Monday 3/11 – Frog Reversed – As we move into a new week and a new season (hello, longer, warmer days), it’s time to shed any stagnation or excess that we’ve accumulated throughout the slower winter months. This can happen on a variety of levels--detoxing the mind through meditation, time away from screens, and intentional release of stories that no longer serve, cleansing the body through dietary shifts, sweating, either from movement or sauna sessions, and clearing heavy energy from your spirit through breathwork, time in nature, and proper doses of downtime and play. Whatever you need to do to meet this next chapter of your life feeling renewed, vibrant, and healthy, do it!

Tuesday 3/12 – Porcupine Reversed  - Never underestimate the power of a light spirit! Yes, life can be fraught with challenges and obstacles, but when we tense againsts these experiences and respond with bitterness, anger, or a closed heart, our struggles are only multiplied. Approach life with curiosity, a sense of wonder, a willingness to let the little things go, and a commitment to staying tender, even in the midst of the fire, and you will be so much more open to receive the beauty and growth that is available to you in each and every moment. If you are having an incredibly hard time finding this perspective, go in search of laughter. It is some of the simplest and most profound medicine and will bring you back to the inherent joy that is your birthright, if you let it.

Wednesday 3/13 – Wild Boar – Sometimes confrontation is unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you have to approach it with aggressiveness or a lack of compassion. Do your best to make sure that any conflict you are navigating has a productive outcome rather than a destructive one, and start by creating space for both sides to feel seen, heard, and valued. You can honor and uphold your own needs and boundaries, while being kind. The key is to focus more on coming from a place of self-love and directness, than from one of judgment and passivity, which can often lead to a build up of resentment and much bigger blow-outs down the road. Say what you need to say, create space for the other party to take in your perspective, and then do your best to not take the response personally, but as information on how to proceed.

Thursday 3/14 – Mouse  – With Mercury in the midst of its retrograde transit, it’s especially important to pay close attention to the details. Of your day-to-day habits. Of the words you choose. And most definitely of any contracts or agreements you are considering signing. Take a personal inventory of all of the areas of your life, from work to home to relationships to self care practices, and assess for places where you may be leaking energy or working against yourself. Some tiny tweaks could mean the difference between spinning your wheels and actually bringing your dreams and visions to life.

Friday 3/15 – Turkey – Nothing attracts opportunities and abundance like a generous spirit and today is a beautiful day to cultivate that within yourself. Ask yourself where you might be able to be of service to those within your community, be that local or more globally. Sharing your time and money resources with those less fortunate can be a beautiful way to give back, but more than anything, it’s about the energy with which you move through the world. See if you can find even the smallest opportunities to uplift each person you encounter today so that they walk away with a sense o. You may find that some just how special they are. Some of that good energy you’re putting out into the world may even come back around and leave you feeling more abundant and grateful than you did at the outset of the day.

Saturday 3/16 – Bat Reversed – The only constant in this life is change and yet so many of us resist the shifts and evolutions that we inevitably must move through. If this is coming up for you today, first and foremost, know that you are not alone. That this is so very human. And also, that you are only being presented with the challenges at hand so that you can grow and step more fully into your power, gifts, and light. Ask yourself if you could simply embrace each moment as if you had chosen it, and then milk it for every bit of learning and healing you possibly can receive. You are stronger than you think and you’ve got what it takes to make it through to the gifts on the other side. Simply take it breath by breath, be as present as possible, and make the choice to view your circumstances as an adventure, even if they might also sometimes feel like an ordeal.

Sunday 3/17 – Jaguar Reversed – Your relationship to integrity is one of the strongest influences on what kind of frequency you are putting out in the world and what you are calling into your own life. You can talk about the visions you wish to manifest all day long, but if your actions aren’t backing up your words, you’re sending mixed messages ot the universe, and probably to everyone around you as well. It’s time to bring your life into alignment by making sure that it’s a vibrant embodiment of your values and an authentic expression of who you are and who you wish to become. Once you start walking your talk, you’ll begin to develop a deeper sense of trust in yourself and an ability to radiate the confidence of someone who is living from a place of empowerment. And there’s really nothing quite as magnetic as that.

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