Monday 8/5 – Deer – Fighting fire with fire rarely yields positive results, but today especially, lean into a more gentle approach if you encounter any friction with others. Focus on being compassionate and remember that people act out when they are wounded. That doesn’t mean you have to tolerate abusive behavior. If you need to remove yourself from any circumstances that feel unsafe, then most definitely do, but do so with a focus on practicing self-love rather than falling into the desire to punish or retaliate. Staying soft is the most powerful thing you can do when someone else is pulling for you to react in a way that isn’t truly in integrity or alignment with your highest self.

Tuesday 8/6 – Raven Reversed - Pragmatism and logic are most definitely valuable, but don’t underestimate the importance of magic, awe, and wonder. These are the birthplaces of creativity, opportunity, and healing. If you’ve found yourself feeling weighed down, stuck in a rut, or uninspired then it’s time to shift your perspective and seek beauty all around you. This doesn’t have to be a solely visual exercise either. Perhaps it’s kindness between strangers, the sound of the breeze rustling through grass, or the feeling of water running over your skin. Tune in. Look closely. Just for today, forget about practical concerns and allow yourself to be absorbed in the gifts of each moment. 

Wednesday 8/7 – Rabbit Reversed  – Your words have tremendous creative potential so be mindful today about what you’re calling in as you speak. If fears have been plaguing you, honor what’s coming up but don’t feed into it. It’s a subtle distinction but an important one as the way we speak to ourselves, both internally and out loud, directly impacts our perception and physiology. If images of what could go wrong keep running through your mind, try reframing by naming your hopes and highest visions. If you can control the outcome, then get to work creating what you want. If you can’t then all you can do is accept what comes and do your best to roll with the punches. Either way, worrying is only a waste of your precious energy. 

Thursday 8/8 – Otter Reversed – Spend time today leaning into community connection. Check in on your friends. Attend a gathering or perhaps even host one. Especially if you’ve found yourself isolating a bit more recently, it’s time to come out of your shell and allow yourself to be seen. If this brings up discomfort then it might be worth digging into the beliefs that have kept you from embracing the vulnerability that comes along with interdependence. Are you afraid of being either too much or not enough for others? Have you been hesitant to trust the people around you for fear of being disappointed? Relationships are some of the richest growth experiences we can have in this human life, so challenge yourself to take the risk of reaching out. 

Friday 8/9 – Crow – How fully do you embrace all of who you are? Today is a ripe opportunity to explore that question and to work at the edges of the answer. Most, if not all, of us have parts of ourselves that we’d rather not show to the outside world, but the energetic toll of hiding bits and pieces of who we are can really add up. Free yourself from the burden of shame by owning your shadows. Find healthy ways of expressing them and test out the possibility that they might not be as awful as you’ve imagined them to be. You are, after all, human. Acknowledge that. Allow yourself the deep exhale that comes when you no longer live in fear of rejection and instead show up with total authenticity and full trust that you will be received by those that are meant to join you on the journey, and that those who don’t are simply not meant to be part of your story at this time. 

Saturday 8/10 – Dragonfly – It’s difficult to see situations and people for what and who they actually are when our vision is clouded by intense desire. Watch out today for a tendency to project your wishes onto reality by being really honest with yourself about what you want and how that could be impacting your perspective. In particular, if something feels a bit off or things aren’t quite adding up, be sure not to override your intuition. This is definitely a time to listen closely to your gut and it’s much easier to do that when we loosen the grip on our attachments.

Sunday 8/4 – Hummingbird Reversed – Your task for today is simple: Play! If that sounds like a challenge then you may even need a double dose. Whatever it takes for you to release stress, reconnect with joy, and drop into some deep belly laughter, do that! Nothing replenishes the spirit quite like allowing yourself some downtime in which you can be truly carefree, even if you have to block it into your schedule. Besides, you know what they say about a Sunday well-spent. Take time to nourish yourself today and you might be surprised at what a boost it gives you in the week ahead.

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