Monday 9/23 – Skunk Reversed  – We can say and do all the “right” things and there may still be someone out there who finds a reason to criticize us. If we live in the reflection of other’s eyes we give all of our power away and spend our days chasing external validation. Let go of your concerns about what others think of you and focus more on what you think of yourself. As long as you are living in alignment with your own values, that’s all that matters. 

Tuesday 9/24 – Crow Reversed - The darkest parts of our souls don’t have to trip us up, but the keys to allowing them to inform our behavior rather than control it are awareness and integration. Take time today to explore the parts of yourself that you feel shame around. Search for the gift within that experience and find ways to channel those energies into something positive. You may find that the very parts of your being that you’ve been running from could turn out to be directly linked to some of your most potent gifts. 

Wednesday 9/25 – Eagle Reversed – If you’re feeling disconnected from yourself or from Spirit, it’s time to slow down, tune in, and ask what is needed. Perhaps some time in nature or dropping into service. Maybe a ritual or simply prayer. Our relationships with ourselves and with something greater than us are deeply personal and only you will know what is needed to cultivate and nurture that connection. It may take some time to figure out what most supports you in feeling both grounded and expansive, but it will be one of the best investments you could ever make.

Thursday 9/26 – Salmon Reversed – We all feel lost from time to time and the temptation to give the reins to someone else can be so very real, but the truth is that no one can tell you which path is yours. Listen closely to your body. Notice the visions that pass through your mind. Honor the feelings in your gut. These are truly the best guidance systems you will ever find in your life and the more you practice working with them, the more fine-tuned they will become. It’s also worth noting that resistance doesn’t always mean that we’re going in the wrong direction. Salmon swim against the rushing river currents year after year to return to their birthplace and the place in which they will create new life. It’s not an easy trek, but they are pulled by the call of their instincts. It’s time to reconnect with your own inner knowing and follow it wherever it may lead. 

Friday 9/27 – Mouse  – Discernment isn’t about judgment or labeling anything as “bad” or “wrong”; it’s simply the process of deciding if something is or is not for us in this moment and it’s a vital part of healthy boundary-setting, both with others and with ourselves. Take time to notice today what supports your visions and dreams and what either detracts from them or is simply taking up space in your life. Don’t be afraid to release anything that is no longer serving you. It is, after all, the season of shedding, so let go and trust that something beautiful will bloom in the place of everything that falls away.

Saturday 9/28 – Coyote – You may be met with some contrarian energy today and you’re best bet is to soften rather than stiffen against it. In fact, laughing at yourself and all of the ways our egos can convince us that our way is the right way may be just what the doctor ordered today. Remember that we are all operating from different frameworks constructed from layers upon layers of experience. There’s no need to invalidate someone else’s perspective just because it doesn’t align with yours. If you need to create more distance between yourself and someone who is triggering challenging feelings within you then do so, but don’t forget to look at what is coming up for you and where you may have some healing to do around that.

Sunday 9/29 – Horse – The weekend ends on an uplifting note with Horse reminding us of our own power and agency. This is a grounded energy that is ideal for creating real and lasting change. What do you want your life to look like? What about the world around you? Your visions will come through clearly today and it’s up to you to do the work to bring them to life. You’ve have everything you need within you. Consistent effort will take you where you want to go.

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