Weekly Forecast 7.30.18.jpg

Monday 7/30 - Wild Boar is all about radical honesty and confronting the truth with wide open eyes. This may mean looking your own demons in the eyes and calling them by name or it could also indicate that it’s time to speak your truth to someone in your life. If there’s something that needs to be said, but the other party is not available for a heartfelt discussion, either physically or emotionally, perhaps write a letter airing all of the thoughts and feelings that you have been holding and burn it to release the energy.

Tuesday 7/31 - When Raven swoops into your cards there’s bound to be magic afoot. You may notice patterns of synchronicity presenting themselves today or find that your intuitive abilities or state of consciousness is heightened today. This is an especially good day for intention setting, energy work, or taking extra time to connect deeply with Spirit.

Wednesday 8/1 - Jaguar Reversed indicates that it might be time to take a little inventory of how your actions are aligning with your values. Are there places where your integrity has been compromised? In the work you do? In how you’re showing up in relationships? In how you treat yourself? If so, acknowledge the issue, offer yourself some compassion and forgiveness, and do your best to bring your mind, body, and spirit back into true alignment.

Thursday 8/2 - Squirrel Medicine is all about gathering, preparation, and planning ahead. What can you do now to make your life a little easier for the upcoming weeks ahead. This could mean saving your energy or resources up in anticipation of a period of high output or doing a little bit of cleaning and streamlining in your inner and outer spaces so that you can meet life and any shifts that are headed your way with groundedness and clarity. Either way, a little work to prepare yourself for what’s ahead can go a long way today!

Friday 8/3 - While Raccoon may look like a little bandit, it happens to have a very strong natural tendency to be a protector and a provider for others, particularly for those who may be less fortunate. Are there people in your life who may need a little support? How might you be able to tap into your own sense of generosity? Are there places in your life where your cup is overflowing and you have the ability to share? These are the questions to ask yourself today.

Saturday 8/4 - It is certainly always interesting to see Turkey Reversed follow Raccoon as the turkey is all about generosity and the idea of “give away” and when it shows up in the reversed position, it usually means that there is some challenge around scarcity mindset and an inability to trust that there is enough for all. If you notice these feelings coming up today, ask yourself where the story is coming from. If you need support shifting this mindset, spending time in a gratitude practice can be a very powerful way to connect with the abundance in your own life.

Sunday 8/5 - Moose medicine is in order on this day which means it’s time to acknowledge your recent successes and allow yourself to be filled up with the joy and pride of your own accomplishments. In our achievement oriented society, it’s so easy to complete one thing and be on to the next before we’ve even had a chance to celebrate the milestone. But taking stock of where we’ve come and what we’ve learned along the way helps hone our wisdom as well as our sense of self worth, so today, take some time to love yourself up for all that you do.