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Monday 1/14 - Weasel - Sometimes it’s best to take up space, to make yourself seen, and to put your agenda right out on the table--but not today. As the week opens, tread softly and keep your eyes and ears open. People’s actions often give away much more than their words do and are certainly better indicators of what you can expect from them.  So, whether it’s in your business life or in personal relationships, observe keenly and keep big plans to yourself for the moment. You may decide to shift your course after gleaning a little more information about the motivations and capabilities of those around you.

Tuesday 1/15 - Hawk -  The call to stay observant continues, but today it’s more important to notice the synchronicities, uncanny occurrences, and especially unusual encounters with the animal, plant, and elemental kingdoms. Their messages might not be clear at first, but make note of what you see and experience and ask yourself if any of the symbols or events remind you of another time in your life, a person you’ve known, or a problem you’ve been trying to solve. Sometimes answers come to us in ways that don’t make logical sense, but you know the truth by the way it feels in your gut and in your chest. Trust your intuition today. If you have a feeling about something, follow it. The more you connect with your subtle senses, the more they’ll be able to offer you deeply aligned guidance.

Wednesday 1/16 - Deer - Soften, soften, soften, and then soften a little more. It can be so tempting to try to fight fire with fire, but usually that only results in greater destruction and more time spent in repair mode. If you are feeling confronted, offended, or attacked today, respond with love. This doesn’t mean you should ever accept abuse. But rather than push back or try to show someone how it feels to be hurt, remind yourself that anyone who is being unkind, hateful, or cold is coming from a deeply wounded place. Be the bigger person today by responding compassionately. Maybe that means letting someone know that you see their pain and refuse to contribute further to it even if it seems that they are baiting you to do just that. In some cases, the most loving thing we can do for everyone involved is simply walking away without holding the poison of hatred or bitterness in your heart. Either way, holding a frequency of softness, in a world that so often asks us to be hard, is a strength that knows no comparison.

Thursday 1/17 - Skunk Reversed - Have you been getting caught up in worrying more about what other people think of you than how you actually show up? If so, it’s time to remember that character is far more important than reputation and that, more often than not, trying to put out a certain image of yourself is likely to backfire and is most definitely an ego trap. Focus on being a living embodiment of your values and make sure that you’re walking your talk. Don’t worry about what others say and trust that your actions will speak louder than anyone’s words.

Friday 1/18 - Badger - Sometimes tough love is in order and today just might be one of those days. Whether that means letting someone, possibly even yourself, know that it’s time to bring the pity party to a close or going after something you want even if you feel like it might leave someone else feeling insecure or small in comparison, be direct about what you need and desire. Just make sure that your actions and words are coming from a place of clarity and truly good will. If you’re not 100% sure about your underlying intentions, notice whether or not you carry a charge around what’s coming up. If you can address the issue at hand with a calm mind and body, then you’ll know you’re coming from a place of empowerment and self-love, but if you find yourself getting worked up, take some time to heal any lingering wounds that are getting triggered to avoid saying or doing anything you might later regret.

Saturday 1/19 - Wolf - Absolutely everyone you encounter can be a teacher, if you’re willing to open your mind and heart to the lesson. There are the teachers we pray for and call in--the wise and loving souls that show us who we want to be and help us gently along our path. And then there are the other ones, the ones that leave us feeling frazzled, hurt, angry, or betrayed. While we might not wish for them, these souls show us important things as well. Who we don’t want to be. Where our boundaries are. How to access our strength and pick ourselves up after a fall. Be grateful for all of it. Allow it to serve as rich fertilizer for your growth. This is how you turn your greatest challenges into beautiful blessings.

Sunday 1/20 - Squirrel - A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content, or so the saying goes. Set yourself up for success and ease in the week ahead by doing a little prep work today. Whether you decide to cook some easy-to-heat-up meals that you can store in the fridge, get your laundry done so you’ve got a closet full of clean clothes, or get your task list for the week ahead organized so you can jump right into productivity mode first thing tomorrow morning, the time you invest today just might be the difference between the week owning you and you owning the week. You don’t have to spend the whole day working. Choose one or two things that will lighten your load, focus on those, and then enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you’ve already got a head start on a wonderful week.

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