Monday 2/25 – Grouse Reversed – It can be easy to forget what a gift it is to get to live life in a human body. We can forget how magical our very own heartbeat is, the way our lungs expand and contract, all the systems inside of us that are constantly working to achieve homeostasis so that we can wake up and greet the day. Spend some time today reconnecting with the blessings of your physical form and express your gratitude by using what you’ve got. If you can run or dance or jump in the ocean, do it! If you can move your fingers across your own skin or simply feel the cool breeze or warm sunlight caress your body, let yourself soak that in. Our time here is limited, and the awareness of that can be a call to be more present with the beauty that’s right in front of us in this very moment, the only one we’re promised.

Tuesday 2/26 – Black Panther - The more that scientists study our planet and the universe, the more we see that absolutely everything is interconnected, moving in rhythm, a giant and unfathomably intricate cosmic dance. You don’t have to believe in a traditional idea of a god to see the divinity within that or to understand that you are playing your own tiny, but important part within the greater picture. Remember that today, when you encounter circumstances that leave you uncertain about your future or what your place is in this world. Trust yourself, your ability to meet whatever comes your way, and in the natural order that is guiding you through the seasons just as much as it is the plants and animals and elements.

Wednesday 2/27 – Swan Reversed – Sometimes to find a true sense of belonging, we have to first let go of the desire to fit in and that’s what’s called for today. You can’t uncover your own gifts if you’re too busy watching what everyone else is doing and getting mired in comparison mode. Get back in your own lane and while you’re there, start paying attention to what makes you unique because that is where your soul purpose lives. You’ll also be much more likely to attract in people and opportunities that truly align with and complement you once you start emitting your own authentic frequency, so go ahead and shine in the way that only you can.

Thursday 2/28 – Dragonfly Reversed – Release the illusion that your current perspective is the only way to view things or is Truth in an absolute sense. We all see the world and our experiences through unique filters or lenses that are created through the complex interplay of our upbringings, our biological makeup, social conditioning, and so many other more subtle influences. The goal isn’t to rid ourselves of this lens but to maintain an awareness of it and to consider the possibility of other perspectives being just as true or valid as our own. Open your mind and you may just find a well of creativity you’ve not tapped into previously, a heightened awareness of opportunities that are available to you, and the ability to connect more deeply with people who have ways of viewing the world that are refreshingly different than your own.

Friday 3/1 – Blue Heron – Our inner worlds are so vast; we rarely even scratch the surface of what lives within our hearts and minds. Creating time for stillness and reflection is vital if we want to develop an intimate relationship with our own spirit and today is an especially potent day to do so. If you struggle with sitting meditation, try a movement meditation like mindful walking or expressive free-form movement. Allow yourself to really drop into your own experience and be present as the layers come up, one by one. There’s no goal here other than to become more attuned to the quieter parts of your experience that may often get buried under the busyness and distractions of day to day life. There’s really no greater power than knowing yourself deeply, so empower yourself and spend some time exploring the wilderness within today.

Saturday 3/2 Bear – The call to go inward continues today. Nearly everything in nature has a season of dormancy even if only briefly or in a subtle way. Humans have created structures that allow us to continue our fast pace and outward focus on productivity even through the winter months, but that doesn’t mean our very nature doesn’t still call for a time of deep restoration. Our bodies undergo certain healing processes only when we allow ourselves to drop into the deepest stages of sleep and our hearts, minds, and spirits need regular periods of rest and quiet as well, so tend to your being today by taking time to get cozy, let go of the need to “do”, and simply just “be”.

Sunday 3/3 – Porcupine – Many of us don’t often think of vulnerability as a sign of strength but it absolutely requires courage, deep self-awareness, and an ability to set clear, but compassionate boundaries—none of which is for the faint of heart. And yet, without allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with others, we never experience the full beauty and power of true intimacy, one of the greatest gifts in this human experience. The one caveat here is that is important to be discerning when choosing to whom you offer up your tenderness. If you don’t have people in your life who you can trust with the softest parts of your heart, ask yourself why that is. If it is simply your own fear getting in the way of healing connections, it’s time to get brave. If you’ve chosen to surround yourself with people who don’t honor all of who you are, then it’s time to look at your own relationship with self-love, cultivate a connection to your intrinsic worth, and then find people who can reflect that back to you. And don’t forget that while this is deep work, it doesn’t have to be heavy. Laughter and play are some of the most powerful medicines on our healing journeys so be sure to engage in both regularly.

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