Monday 7/8 – Crow  – The call for today is to question everything. Our belief systems. The culture we were born into. The things we think we know about others and even ourselves. Ask yourself what resonates as true from deep within the caverns of your being and what may have been something that you simply accepted without giving it a second thought. You may find, upon closer inspection, that there are certain ways of being and thinking that no longer (or perhaps never did) align with your heart and spirit. Let go of what doesn’t feel like yours, and reconnect with the truth that lives within. 

Tuesday 7/9 – Blue Heron - Get still today. Whether it’s for five minutes, half an hour, or the full day, taking some time to step away from the bustle of every day life and the many sources of stimulation that we are so often immersed in can offer a powerful opportunity to tune into parts of ourselves that often go unnoticed and unattended to. It’s in this space that we often find the answers we’ve been seeking and the wisdom that will guide us to our next right step. It’s simple, but not always easy, so be gentle with yourself and start small if you need to. Even simply pausing and placing your hand on your heart to feel the rise and fall of your chest for a few moments can make a big difference in how you move through the rest of your day.

Wednesday 7/10 – Opossum  – If you’ve been finding yourself repeatedly running into a wall, either in conflict with someone else or in dealing with a problem you’re trying to solve on your own, your best bet right now is to step away and give the issue some breathing room. If you can manage to go do something fun that makes you laugh and really takes your mind off of anything that’s troubling you--even better. It’s possible that the issue will resolve on its own while you’re doing other things and even if it doesn’t, a fresh and more relaxed perspective will help you address whatever comes up from a much more calm and grounded place.

Thursday 7/11 – Mouse – Today’s a wonderful day for you to practice and hone your discernment skills. Approach everything that comes your way with a sense of curiosity and take the time to really feel into whether the opportunities that show up are truly in alignment with your values and personal vision. And don’t be afraid to ask questions! Whether you’re interviewing for a new job, searching for a new home, or considering bringing a new personal connection into your life, exploring whether it truly feels like a fit in the beginning will potentially save you a lot of frustration down the line.

Friday 7/12 – Turkey – When you’re feeling stuck or down about your current circumstances, one of the very best things you can do to shift the energy in your life is to step into service. Utilizing your unique skills and gifts to support others will remind you of your purpose in the world and may even open the door to some exciting new opportunities. Just make sure that whatever you do, you do it with heart. True service never comes from a place of “should” but from a place of love and generosity. Figure out where you have abundance in your life, and let that overflow lift up those around you. 

Saturday 7/13 – Salmon Reversed – What lights you up? What brings meaning to your life? If these are questions that you don’t have answers for then it’s time to reconnect with your heart and your intuition. Who did you want to be before the world told you who you “should” be? What kind of life would you create for yourself if you took everyone else’s judgements and expectations out of the equation? Spend time today tuning into that inner voice and allow it to guide you through your days. 

Sunday 7/14 – Dog Reversed – Radical authenticity and self-acceptance are the keys today. And every day really. It is only through showing up as our full selves that we are able to see with clarity what is meant for us and what is not. Yes, this is a vulnerable process that absolutely requires courage, but the rewards of living from a place of deep honesty are so sweet—the kind of true belonging and connection that can only come from unapologetic openness and honesty about who we are and what we are seeking out of life. So dig deep today and take the risk of sharing who you are with the world around you. Let anything that wants to go, go, and know that any losses only create space for more beauty to come pouring in.

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