Weekly Forecast 8.6.18.jpg

Monday 8/6 - This week is starting off with Alligator medicine, and in the reversed position, this is an indicator that you’ll want to look below the surface of circumstances, words, and feelings today. Before making any decisions, tune into your intuition. Ask yourself what you might be missing at first glance. Consider the long term impacts of your choices. Taking time to integrate the wisdom you’ve gathered across your years with the insights you can draw from your present experience will be your best bet today no matter what comes your way.

Tuesday 8/7 - When Dog shows up in the reversed position, it is usually a sign that it is time to ask yourself where in your life have you been disloyal, particularly to yourself. When we live in ways that are not aligned with our truth, we build up insecurities and resentments. To free yourself from these energies you must find the courage to show up authentically and this always begins with being honest and compassionate with yourself.

Wednesday 8/8 - Beautiful Hawk is the messenger of the animal world and any time he shows up in the cards it’s definitely time to keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to receive guidance from Spirit. Messages can show up in all forms, from the words of strangers to unusual occurrences and synchronicities to feeling as if you are hearing someone speak to you in quiet moments when you’re alone. Listen closely. The messages may not make logical sense at first, but over time, their guidance will become clear.

Thursday 8/9 - The medicine of Armadillo is its strong, armor-like shell that protects it in times of danger, but all medicines can be abused and Armadillo in reverse signals a time to soften your defenses and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Remember, when you block out hurt and pain, you also block out love and pleasure. Healthy boundaries that are neither to soft nor too rigid will allow you to connect with yourself and others more deeply and find that balance between softness and strength.

Friday 8/10 - Bear reversed indicates that some time spent alone, reflecting on your own desires and goals is called for now. While it can be beneficial to seek the input of others occasionally, you are ultimately the only one who knows what is right and true for you. Take time to connect with your own inner knowing and honor its wisdom today.

Saturday 8/11 - Blue Heron follows Bear to encourage you to continue on the path of self reflection. It is through honest examination of our own essence and ways that we discover our true strengths, weaknesses, and destiny. The more intimately you know yourself, the more you will be able to show up in the world with a balanced and grounded sense of confidence that serve as a beacon for all of the opportunities that are meant especially for you.

Sunday 8/12 - Wild Boar is helping us close this week on a powerful note and encourages us to confront life head on! No more procrastinating or beating around the bush. No more hiding from your true feelings or sweeping them under the rug for the sake of others. Being open and direct can be one of the quickest ways to cut through drama and clear out any confusion. Be bold and face your fears so that you can move into the new week ahead free from nagging worries or doubt.