Monday 6/17 – Bear  – We can seek out teacher after teacher and pour over texts searching for insight and wisdom, but the greatest enlightenment is always found through the journey inward. Take time today to explore the deepest caverns of your inner world. Hold what you find gently. And when it’s time to re-emerge, remember that your vulnerability and trust is a privilege to receive, so be discerning about who you choose to share it with.

Tuesday 6/18 – Armadillo Reversed - If our boundaries are too soft then we risk abandoning our needs, but if they are too rigid, we block ourselves from connection with others and the growth that can come from being in relationship. The key is to find the sweet spot in between and to stay flexible enough to pivot and shift as needed since our boundaries should be as dynamic as both our own growth processes and our ever-evolving relationships. Check in with yourself today. Are there places you can give a little? Or are there places where you need to draw clearer lines? And don’t forget that these questions apply just as much to your relationship with yourself as they do to your relationships with others.

Wednesday 6/19 – Rabbit  – How we relate to our fears also benefits from a balanced approach. Completely disregarding our experience when something triggers overwhelm, worry, or anxiety is a recipe for trouble. Often, our bodies will speak to us in louder and more exaggerated ways until we listen, so it’s best not to wait until we have health issues, physical or mental, before we respond. On the other hand, when we let fear run the show we lose our ability to see and respond to what’s coming up with clarity and groundedness. To release your fears you must hold them with compassion, honor the child within, and encourage him or her to move forward, at their own pace, with loving support.

Thursday 6/20 – Elk – Be very mindful about the commitments you make today, particularly if you know you’re prone to overextending yourself. Your “yes” is only valuable  when you are fully capable of saying “no” to things that are not in alignment with you, and this includes things that you simply don’t have the energy or time for at this moment. Take the time to be honest with yourself about whether or not you can and/or want to do something and then let that awareness guide your choices.

Friday 6/21 – Alligator Reversed – When we react impulsively, we give up our ability to make intentional choices. When we create space to pause, take in our external circumstances as well as our internal experiences, and then respond according to our values and who we wish to be in the world, we empower ourselves. No matter how tempted you are to offer a snap reaction to something today, take a beat, and maybe a deep breath or two, and get clear about what is most important to you. You may even find that no response is the best response for now.

Saturday 6/22 – Beaver Reversed – It doesn’t matter how hard you work towards something if you’re engaging in behaviors that counter all of your efforts. Take a good look at your goals today as well as any ways that you might be “leaking energy” or working against your best interests. If you see a strong pattern of self-sabotage, it might be worth doing some inner work to see if there are underlying self-worth issues at play or if your goals are perhaps not in true alignment with your heart’s deepest desires. If they’re driven by ego, then consider letting them go and setting your sights on a vision that feels more true to you. If you know, however, that your goals truly light you up, a little (tough) self-love in the form of discipline might be in order.

Sunday 6/23 – Weasel Reversed – Every relationship involves some form of exchange, and in healthy relationships, agreements about what that exchange looks like for both parties are clear, even if they aren’t spoken. When we manipulate or operate with ulterior motives, we open the door to unnecessary miscommunication, disappointment, and issues around trust. Save yourself the trouble and be transparent about what you’re seeking from others today. If someone can’t meet you where you’d like them to, wish them well and let them continue on with their journey. You’ll find whatever it is that you’re looking for in another more aligned soul or maybe even within yourself.

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