Monday 3/4 – Coyote – Some say that the ones who we find most challenging to connect with are our greatest teachers, and today we are being called to embrace this possibility. If you find that there is someone in your sphere who seems to be testing you, pushing against your boundaries, or stirring up some tension for you internally, take a deep breath and then ask yourself what you can learn from this situation. Are parts of your own shadow being triggered? Have you been taking yourself too seriously? Is there room to be more flexible and forgiving with others? Once you’re able to view the dynamic from this perspective, you may find that there is less charge around it, that you are able to engage with much more ease, and you may even walk away with some powerful insights about yourself.

Tuesday 3/5 – Dog - All relationships involve some degree of exchange, and in order for a connection to be a healthy one, it’s important that the exchange is circular. This doesn’t mean that you have to be even-steven on everything or keep a tally of who does what for whom, but it is important to keep the energy flowing and one way of doing that is to offer support to the ones who have done so for you. Take some time today to give back, in whatever way you can, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Taking someone out for lunch is lovely, but maybe they’d be just as happy to receive some word-of-mouth support for a venture they’re trying to get off the ground, help with a home renovation task, or even just a safe place to sound off on some things that they’ve been struggling with. If you’re not sure how best to support them, ask. A little generosity of spirit can go a long way towards strengthening a connection.

Wednesday 3/6 – Lynx – “If you see something, say something” doesn’t apply when it comes to making commentary on other people’s lives and personal choices. For empaths and intuitives, this can be especially tricky as it can be oh so tempting to call people out on things that they may be trying to hide from others or even from themselves. In general, people confront the truth when they are ready and not a moment sooner so exercise some restraint today and hold your tongue. Particularly with Mercury in retrograde, even well-intentioned statements can come out the wrong way and cause more harm than good. If you really need to get it off your chest, write a letter to the person you’d like to have words with, burn it, and then send them prayers. They’ll receive the benefit of your energetic support much more than they would your attempts to guide them.

Thursday 3/7 – Armadillo – Healthy boundaries make for healthy relationships and the medicine coming forward today is all about checking in on what that looks like for you. What are your bottom lines and what are you absolutely not willing to tolerate? What do you need to feel safe, secure, and loved? And this doesn’t only apply to your relationships with others. Setting boundaries with yourself and being consistent about honoring them is foundational for your ability to do so with others. Are you able to make and keep commitments to yourself? If not, how can you expect others to show up in that way for you? Work from the inside out to create the conditions that support you in being the very best version of yourself. As you treat yourself more lovingly, you’ll notice that others follow suit and that you’ll be more able to lovingly release the ones who don’t.

Friday 3/8 – Crow – Watch out today for the tendency to think in absolutes about what is right and wrong. Sure, there are some universal codes of morality that most of us can agree on, but most of our day-to-day interactions and choices fall within a multitude of shades of grey. Our moralities can’t be constructed inside of a vacuum and should instead be informed by the many layers of context present in any given circumstance. If you find yourself clinging to judgment and feeling compelled to point a finger at another, it might be an indicator that you hold similar qualities in your shadow and have room to do some internal work around that particular issue. Focus on healing your own wounds and lead by example rather than by proselytizing.

Saturday 3/9 – Raccoon – Empowered people empower people and today may present you with an opportunity to do just that. If you see someone around you who seems to be struggling and feeling like the underdog, lend a little bit of your strength to them in the form of encouraging words, sharing from the overflow in areas where you’re feeling abundant, or offering some other form of support. Just make sure that you’re helping that person to tap into their own power rather than simply swooping in and saving the day, otherwise you may actually end up feeding into their sense of being a victim and creating a sense of dependence on you.

Sunday 3/10 – Beaver – Invest in the things you wish to build today. If you have any projects or ventures that are especially important to you, get a head start on your workload. With Mercury retrograde in play, things may take a little longer than expected and tech could end up being a little glitchy so you may really thank yourself in the week ahead for starting early. Also, be sure to back up all of your tech devices regularly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say, so protect your work by making sure it’s stored! This should have you starting off the new week tomorrow feeling more grounded and with a bit more breathing room should anything unexpected come up.

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