Monday 7/22 – Grouse  – Spend some time today dropping into your body and your senses. How often do you really celebrate all the blessings your physical form brings you? Gratitude is an active practice and one of the best ways to honor a gift is to be fully present with it. Bring mindfulness to your sensory experiences of taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell. If you catch yourself getting tangled up in judgement, shift your focus to curiosity and wonder and notice the difference in how you feel. If you’re really struggling to get out of your head then it’s time to play. Dance. Run through the hills. Jump into the ocean. Whatever you need to do to remind yourself that you are alive in this moment in time that you will never experience again. Be here now. Enjoy it.

Tuesday 7/23 – Owl Reversed - It’s time to come clean. What have you been hiding from yourself? What have you been trying to convince yourself of even though you know better? We can want something to be true with all our hearts but that won’t make it so. Stop trying to fit square pegs into round holes and get honest with yourself. Once you let go of what you thought should have been, you open yourself up to a whole world of possibility.

Wednesday 7/24 – Wolf Reversed  – When we put people up on pedestals we set both them and ourselves up for a big fall. It’s time to pluck the stars from your own eyes and remember that everyone, no matter how gifted or wise, is still human, makes mistakes, and can only speak from their own experience. Whatever magic you’re seeking in others is only a sign that it’s time to acknowledge your own gifts and power. The greatest guides you will ever have in your life is your own heart and spirit. Trust their wisdom.

Thursday 7/25 – Turtle – Don’t underestimate the healing power of connection with nature today. Whether you have five minutes to tend to some houseplants or snuggle with a pet or a full afternoon to spend outside, make sure to carve out a little time to drop back into the rhythms of the natural world. Slow down. Let your tensions fall away. Allow yourself to feel the way that you are a vital, albeit tiny, part of an intricate and beautiful universe. Let the magic of that fill your heart and spill out into everything you do.

Friday 7/26 – Elk  – Do your best to pace yourself today. If you’ve got a lot on the agenda, work out a plan of attack that accounts for regular breaks. You can get everything you need to do done, but not all at once and not at the expense of your wellbeing. Making sure that your body is properly cared for as you move through your day will help you keep balanced energy levels and you’re less likely to make careless mistakes from being hangry or rushed. Slowing it down a little may actually save you time in the long run, so take those deep breaths and maybe a few stretch breaks here and there if needed.

Saturday 7/27 – Deer – Be extra gentle with yourself today. Sometimes we need to push ourselves a little but today is more about nurturing and tenderness. Self-care and self-love are less about doing elaborate rituals and more about being attuned to your needs. Listen closely to what your body is asking for today and tend to its requests as lovingly as you can. 

Sunday 7/28 – Racoon Reversed – If you find yourself tempted to play savior today, don’t do it! You may have the best of intentions, but fixing other people’s problems doesn’t allow them to navigate the journey that will help them find their own power and agency. Ask yourself if the person or people in question actually need your help or if you are simply looking for a way to feel valuable or perhaps even distract from your own inner work. If neither of those things are true, then ask if and how you can best support the person. The key to avoiding codependent dynamics is to make sure that, however you choose to support, you’re empowering the other party to find their own solutions rather than just swooping in with a magic wand. 

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