Monday 6/24 – Snake Reversed  – So often we move through our days on auto-pilot, missing moment after moment that offers the opportunity to connect with the divine nature of our own existence and that of everything around us. The call here is to shift into a more intentional way of being, to acknowledge the sacred in even the most mundane experiences, and to choose to be present with the beauty in each moment. If you struggle with this, a simple place to start is by creating a ritual out of something you already do. You might choose to bless your food with loving, healing energy as you prepare it. Perhaps you cleanse your energy field along with your body during your shower or bath, releasing any stored experiences that feel heavy or no longer serve you. Even simply taking a few extra minutes in bed in the morning to be present with your breath and your spirit before you begin your day can have a profound impact on your life. Your practices don’t need to be flashy; what matters most is that they are carried out with genuine intention and heart.

Tuesday 6/25 – Crow - Bring extra attention today to your impact. Ask yourself if how you’re showing up in the world is truly in alignment with your values and the legacy you wish to leave when you’re no longer here in physical form. This isn’t about what everyone else things is “good” or “good enough”; it’s about knowing in your heart that the choices you make, from your habits as a consumer to the way you interact with others to the ways that you speak to yourself internally, are truly serving your wellbeing as well as that of the world around you. We are so much more interconnected with everything around us than we will likely ever know and when we keep that in mind, it becomes much clearer that moving through the world kindly and gently creates peace both within and without.

Wednesday 6/26 – Badger  – There are times when we meet resistance and it’s a sign that we should back off, but this is not the message for today. Today calls for a relentless spirit and digging deep. The night is always darkest right before the dawn and you may be on the verge of a breakthrough. Ultimately, trust yourself and your inner knowing about if and when you should pull the plug, but if your heart is really in a goal and you’re questioning whether to continue on or to turn back, considering continuing to feel into your edge just a bit more, as gently as you need to. This will ensure that, no matter what you choose, you can know that you gave it your all.

Thursday 6/27 – Armadillo Reversed – If you find yourself struggling to set clear boundaries with others today or you’re feeling tempted to minimize your needs in order to avoid disappointing or upsetting someone else, remember that by honoring yourself, you implicitly give others permission to do the same. You may even be modeling a form of self-care that is entirely new to them and what a gift that could be, so don’t be afraid to set firm, but kind boundaries and let other people take care of themselves around that however they need to as well.

Friday 6/28 – Alligator – When was the last time you really celebrated yourself? So many of us hold conscious or unconscious beliefs around acknowledging and honoring our own accomplishments as signifying vanity or self-absorption and nothing could be further from the truth. Taking time to reflect on and celebrate challenges we’ve overcome and  goals we’ve met offers a beautiful opportunity to integrate all of the learning and growth that came out of these experiences so that we can carry it forward and share it with others. It’s also only when we allow ourselves to fully receive acknowledgment that we are able to truly offer it to others. So take some time today to reflect on all the ways you’re proud of yourself and be as generous with the self love as you would if you were lavishing that love on someone else.

Saturday 6/29 – Butterfly Reversed – Healthy growth requires a willingness to be present with what is. If we are holding on to the past or clinging to our comfort zones we can’t move forward. If we are trying to skip ahead into a future that hasn’t come to be yet, we miss the steps that prepare us to be able to navigate and sustain our own expansion. Embrace what is present for you in this very moment, both the good and the bad, as if you wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else. Once you’re able to do that, you’ll receive exactly what you need to step into the next phase.

Sunday 6/30 – Horse – Each and every one of us is a living, breathing embodiment of Spirit with massive creative potential. Being aware of this is the essence of empowerment and reminds us of the importance of being intentional about how we choose to channel and direct our precious life force energy. If you knew you could create anything, what would you create? Let the answer to that question inspire and guide your choices today, and if the answer isn’t immediately clear, don’t be afraid to ask Spirit/the cosmos/God/Goddess or whatever name you give to the source of all life to send you a clear message about your purpose. You existence is not an accident. Your work is to find out what gift you have to share with the world and then to share it as generously as possible.

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