Monday 4/15 – Prairie Dog - Take some time out today and really nourish yourself in the most gentle ways possible. Avoid the tendency to fill up every minute of your free time with activities, no matter how many exciting or fun opportunities come your way. Truly deep restoration requires quiet, stillness, and space for yourself. It’s important to take time every once in a while to do a full reboot in order to keep all your systems running smoothly so, whether it’s for half an hour or the full day, go ahead and fully unplug.

Tuesday 4/16 – Bear - The softer energies continue today and the messages coming forward are around dropping into a place of introspection. There may be a need to be present with parts of yourself that you don’t often tend to, either out of over-busyness or maybe even a little bit of fear. There is nothing inside of you that you cannot face. Connect with your heart center, take a deep breath, and then bravely meet the parts of yourself that are waiting to be seen, acknowledged, and loved up.

Wednesday 4/17 – Raccoon - Don’t underestimate your ability to offer healing and support to those around you. The beauty in navigating challenging circumstances is being able to one day turn around and offer guidance and encouragement for others struggling with similar things. What have you come through? What have you conquered in your precious lifetime? Is there anyone around you who might benefit from the wisdom you’ve gleaned across these experiences? If so, be generous of spirit today and offer whatever support you can.

Thursday 4/18 – Swan Reversed – Grace requires embodiment; there’s really no way around that. How can we move with ease and harmony if we are disconnected from our bodies, our hearts, or our spirits? Inhabit yourself fully. Drop into the truth of who you are and let that shine out of your every pore. Anyone who is repelled by your light was never meant for you and the ones that are meant for you will flock to your energy like a beacon. This goes for opportunities as well, so do your best to let go of any tendencies to try to be anything other than who you truly are, and let that clarity simplify your life in the most incredible ways.

Friday 4/19 – Crow – In order to stand fully in our own light we have to be willing to embrace our own shadow as well, and the key to doing that effectively is first rooting deeply in compassion and self love. A little light-heartedness never hurts either. We can hold our challenges, our shortcomings, and the places where we still have lots of work to do with gentleness. In fact, to create true and deep healing, it’s absolutely necessary. Once you’re able to laugh, feel tenderness, and an opening to growth and expansion, rather than shame and contraction, you’ll know that you’re on your way to freedom.

Saturday 4/20 – Armadillo – Life and our needs are ever-changing so our boundaries must be dynamic as well. What worked for you two years ago or last month or yesterday, may no longer work for you today. Check in. Are there places where you can be more flexible? Are there boundaries that you’re finding to be too soft? This process is just as much about the boundaries you set with yourself as it is about the boundaries you express to others. And the key word in that sentence is “express”. People aren’t mind-readers so if you want them to honor your needs, you must first make sure that you’ve been clear about what they are.

Sunday 4/21 – Wolf Reversed – Don’t get sucked into the trap of thinking you have nothing left to learn or that no one else can offer you insights or wisdom. Absolutely everyone and everything can be your teacher if you only open yourself up to receive their unique perspectives and gifts. Children. Animals. Plants. Loved ones. Experiences. Even people and circumstances that we might wish desperately to be rid of hold a treasure. Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to find it by remaining closed in your heart and/or mind. Live in a state of curiosity and you’ll find that there’s something new to learn absolutely every single day.

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