings. Even if that only means speaking them aloud or writing a vision in your journal, it’s a start. The more you create an exchange with your dreamlife, which is so intimately connected to your intuition, the more you will find that life aligns to support you in some truly miraculous ways. Take a chance. What do you have to lose?

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