Monday 2/11 - Owl -  Be sure to use all of your senses today, especially your more subtle ones that you may not always tap into, because there may be more to a circumstance than you can see at first glance. Listen to your gut, the way your breath shifts, the tingles across your skin, and especially to the whispers in your heart. And then observe. The truth will reveal itself in time, and once it does, you’ll be better able to make a decision with full awareness of what is and is not in alignment for you.

Tuesday 2/12 - Lynx Reversed - Just because you see something in someone, doesn’t mean you always have to speak it. We are each navigating our own unique and mysterious karmic paths; by confronting someone with information they might not yet be ready to hear, no matter how truthful it may be, we risk interfering with healing processes that are vital for that person’s soul journey. Instead, offer tender support and a safe, non-judgemental space for people to explore and uncover their own beliefs and feelings about things. If and when they’re ready, they’ll invite you in to their process. Until then, stay in your own lane and redirect your energies towards your own inner work.

Wednesday 2/13 - Turkey Reversed - If you’ve been struggling with a case of the “not enoughs” lately, the solution may be to do the very thing that probably feels the most challenging--give more. Look around you and figure out the place where you do have abundance, as wealth comes in many forms. You can be rich in friendship, time freedom, humor, creativity, material resources, and so many other ways. Think outside of the box today about ways that you can share from your overflow and be of service to others. You might just find that practicing this spirit of generosity is the very key to moving beyond scarcity mentality and attracts more of what you truly need into your life.

Thursday 2/14 - Buffalo Reversed - Sometimes, before we can release ourselves from scarcity, mentally, emotionally, and physically, we have to heal the wounds the brought us there to begin with. This is deep work and requires incredible tenderness and compassion, but holds some of the greatest rewards if we’re willing to confront it. It looks like returning to the source of our beliefs that we are not worthy, of love, of wealth, of radiant wellness, and forgiving the ones that harmed us, with the knowledge that they were most likely only passing on wounds of their own. This forgiveness is not a passive process. It is one we undertake day after day, until we are free and able to honor and embody the divinity that lives within each of our hearts.

Friday 2/15 - Fox Reversed - While it’s generally a good practice to let your light shine brightly so that you can call in the experiences and people that are in alignment for you, today you’ll best be served by hanging back a little bit and practicing the art of blending in. There may be someone in your circle who is out of sorts and looking for a place to unload their frustration. You can avoid getting tangled up in their energy by laying low and refraining from calling a lot of attention to yourself. By tomorrow, they’ll most likely have worked through whatever was coming up for them, and you can take off your invisibility cloak without any concern over getting caught up in the crossfire of someone else’s inner battles.

Saturday 2/16 - Squirrel - Balance your play today with a healthy dose of practical self-care in the form of preparation for the week ahead. Getting your home in order, clean out those inboxes, and maybe even do some meal prep. These tasks may seem fairly simple and mundane, but they can go a long way towards helping you feel focused and supported in the week ahead, especially if something comes out of left field to derail your schedule. While you’re at it, it might also be a good time to do a little early-Spring cleaning in the form of a purge, Marie Kondo-style. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much certain things in our lives are weighing us down until we release them, and that goes for more than just material items. If it doesn’t bring you joy, it’s time to let it go.

Sunday 2/17 - Black Panther - One of the greatest acts of faith we can offer, is to step into the unknown with full trust. Today, that’s exactly what is being asked of us. Release any need to know the outcome or control the circumstances around you and greet each moment as if you had chosen it. If this is something you struggle with, as so many of us do, spend some time in a grounding practice, either through breath awareness meditation or connection with nature, to allow yourself to tap into the center of stillness that lives within each of us. From there you’ll be more able to remain present and open to whatever comes your way.

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