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Monday 1/21 - Horse Reversed - Have you been struggling to stand in your power in a balanced way lately? Swinging like a pendulum between the extremes of not standing up for yourself or others at all and then using excessive force, either physically or energetically? If so, it’s time to ground, reclaim your authentic power, and exercise it mindfully and compassionately. This begins with self-awareness and appropriate boundary setting and is supported by taking the time you need, on a regular basis, to check in with yourself and your own needs and then tending to them so that you don’t end up feeling stretched too thin, only to snap. When you are attuned to your inner world, you can engage with your outer world in a much more effective and empowered way. Cultivate this ability and you are sure to see waves of positive shift across all areas of your life.

Tuesday 1/22 - Spider Reversed - There’s a risk today of saying or doing something from a place of frustration unless you find appropriate outlets for expressing yourself, so get creative. It doesn’t matter what medium you choose but it’s vital that you find a way to channel your energy into something positive. Draw, paint, make music, build something, dance, and as you do, envision any heavy or intense energy flowing right out of you and into your creation. It’s not so much about creating a masterpiece as it is about funneling your pain, anger, or frustration into something else so that it’s no longer binding you or weighing you down.

Wednesday 1/23 - Wild Boar - The message for today came through loud and clear and it’s that today is not a day to be meek. Most of us do our best to avoid conflict, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to fight for yourself, the ones you love, and for what you believe in. This doesn’t mean you have to pull out all the weapons or resort to aggressive attacks, however; remain calm and dignified, but stand your ground. Those who oppose you will either yield or remove themselves from the equation entirely, and either way, you’ll be happy that you didn’t compromise your integrity or your well being just to avoid rocking the boat. Being liked isn’t the same as being valued or respected, and if you have to choose between the two, the latter is far less likely to leave you feeling like a doormat.

Thursday 1/24 - Prairie Dog - With all of the heightened energy of this week, it’s important that you set aside a little time to relax and restore your body, mind, and spirit. Today would be an especially good day to schedule in some solo self-care in the form of time in nature, a meditation session, a cozy afternoon curled up with a book or some soothing music, or a visit to a bodyworker if that’s in your budget. Whatever you do, make sure that you really allow yourself the space to properly unwind because you’ve got some big opportunities on the horizon and you want to make sure that you don’t burn out before you get there. If you have a hard time slowing down and feel guilty for taking time away from the grind, just remember, slow and steady wins the race. Play the long game and take the down time now so you can cross the finish line with enough energy to enjoy your accomplishments.

Friday 1/25 - Raven - The week seems to end on a magical note, or at least, it can if you stay open to the possibility. When we’re children, we see magic all around us, in puddles and rainbows and even in the darkness beneath our own beds. But somewhere along the way, many of us lose connection with that way of seeing the world. We tack logical explanations onto everything and dismiss synchronicities as mere coincidence. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. You can know the reasons why and still hold space for wonder, curiosity, and awe. Allow yourself those gifts today. Focus in on all the little sources of magic that present themselves to you. Be present with beauty, the way you were as a child. You might just find that there’s a whole world of magic that’s been right under your nose for quite some time, only waiting for you to notice it.

Saturday 1/26 - Butterfly Reversed - If you’ve been hesitant to embrace changes that seem to be sweeping through your life, it’s time to surrender. Yes, you may experience loss, growing pains, or fear of the unknown but this is all part of the process of transformation. Just as the caterpillar has no idea that it is destined to become a butterfly, you cannot even begin to imagine all of the beauty that awaits you on the other side of the shifts that are taking place. Hang tight, even if it feels like you are coming undone. There is a brand new you that is preparing to emerge and your only job right now is to trust that you are only ever becoming what you were always meant to be.

Sunday 1/27 - Snake - One of the most powerful ways to heal is to turn your pain into purpose and that is exactly what is called for today. Share your story. Help someone out who struggles with the same issues you have had to face. Turn the tables on your troubles by fully owning them and then scouring them for treasure, and the treasure is always there; finding it simply requires a willingness to trade out self-pity for a commitment to learning and growth. If the lessons are feeling particularly tough, lean into any practices that you find to be healing, whether that’s mindful movement, working with your breath, or intentional creativity. A little extra self-care can go a long way towards supporting your ability to alchemize your struggles into something that not only makes you stronger, but offers healing to the world around you as well.

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