Monday 7/1 – Turtle Reversed  – It is so easy to take the mother and home we have in our planet for granted; we’ve only ever known life here and it’s hard to imagine it not being viable any longer, but the impacts human societies are having on the ecosystems that nurture and support us are becoming impossible to ignore. Take time to connect with nature today, in whatever way you can, and remember that you are not separate from the world that you were born into. Investigate ways in which you can be a proponent for positive change, both in big and small ways, so that the generations that come after us can also know the joy of fresh air, clean waters, and vibrant natural spaces full of plant and animal life. Little changes in your life can add up and build momentum towards impactful lifestyle shifts, so find the way that feels right and do-able for you, whether that’s ditching plastic, eating more plant-based meals, or advocating for ecologically-sound industrial practices. Love is also a verb so put your love for the planet into action today.

Tuesday 7/2 – Dog - We all crave connection, community, and a sense of belonging. We are wired for it; so much so that we are sometimes tempted to compromise or hide who we are in order to feel accepted. But the key to finding true belonging actually requires the vulnerability of deep authenticity. When we allow people to see all of who we are, with all of our gifts and all of our flaws, only then can we know who is truly for us and who is not meant to join us on our journey, for at least this moment anyway. The call today is to be even truer to ourselves and more open with those around us so that we may develop connections based on honesty and mutual love and respect. 

Wednesday 7/3 – Coyote  – Laughter truly is the best medicine and sometimes there’s really nothing else that can be done when things are simply not going our way. If you’re feeling frustrated today, take a deep breath, acknowledge that you actually have control over very little in your life, and then do your best to let whatever is troubling you go. Stepping away to do something playful and even a bit silly can be a powerful antidote to any built up negative charge. Enlist a friend if you need to and remind yourself that life doesn’t always have to be so serious.

Thursday 7/4 – Butterfly Reversed – Where you are at right now, at this very moment in your life, has so much to offer you, even if you feel like you’re in limbo or don’t know what you’re doing or would prefer to fast-forward through this particular period. You would not be going through the things that you are if there weren’t lessons and gifts and opportunities for you to expand in the exact ways that most serve you embedded in the experiences at hand. So do your best to embrace this moment. It will be gone before you know it. Make sure you get every bit of juice out of it that you can. 

Friday 7/5 – Horse Reversed – If you find yourself tripping over your own feet or getting caught up in disempowered thoughts today, invite Spirit in to guide you. Release the ego’s concerns about what other people will think and replace them with a commitment to being of service as best you can in each moment. When we focus on how to support those around us, we drop into a frequency of love and inspired action, which is one of the most powerful ways to dispel fear and self-doubt. 

Saturday 7/6 – Bat Reversed – Growth is and should be a constant across our lives. Sometimes the pace is slower and others it feels like we’re evolving at warp-speed, but consistent, forward movement is vital to avoid stagnation and atrophy. This isn’t always easy and there are certainly times when it would be oh so tempting to stay in our comfort zones. In these moments, the way we speak to ourselves can make all the difference. Be a gentle encourager of your own growth, the way you might encourage a small child to join a new group of friends on the playground. Hold the fears that come up gently and remind yourself that you are so much more capable than you might feel in this moment. Continue to work at the edge and take as many baby steps as you need to. You’ll get there in time and you’ll have gained so much inner strength along the way. 

Sunday 7/7 – Beaver Reversed – When we repeatedly sabotage our attempts to meet a goal, we need to stop and ask ourselves if what we are seeking is truly in alignment with our hearts and spirits. If the answer is no, then it’s time to get back to the drawing board and get clear about what we truly want our lives to look like and what we are willing to do to create that. If the answer is yes, however, then some inner work, particularly in the arena of self-worth and self-love, is in order. Only you can know what is true for you so get honest with yourself and then do your best to build a life that reflects your true desires and gifts, rather than who you think you “should” be.

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