weekly forecast 8.13.18.jpg

Monday 8/13 - At the beginning of this new week, we are graced with the medicine of Dragonfly, which is all about illusions and changing form. Where in your life have you been putting up a facade instead of sharing your truest self? Are you feeling called to make shifts that allow you to be more authentic, more integrated, and more deeply connected to your inner wisdom and that of nature? These are the questions to ask yourself today.

Tuesday 8/14 - Squirrel medicine is that of gathering and preparedness, but when Squirrel shows up in reverse, it’s usually a sign that this energy has become extreme, often in the form of hoarding or scarcity-oriented thinking. It could also mean that you’ve lost focus and have become erratic. Take time today to ground your energy through stillness practices or time communing with nature, ideally barefoot. Take stock of all the abundance that is already present in your life and plant seeds for things you’d like to see manifest in the season ahead.

Wednesday 8/15 - Deer in the reversed position indicates that fear may be running the show, causing you to project negativity onto others or close yourself off completely. Deer reminds us to always return to Love so that fear may fall away. This may mean to be more compassionate with yourself as you explore fears that you’ve held inside or it may mean to connect more deeply with a universal sense of Love in order to navigate circumstances that trigger worry or a desire to control.

Thursday 8/16 - Beaver is the ultimate builder of the animal kingdom but when he shows up in reverse it can often be a sign that struggles with productivity and motivation are coming up. Get to the root of the issue. Are you feeling overwhelmed? If so, break down a large project into smaller tasks and create a list of what needs to happen first so you can begin to move through what you need to accomplish. If you’re still feeling resistance, it might be time to assess whether or not your heart is truly in your work, and if it isn’t, how you can either reignite your passion or begin carving out a new path for yourself.

Friday 8/17 - Turkey turning up in the reversed position echoes Tuesday’s message from Squirrel and asks us to examine our fears of lack. If you’ve been acting miserly with yourself or with others, it’s time to loosen your grip and remember that you can’t receive with a closed fist. Even if you don’t have material abundance to share, you can always be generous of spirit.

Saturday 8/18 - When Wolf trots into a spread in the reversed position, it is telling us that it is time to open our hearts and minds to receive new teachings and wisdom. These can come from sage friends, family, and community members, but also from new experiences that take us out of our comfort zone. Allow your perspective to be expanded by approaching life with a sense of curiosity and awe today.

Sunday 8/19 - Otter represents the medicine of femininity. She calls for all of us, no matter how you identify, to dive into the waters of intuition, receptivity, empathy, patience, creativity, and heart-centered connection. Take time today to cultivate these qualities in yourself and to celebrate them in others. Nature is always striving to find a balance of energies and in our fast-paced, masculine-driven world, it’s important to consciously make space for the beauty and unique wisdom of the feminine as well.