Monday 8/12 – Otter Reversed  – It can be frustrating when we can’t see eye to eye with someone we love or even someone we just need to be in contact with, whether that’s a coworker or co-parent, but forcing our worldview on others is not only ineffective, it can be destructive to trust and connection. Try to see if you can hold space for the other person’s point of view, even if you don’t understand it. Accepting people as they are, even when they fall short of our own expectations is a practice of compassion and one we can all stand to lean more fully into. Sometimes simply considering what it feels like to walk in another’s shoes can rekindle connection, but if you find that the chasm is too deep to be bridged, make sure that you release the attachment with love in your heart.

Tuesday 8/13 – Badger Reversed - Temper any tendencies towards aggressive or coercive behavior today, especially when it comes to trying to complete projects or doing any self-healing work. Today calls for a softer approach that takes regular, measured steps towards the desired outcome. Rushing and being forceful often leads to overshooting and sometimes even results in big mistakes. Slow and steady wins the race today.

Wednesday 8/14 – Turkey  – What gifts do you have to offer the world today? Really, that’s a wonderful question to ask ourselves everyday but today, in particular, calls for each of us to look through the lens of abundance and to search for the ways in which we can share from the overflow in our lives. Looks for ways, big or small, you can show up in a spirit of service. That could mean donating money or time, peppering your day with random acts of kindness, or finding a way to use your talents to help others. You may find that the experience is just as nourishing for you as it is for those you support and that you gain some powerful perspective along the way. 

Thursday 8/15 – Skunk – We don’t have control over much in this life, but the one thing we do get to choose is our own vibration, the energy with which we move through the world, and the impact we have along the way--if we’re conscious of it that is. We all have blind spots around how we show up, but relationships are powerful mirrors that offer clues about the places that we might have more work to do. If you notice certain patterns cropping up again and again in relationships around you, do some personal inquiry around how you might be feeding into that dynamic, even in subtle ways. The more you take responsibility for the energy you put out into the world, the more empowered you’ll be with regard to creating the life you truly desire.

Friday 8/16 – Dolphin Reversed  – If you’re feeling overwhelmed, weighed dowd, or simply disconnected from yourself and/or the world around you, it might be time to press pause and get still. If you can spend some time connecting with your own breath, do that. If that doesn’t feel accessible to you, then do something that pulls you out of your mind and back into your sensory perception--watch the branches of a tree sway in the breeze, soak in cold or hot water depending on your preference, put your face in the most fragrant rose blossom and inhale deeply...whatever you do, make sure that you find a way to remember what a gift this life is, and then repeat that as many times as needed.  

Saturday 8/17 – Whale – Don’t hold back. If there’s something you need to say, then say it, even if that means you write it on a piece of paper only to burn it. The point is to get it out, to move the energy, and to release anything that keeps you from fully authentic self-expression. If you feel like you’re in need of a little extra support in this area, practice simply humming or singing to yourself as a way to open up the throat chakra and become more familiar with your own voice and the power of using it. Before you know it, you may find that speaking your truth becomes easier and there are few things more freeing. 

Sunday 8/18 – Salmon – Trust your inner compass above all else today. No one else can tell you what path is yours or how to navigate it, as much as we might wish for that to be so at times. The good news is that the more you connect with your own intuitive capacities, the more fine-tuned your inner guidance system will become. One of the simplest ways to do this is to simply ask for guidance and then listen. The response may come in the form of physical sensations, visions, or a strong sense of knowing. However it appears, do your best to honor it and then notice the magic that happens as you align your actions with your deepest desires.

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