Monday 8/19 – Grouse  – The mind is powerful but living life constantly in your head keeps you from enjoying the beautiful gift that is your physical experience. Each of our bodies is unique so what you most celebrate and cherish will be individual to you, but find a way today to drop into your body and really be present with your senses in a way that feels truly nourishing.

Tuesday 8/20 – Opossum - No matter how hard someone tries to antagonize you or loop you into a conflict, do not take the bait. You’ll reach a much happier resolution to whatever is at hand if you take some space and allow any charge around the issue to subside. If you’re struggling to walk away, ask yourself why and if it is really worth losing your peace over. 

Wednesday 8/21 – Salmon Reversed  – When we’re feeling uncertain or perhaps even as though we can’t trust ourselves, it can be tempting to try to seek out the answers in others, but at the end of the day, you’re the only one who can determine which path is yours. Tune deeply into your own intuition for guidance instead. Ask whatever questions you need to ask and then listen closely to the cues from your body and mind and honor their wisdom. These senses are often more subtle than the five that we usually notice so creating enough stillness to really notice and receive them will be a vital part of honing your intuitive capacities. 

Thursday 8/22 – Skunk Reversed – We are all responsible for our own energetic states and also for the impact we have on those around us. Particularly when we don’t receive the responses we want or find ourselves entangled in a less than desirable interpersonal dynamic, it can be easy to point fingers in every direction but our own. We become empowered however when we seek out the ways that we have contributed to the circumstances around us. Be extra mindful today of how you’re showing up with others, not just in overt actions, but also energetically. Ask yourself if you are carrying yourself with full integrity and if the answer is no, make the appropriate shifts necessary. Anything that you put out into the universe will eventually return to you in one form or another so if you want to get good, make sure you’re giving good. 

Friday 8/23 – Lizard Reversed  – Get out of your own way today by clearing away fears, limiting beliefs, bad habits, and anything else that is keeping you from being a clear channel for visions and dreams. This could mean letting go of people that tend to leave you doubting yourself, any “shoulds” that keep you from pursuing what you truly want, or an addiction to busyness that keeps you from being able to connect to your inner world and creativity. The faster you release anything that is clouding your vision, the sooner you’ll find yourself on a path that feels full of authentic joy and meaning.   

Saturday 8/24 – Snake Reversed – Don’t let yourself get swallowed up by your own emotions today. Yes, it’s important to feel your feelings, but that doesn’t mean you have to allow them to tear you apart as they move through you. No matter how challenging your current circumstances are or how deep your pain is, you can always choose to seek out the gift within all of it. There’s also nothing more healing than finding ways to support others who are navigating similar struggles so do your best to broaden your perspective and channel all of your energies towards creating something positive out of whatever hand you’ve been dealt. 

Sunday 8/25 – Swan – Grace comes in the most unexpected moments. A kind gesture from a stranger. Finding ourselves in the presence of something truly beautiful. A quiet moment in which we receive an infusion of faith or power, from seemingly nowhere at all. These things can take place at any time but we must first be open to receiving the blessing. See if you can lean just a little further into trust. It’s often when we are on the verge of giving up that we turn a corner and find ourselves face to face with an incredible opportunity. Keep your head up and your eyes, heart, and mind open.

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