Monday 4/8 – Lynx – With intuitive gifts come responsibility. It is not always helpful or appropriate to share every vision, premonition, or download we receive, particularly if it pertains to the inner world or destiny of another. Trust that whatever information you’re picking up on is just as much, if not more so, a message about and for you as it is for others. Focus on how your intuitive hits might guide and inform your own life and choices, and leave others to find their own way in their own time.  

Tuesday 4/9 – Blue Heron Reversed  - Wading through the watery depths of our inner world is a valuable undertaking, but make sure that you are actually connecting with the feelings that come up rather than simply intellectualizing them. Allow yourself to be with the abstract, hard-to-name experiences without needing to categorize them or tie them up into a nice, neat little package. If you want to know if you’ve truly integrated the lessons and growth you’ve been working towards, go out into the world and connect with others. Relationships are some of the greatest mirrors for where we have healed and where we still have work to do.

Wednesday 4/10 – Badger Reversed  – Watch out for falling into aggressive energies today like reactivity, defensiveness, and reckless uses of power. Anger is healthy, but it must be transmuted if it is going to be constructive. Take deep breaths. Ground by spending time outside and/or placing your bare feet on the floor or, ideally, the earth. Channel your intensity into creative outlets like writing, painting, or movement. Remember that true power is in being able to choose how you respond to life, rather than reacting out of unconscious programming that rarely ever serves.

Thursday 4/11 – Otter – Tap into the gifts of feminine energy today. Receptivity, open-heartedness, creativity, emotion, connection, expression, and intuition. We all have the capacity to embody these qualities no matter how we identify and, in fact, we must, to a certain extent, if we want to achieve a healthy and balanced spirit. If this softer, more abstract way of being feels way outside of your comfort zone, play at the edge and test out new approaches and perspectives. If nothing else, you will have gained a little more self-awareness, which certainly never hurts.  

Friday 4/12 – Swan – Have you ever had an experience in which you felt that you were supported by unseen forces or something greater than yourself? If so, then you know first hand what it is to be touched by Grace. It may have been something momentous or perhaps it was subtle and fleeting, but chances are, you weren’t the same afterwards. Open yourself up to wonder and awe today. Make space for the possibility that you are part of something so much bigger than you could ever fathom. Allow yourself to believe in magic and you just might start to see it all around you.

Saturday 4/13 – Weasel Reversed – Even the most seemingly innocent forms of manipulation are still a setup for getting tangled up in icky energy. Stay above board today and if you want something from someone, just be direct and ask. Your request may be met or denied, but the sense of integrity that you cultivate by honoring others’ free will and refraining from using  trickery or mind games for personal gain will be well worth it. Besides, anything you can lose from being honest is something you never truly had to begin with.

Sunday 4/14 – Lizard – Dare to dream today. Allow yourself to weave the boldest, most beautiful visions of your life you can possibly imagine. Don’t worry about what’s realistic or not, but instead focus on the feelings and types of experiences that show up when you imagine your perfect day or week or year. Even if you don’t create exactly what you dreamt up, you’ll be working towards and in alignment with a frequency that feels most authentic and nourishing to you, and that approach will always land you exactly where you need to be.

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