Monday 4/22 – Moose - Healthy self esteem is the foundation for a healthy life, from the types of relationships we choose, to how we treat our bodies, and everything in between. And it’s not just about loving the parts of ourselves that we believe to be “good” or “acceptable”, but about embracing all of who we are, both the light and the shadow. What parts of yourself do you tend to hide away or minimize for fear of being rejected or judged? We make room for true acceptance and belonging when we share ourselves vulnerably, so be brave and let it hang out a little today. When you’re proud of the person you are, you won’t need anyone else to validate your worthiness.

Tuesday 4/23 – Otter Reversed - Expressiveness. Creativity. Flow. Interdepence. Patience. Empathy. Receptivity. These are the gifts of the feminine and qualities that all of us, no matter how we identify, can celebrate and honor. Which of these gifts do you have room to cultivate within yourself and in your life? How can you honor these qualities in those around you? Where can you listen more deeply, without a need to fix or solve? Are there places you can soften and make more space for tenderness? In what relationships could you express your love more openly? These are questions worth sitting with today.

Wednesday 4/24 – Snake - Life isn’t so much about what you’ve got as it is about what you do with what you’ve got. Our greatest struggles hold the possibility for the deepest healing, not only for yourself but for others as well. See if you can turn your problems or complaints into purpose today. Channel and release any difficult emotions into art, a passion project, or (a) movement. This will help you shift into a more empowered perspective at the very least and may even yield some unexpected solutions to the issues at hand. The key here is to ground any overwhelming energies first so that you’re taking action from a clear and aligned place.

Thursday 4/25 – Beaver – If there’s something you’re wanting to build then you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work. You can have a magnificent vision, but without action, it’s only a wistful dream. If you’re struggling to motivate, maybe it’s time to ask yourself where you’re leaking energy. Are you participating in relationship dynamics that leave you drained or whiling away the hours aimlessly scrolling social media seeking a fulfillment that might be better found in more meaningful pursuits? No need to be hard on yourself, as perfectionism and self-criticism are also sneaky ways to avoid stepping into our purpose. Simply get clear about what you value most and let your choices reflect that.

Friday 4/26 – Hawk Reversed – Both your environment and your body are speaking to you all the time. Are you listening? If you’re staying so busy that you never have a moment of stillness or you’re constantly projecting your fears onto the future, it can be challenging to connect with your intuition and the signs and synchronicities that are presenting themselves. Slow down. Breathe. Ground. Come back into your body so that you can be more available to receive intuitive messages. There’s no better source of guidance than your own vessel with all of its unique gifts and senses, so tune into it, listen closely, and then honor its wisdom.

Saturday 4/27 – Dolphin – When you’re feeling disconnected, uncertain, or frazzled, you can always come back to your breath. It is the purest manifestation of life force, along with your tender beating heart, and both move in rhythm with all of nature. If you’re chest is tight and breathing deeply feels challenging, then you know it’s time to play, to connect with nature, and to engage in experiences that offer you an opportunity to bring your full presence to the moment at hand. Fill your heart up, so that you can remember what a gift this life truly is.

Sunday 4/28 – Black Panther – There is so little in this life that we have any real control over and we have to choose whether we respond to that truth with anxiety and fear or with joy and trust. Which will you choose today? Can you embody the belief that life is happening for you instead of to you? Even if things don’t appear to be going your way? Life is so very full of surprises and unexpected gifts and even the most frustrating or painful detours often ultimately land us on the doorstep of something truly wonderful. Look for the lessons and growth in every circumstance that you’re handed and keep your heart open to the possibility of beauty and magic. Let go of how you thought things should be and you might just find yourself in a full embrace of what actually is.

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