Monday 2/18 – Bat Reversed -  Transitions, especially ones we didn’t invite in, can bring up all sorts of things for many of us. Fear. Resistance. A desire to cling or control. But if we can relax into the shift and trust, even as the ground moves underneath our own feet, that we have the skills necessary to navigate whatever may come our way, we open ourselves up to more fully receive the gifts available to us, both throughout the process of change and on the other side of it as well. Accept the challenge. Rise to the occasion. And allow it to strengthen and purify you, like a sword, forged in fire.

Tuesday 2/19 – Mouse Reversed – The devil’s in the details today so whatever you do, be sure to be thorough. Double and triple check any important work, and take some time to make sure that all of your systems are in good order—from your home to your body to your work life. You might also consider doing a little spring cleaning while you’re at it, and again, that doesn’t have to be limited to your physical spaces. Removing anything extraneous, internally and externally, will allow you to get a clearer picture of what’s working, what isn’t, and what might need a little extra attention today.

Wednesday 2/20 – Spider Reversed – We all have creative energy that wants to be expressed in one way or another and it is absolutely vital that each of us finds healthy ways to outlet that energy, so that it doesn’t find its way out through less positive or potentially destructive/self-destructive means. If you haven’t found your unique form of expression, spend some time exploring today. Put pen to paper. Grab some paints and allow yourself to just play without any goal. Turn some music on and move your body. Sing. Build something. You might be surprised by not only what comes through you, but also by how much of a release you feel from these simple practices.

Thursday 2/21 – Lizard – Your dreams are not random, but are filled with clues to things that live within the caverns of your heart and mind. Pay attention today to where you go when your mind wanders or the images that come forward while you slumber. Notice if anything feels familiar, reminds you of an experience from the past, or leaves you with a strong emotional residue. And if you find yourself uncovering unmet desires or unattended to fears, then create some space to be present with what’s there. The more you learn about what lives in the depths of your soul, the more able you will be to create a life that is authentic and aligned.

Friday 2/22 – Ant Reversed – Patience is a virtue and one that requires practice for most of us. If you’re feeling frustrated or like your every move is being blocked today, try stepping away from your endeavor and allowing yourself enough space to reconnect with a sense of ease. You never know when a delay might actually be divinely orchestrated to redirect you to something that is even better, so hold room for that possibility today and take as many deep breaths as necessary to surrender into the pace that life seems to be guiding you towards.

Saturday 2/23 Beaver Reversed – Building things that are meaningful to you is an important part of creating a fulfilling life, but protecting what you create is important too. Have you been undoing your hard work lately by giving into forms of self-sabotage, big or small? If so, it’s time to address the unacknowledged feelings or needs that are driving those behaviors. How can you tend to your mind, body, and spirit so that you are less inclined to seek out hollow substitutes for nourishment? Once you find more effective ways of meeting your own needs and desires, you’ll find that everything around you will start to blossom much more fully.

Sunday 2/24 – Porcupine Reversed – Sure it’s important to be responsible and take care of business, but don’t “adult” so hard that you forget to find joy in the simple pleasures of life. The quickest antidote to overly heavy and serious energy is play and that’s exactly the medicine that is being called for today. Cut loose. Get silly. And leave your worries behind for a while. Whether you choose to do this solo or to enlist friends, make sure that you spend some time today engaged in activities that allow you to be fully present, creative, and authentic. Sometimes we even find the very best solutions to issues or problems we’ve been trying to work out when we step away for a bit, so consider your play time part of your productivity process if necessary.   

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