Monday 7/29 – Skunk Reversed  – Your ego might get a little test today in the form of people saying things about you that feel unfair, untrue, or are simply a misunderstanding of who you are. Do your best not to get too tangled up in concerns about your reputation and instead focus on who you know yourself to be. If something that was said has a particularly sharp sting, it might be worth investigating whether or not there is a kernel of truth in it; if it’s completely baseless then distance yourself from the noise by burying yourself in something you’re passionate about. The truth always comes out eventually so just keep doing your thing and let your actions speak louder than others’ words. 

Tuesday 7/30 – Spider - We all accumulate stress every single day, in ways big and small. One of the biggest differences between people who fall under the weight of life’s pressures and those who seem to thrive no matter what comes their way is how the stress is managed, and more specifically, if and how it’s released. Creativity is one of the most powerful ways to shift, move, and clear stuck or stagnant energy, and that doesn’t have to mean “art” in any traditional sense of the word. Of course, if painting or writing speaks to you then by all means utilize that as an outlet, but flailing your body around on the floor and vocalizing with raw abandon is just as much of a creative act and if that’s what you need to do release pressure, do it! The important thing is to let your expression be authentic and to be present with the process rather than focused on any specific outcome. Make this a daily practice and don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling lighter, more alive, and more connected to your mind, body, and spirit.

Wednesday 7/31 – Swan Reversed  – Your uniqueness and yes, even your flaws, hold the keys to your gifts. Embrace all of who you are and let go of the belief that you need to fit in or become anyone other than who you are. Notice the places where you compare yourself to others and tell yourself that you don’t measure up somehow. If you wouldn’t speak that way to someone you love then it’s time to hold your self-talk to that same standard. Focus less on striving for a mythical state of perfection and more on celebrating the wabi-sabi, perfectly imperfect beauty of life and the ways in which you embody that. 

Thursday 8/1 – Rabbit – Confronting our fears seems to be a never-ending part of this life journey, so getting comfortable with the process can go a long way towards bringing more peace and ease into our days. The key is finding the balance between total avoidance and bullying ourselves into facing something, and then learning how to work at the edge compassionately. What is one thing that you can do to expand your comfort zone today? Saying yes to a group event? Promoting your work or sharing an idea? Dropping into a deeper level of vulnerability with a loved one? You know where you have room for growth. Go there. Dig in slowly if you need to. But do dig in. The more you work through your own shadows the more freedom you grant yourself. 

Friday 8/2 – Whale Reversed  – One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is that we don’t have anything to contribute to the world, no special gift to share, no message of any importance. It’s simply not true. Not ever. And while some people seem to come into this world knowing what their mission is, it’s more common that we don’t know at first and that much of our journey is about finding where our passions lie and what kind of legacy we most wish to leave behind. Don’t be afraid to explore your creativity; follow your intuition towards things that spark curiosity or light you up, no matter how random they may seem. You never know where the path may lead, what you’ll discover along the way, or who might benefit from the wisdom you’ll gain. Stay open. 

Saturday 8/3 – Mouse – Discernment is your friend today. Simplify your life by regularly pausing to ask yourself, “Does this serve me? Does this bring me closer to my vision or farther from it? Is this a true ‘yes’ for me?” Notice the answers that come through your body and mind and then honor them fully. Rinse and repeat. 

Sunday 8/4 – Dolphin Reversed – The very best antidote to feeling disconnected from yourself and Spirit is play. Do something today for the sheer joy of the experience, however fleeting it may be. Move your body. Connect with loved ones. Laugh. Put yourself in the presence of beauty. Seek magic in even the most mundane experiences. Dropping back into the innocence and wonder that was so natural to us as children is one of the most deeply healing practices and can help us remember what lights us up and why we are here in this life.

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