Monday 5/6 – Alligator – Slow it down today. Don’t be afraid to take a beat, or multiple beats, so that you can choose your response intentionally rather than simply reacting from an unconscious place. If you can remain in observer mode today, and wait until tomorrow to make a decision on anything major, all the better. You may find that if you spend a little more time digesting the situation at hand, new information will come forward and knowledge is power, as they say. Either way, make sure that you are taking time to consider and integrate every perspective before you make any big moves today.

Tuesday 5/7 – Elk Reversed  - Have you been feeling the burn of Spring fever lately? As exciting as the shift from Spring to Summer can be with festival seasons and longer days full of more warmth and light, it’s important to still carve out time for deep rest. If you have to, block out time in your calendar for proper sleep and unscheduled downtime to curb the temptation to burn the candle at both ends. Even enjoyable activities can run down our energy reserves if we aren’t mindful of maintaining balance, so practice checking in with yourself (and maybe your calendar, too) to see if you actually have the bandwidth for a commitment before you send in your RSVP.

Wednesday 5/8 – Bat  – Shifts are underway today and this is a wonderful thing! Embrace the changes that are taking place in your life as if you had prayed for them and release anything that doesn’t support your growth and fullest light. Trust that you are more than capable of meeting anything that comes your way and that anything that is removed from your life is only creating space for things that are more fully aligned with with who you are and who you are becoming.

Thursday 5/9 – Squirrel Reversed – You get to choose your perspective and how you want to frame your own experiences and this is especially important to remember when we fall into the trap of “not enoughness”. If you’ve been feeling a sense of lack in any area of your life, whether that’s externally or internally, challenge yourself to be a hunter for what is good and beautiful and going right in your life. If you can find even one thing that you are truly grateful for, immerse yourself in the tenderness and fulfillment that you receive from that experience. It is a simple practice, but a powerful one when it comes to shifting out of lack and negativity and into a place of fulfillment and joy.  

Friday 5/10 – Beaver Reversed – Are you protecting your investments--financially, of course, but just as importantly, your time and energy? So often, we set out goals and work towards them, but quietly engage in habits and activities that are counterproductive. A question to ask yourself today (and really, every day) as you make choices about how you spend your time, energy, and money is: Does this support the life I’m trying to create? Bringing that awareness to each of your choices can help you get clearer around places where you might be leaking energy and what shifts you might want to make in order to bring your life into greater alignment with your goals and values.

Saturday 5/11 – Prairie Dog – Invest in rest today, and not just time away from work, but truly deep restoration. Sleep in or take a nap midday. Spend the afternoon alone, with a journal, out in nature and unplugged from screens, or in meditation. Create a DIY spa treatment at home with a long soak in an epsom salt bath and then massage oils or body butter into your skin, really spending time loving up every inch of your body. Make yourself a nourishing meal and eat it in silence, slowly savoring every bite. Self care doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy; more than anything, it’s about the intention you infuse into your practices and the space you create to be truly present with yourself.

Sunday 5/12 – Spider – Close out the weekend with creativity! Dance, paint, write, sing, craft--just whatever you do, do it with joy, a sense of playfulness, and a focus on the process rather than on the end product. In fact, you might even try setting the intention to be sloppy and make a mess just to release yourself from any underlying drive towards perfectionism. If you allow it, your creative practice can be one of deep healing and release as well as a wonderful way to connect with your inner child and the sweet desires of your spirit. So find a medium that speaks to you, and dive in!

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