Monday 4/1 – Butterfly Reversed – We are all constantly undergoing cycles of transformation and, as part of this process, we must also undergo destruction to a certain extent. The caterpillar doesn’t know that it is on its way to becoming a butterfly when it wraps itself up in a chrysalis and begins to completely break down into something completely unrecognizable. It is only relying on instinct. A call that is so compelling that it can’t be resisted. We too hear these calls from our hearts and souls, and sometimes, the journey we must go on to answer that call involves surrendering, allowing ourselves to unravel, and then embracing the process of becoming something entirely new. This requires courage and a faith in your own inner knowing. Today you have the choice. Remain as the caterpillar and stay comfortably on the ground. Or answer the call, allow yourself to dissolve and disintegrate, and release anything that might be holding you back, so that you can emerge with wings. What will you choose?

Tuesday 4/2 – Elk Reversed  - It can feel safer to hide out and not share who you are fully and authentically, but, while that might protect you from rejection, it keeps you from ever really feeling a sense of true belonging. Share your voice, your message, and your unique way of seeing the world bravely. Allow people to truly see who you are and let the chips fall where they may. Your authenticity is the best litmus test for who is meant for you and who is not. Let those who don’t resonate with you go with nothing but love in your heart so that your energy and attention can be reserved for those with whom you can connect in a much deeper and more nourishing way. And the more you put yourself out there, the more your people will be able to find you. So no more playing small or muting your frequency. Shine brightly and true.

Wednesday 4/3 – Lizard Reversed  – Your dreams are not frivolous. They are some of the greatest clues to your deepest desires and your soul’s purpose, so do your best to make proper space for them to come through. Be sure to get proper rest, eat nourishing foods, and release unnecessary sources of stress from your life. Your body is the vessel through which you connect to your intuition so taking care of it is one of the most potent ways to open yourself up to receive the wisdom it holds. You might also want to set aside some time to be alone and, if possible, to drop into a meditative practice. It’s in stillness and quiet that we are often most able to hear the whispers of our hearts.

Thursday 4/4 – Crow – We can’t live in the light without casting a shadow and it is so absolutely vital that we accept and acknowledge this truth. Every quality we have, both the ones that we deem as “good” and the ones we deem as “bad”, is a double-sided coin. Today we are being called to look at the parts of ourselves that we struggle to accept, to explore them with curiosity, and to uncover their gifts. It is only through compassionate self-acceptance that we are able to bring the parts of ourselves that we find challenging into the light and integrate them in a way that can serve both our own healing and that of the world.

Friday 4/5 – Otter Reversed – We all carry feminine and masculine energies and the message today is about embodying the gifts of femininity in a healthy way. This means cultivating our capacities for being receptive, open-hearted, intuitive, expressive, creative, and patient. We are being asked to soften and to allow ourselves to surrender more fully into loving connection with others. If you find yourself tempted to act out in petty, jealous, or aggressive ways today, place your hand on your heart, breathe deeply into that tender place in your chest, and ask yourself how you can meet the moment or circumstances at hand from a place of love.

Saturday 4/6 – Squirrel Reversed – The art of preparation is a delicate one and finding the balance between being lackadaisical and being neurotic can take some finesse sometimes. Ask yourself where you’re landing on that spectrum today and adjust accordingly. Could you put a little more care and energy into laying the foundation for the things you’re wishing to create in your life or is it time to practice surrendering and invite in a little more flexibility and flow? What resources do you really need to carry you through the season ahead and what can you let go of to make room for expansion? Our needs are dynamic and ever-changing so taking regular inventories of what is truly serving and adding joy to our lives (and releasing anything that isn’t) can help us live in authentic alignment with our values and visions.

Sunday 4/7 – Frog Reversed – If you’ve been thinking about doing a Spring detox, now’s the time! And don’t limit it only to your dietary choices; we are constantly consuming things with our minds, bodies, and spirits and it’s important to cleanse each aspect of our beings regularly to avoid accumulating toxic, stagnant, or blocked energies. Whether you choose to reboot your eating habits, take some time away from the digital world, or explore practices that help you move and release energy, take good care of yourself along the way. It’s common to experiencing a little detox hangover or discomfort when changing our habits and some extra self care can help you stay the course so you that can come out on the other side feeling lighter, more radiant, and healthier.

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