Monday 3/18 – Bat Reversed – Sometimes we are evolving in ways that we aren’t even fully aware of. We don’t notice until we begin to find that our comfort zones aren’t feeling so comfortable anymore. That group of friends we’ve had forever don’t feel uplifting or expansive to us any longer. That job that you were so excited about all those years back starts to leave you uninspired and checked out. The routines that have been just fine for years don’t seem to be doing the trick anymore. You might almost miss the shift if you weren’t paying attention. And this is exactly why it’s important that you do pay attention. Take an inventory of your life, across all areas. Ask yourself what’s working, what isn’t, and what changes or shifts you can embrace to support your evolution into your highest and best self.

Tuesday 3/19 – Dolphin  - It can be easy to forget that we are nature, just as much as the flowers and the rocks and the animals. The energy that causes buds to burst into blossoms and the tides to ebb and flow is the very same as the one that causes your heart to beat, minute after minute, day after day. This life force is nothing short of miraculous, and yet, how often to we even notice it let alone honor it? Create a little space today to connect with your breath, with your heart, and with nature, outside of you, but within as well. Allow yourself to be dropped into awe at the magic of your own body and the innumerable amount of coincidences, or divine synchronicities depending on how you choose to view it, that brought you here to this very moment. Allow yourself to be bathed in the beauty of that, even if only for a few moments today. All the better if you can make a habit out of living in that place.

Wednesday 3/20 – Eagle Reversed  – At one point or another, each of us must confront a crisis of confidence, whether in ourselves or in something greater. As disconcerting as it can be to look around and question something you were certain of, something that felt grounding, this process is vital for ensuring that your foundation is built on truly solid ground. It’s only once we’ve done a critical assessment of our belief systems that we are able to find the holes and then seek out the information or experiences we need to cultivate a deeper sense of wisdom and faith. If you feel like you’re really being tested right now, ask what lessons are present in your current circumstances. Our greatest challenges can usher in some of the richest opportunities for growth.

Thursday 3/21 – Prairie Dog – Our modern culture is highly achievement focused and encourages us to stay on the go and focused almost constantly. Even our time away from working hard is supposed to be taken up with playing even harder, but every creature needs down time in some form or another. For restoration. To integrate. To uncover those quiet parts of our experience that only come forward in moments of deep stillness. Create some space for that today, whether that’s a five minute meditation or a full day spent in the wilderness with nothing but the sounds of nature and your own breath. You can get back into the hustle tomorrow, but for today, allow yourself to take life a little slower.

Friday 3/22 – Badger Reversed – Watch out for falling into the trap of becoming overly aggressive today, not only in interactions with others, but in the way you treat yourself as well. You can’t bully yourself into wellness, whether that’s physical, mental, or emotional, so be mindful of the energy with which you approach your goals, personal practices, and self care. Even “healthy” activities, like eating cleanly or exercise, can become toxic if we carry them out with an energy of self-punishment or self-loathing. Check in with your thoughts and your heart to make sure that everything you do, you do from a place of self-love and compassion. As your cultivate this capacity for yourself, you’ll find that holding others with that same gentleness will come so much more easily.

Saturday 3/23 – Black Panther Reversed – If you’ve been coming up against fears around the future, it’s time to stop focusing on what could go wrong and start envisioning what could go right. Yes, there may be challenges on the horizon, and no, you may not surmount every single one with ease, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rise to the occasion with a sense of playfulness and adventure. What’s far more important than the circumstances in front of you is the attitude you bring to them. Life can be a game if you choose to look at it as such. Celebrate your wins. Learn from your losses. And always do your best to find the joy in every situation because that’s where true empowerment lies.

Sunday 3/24 – Armadillo Reversed – Boundary medicine is coming in strong today so spend a little time feeling into whether or not yours are in the right place, if any adjustments need to be made in how you’re expressing them to others, and also how you’re holding space for others to communicate their boundaries with you. Make an extra effort today to let people around you know that their boundaries matter to you and consider even having an open dialogue around how you can each honor one another’s boundaries more compassionately. This isn’t about becoming more rigid or guarded. It’s about creating an opportunity to develop deeper intimacy through being authentic and open about what makes us feel safe and most loved in relationships.

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