Monday 5/13 – Mouse Reversed  – You may be presented with some big opportunities or decisions today and, no matter how enticing something might seem at first glance, take a beat before you respond. This will allow you to check in with your body and your more subtle senses, as well as any additional cues or information from your environment, so that you can be sure that you know what you’re committing to and that it truly feels right in your bones. If you feel any hesitance or something seems a bit off, you might consider passing on the opportunity for the time being or at the very least, taking some additional time to examine your options.

Tuesday 5/14 – Coyote  - Learning to laugh at yourself is one of the greatest skills you can master and you may have an opportunity to get some practice in doing just that today. If you find yourself in challenging circumstances or entangled in a frustrating interaction, try to remember that none of us are getting out of this life alive and that being self-righteous or taking yourself too seriously only robs you of ease, joy, and connection in these precious and limited days. Make things easier on yourself by breathing through any tension and doing your best to adopt a more light-hearted approach to anything that comes your way.

Wednesday 5/15 – Antelope  – There are moments to wait and plan and prepare, and then there are moments to simply jump into action. Today calls for the latter so take the first step towards whatever it is that you wish to create. Don’t allow perfectionism or indecisiveness to paralyze you any longer. You can learn as you go and you will! Focus on the process, allow it to be a playful one, and before you know it, you’ll be checking off milestones. The sooner you start working towards your dreams, the faster you’ll see them come to life!

Thursday 5/16 – Alligator – Life can go by so quickly sometimes that we can breeze right past major transitions, lessons, and accomplishments if we don’t intentionally take the time to honor our journeys. Give yourself that gift today by reflecting on all that you’ve come through in recent weeks and months. Celebrate your successes. Find the gifts that came out of the struggles. Acknowledge yourself for how far you’ve come. You may find that there are new layers of insight and growth that you can glean now that you have the additional perspective that time and distance from experiences can often offer. It is through integrating these lessons that we learn to soften, to trust ourselves, and to embrace the contrast that is inherent in the human experience.

Friday 5/17 – Raven Reversed – If you want to see magic, you have to open your eyes and heart to it. Have you forgotten the wonder and awe you felt as a child over the simplest things? Create space to drop back into that childlike state by doing things that spark your curiosity or humble you. This could be anything from spending time in nature and observing the complex dance of life all around you to learning about a new topic that has always fascinated you. Allow yourself to remember how miraculous this life truly is and let that awareness light you up with a sense of possibility and joy.

Saturday 5/18 – Elk – Pace yourself today, particularly if you’ve been feeling run down or if you know you’ve got any big projects on the horizon. As tempting as it can be to fill our weekends with social engagements and exciting activities, sometimes what’s needed most is proper down time and relaxation. If you really feel like you need to make an appearance somewhere, set up an early exit plan for yourself beforehand that way you don’t overstay and push past your own limits. You’ll thank yourself later on for practicing a little extra self-care in the form of setting boundaries both with yourself and with others.

Sunday 5/19 – Dragonfly – As much as many of us would love to believe we have it all figured out, the truth is that none of us really do. We’re all viewing life through our own unique lens which is very much shaped by our upbringings, the culture that we’re steeped in, life experiences, and biological differences that shape our perception. Don’t be afraid to question your beliefs and what you think you know. In fact, you can even make a game out of being the devil’s advocate in your own mind. Asking yourself if your thoughts are absolutely true is a wonderful way to expand your mind and your worldview and can even support your ability to find creative solutions!

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