Monday 10/7 – Wolf  – If you open your eyes and heart to receive, absolutely everything can be your teacher today. From wise souls that cross your path, even for the briefest of moments, to challenging experiences and relationship dynamics. Approach everything with the curiosity of a child today and mine each moment for soul nourishment and growth. 

Tuesday 10/8 – Moose - Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn today. Better yet, be bold and celebrate your strengths and accomplishments with enthusiasm. Not only is it important for your own sense of self esteem, it will also remind others around you that it’s more than okay to let your light shine as brightly as it will. Just keep your feet on the ground and humility in your heart and your grounded confidence and self-love will lift everyone else right up with you.

Wednesday 10/9 – Bat – You’re moving into a new phase today in the way you feel about and approach life and the opportunities it brings you. This is a beautiful day to embrace changes, both external and internal, and to shed shed shed anything that’s been holding you back from becoming who you’ve always wanted to be. Letting go doesn’t always have to be a mournful experience. Sometimes it feels like freedom. Spread your wings fully today and soar.

Thursday 10/10 – Prairie Dog – We all need the occasional rest day here and there and today is a day to honor your body’s need to recharge. Curl up with blankets and a good book. Sip some soothing herbal teas. Take a nap or maybe two! Especially as we move through the height of cold season, taking time to have moments of external stillness allows our body’s internal healing processes to do their job and a little downtime today could be just the  support you need to stay on your A-game, physically and otherwise.

Friday 10/11 – Grouse  – It can be easy to take it for granted sometimes, but simply living in a human body is such a gift. Remind yourself of that today by really dropping into your sensory experience in whatever way feels good for you. Maybe that means taking in some beautiful sights or visual art. Perhaps it’s lying in a sun puddle or stopping to smell every fragrant flower you come across. For some of us, it looks like listening to music and letting the vibrations inspire movement, internally or externally. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, but make sure to celebrate the unique gifts your vessel offers you and allow those experiences to nourish your spirit on the deepest levels. 

Saturday 10/12 – Dog – Loyalty to our dearest ones is important, but it always has to begin with the ability to be loyal to ourselves. How can you more fully honor your heart today? Where can you listen more closely to your intuition and subtle senses and follow their requests? Is there an area of your life where there’s room to be even more authentic and true to yourself? These are the questions to ask today. It’s not about reaching some endpoint, but instead continuously checking in with that quiet inner voice and finding ways to show it that we are listening and that we care about its murmurings. 

Sunday 10/13 – Buffalo Reversed – If you’ve been feeling a sense of lack, ask Spirit to show you the beauty in your own life. We all go through times where we feel disconnected or struggle to feel gratitude. There’s no need to judge yourself for this, but letting these experiences crack us open is the path to reconnecting with the goodness that is present. Sometimes prayer is as simple as saying “guide me” and then waiting and doing your best to trust, even in your own uncertainty, that none of this is random. These moments, humbling as they can be, often bring us the greatest gifts of our lives. Don’t be afraid to let it all in.

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