weekly forecast monday aug 20th.jpg

Monday 8/20 - The first day of this new week is ushered in with the medicine of Horse, which is that of power, but not hollow power, true power. True power comes from wisdom, groundedness, clarity, and a deep connection to the center of peace that lives within us all. When you carry yourself with these qualities, you will call in wondrous opportunities to share your gifts with the world and find the fulfillment and joy that you’ve been craving.

Tuesday 8/21 - Horse is followed by Jaguar, another guide for how best to move through this life journey. Jaguar reminds us of the importance of integrity and ensuring that our actions are aligned with our values and principles. Are you walking your talk? If not, it’s time to do so. If you’re not sure or Jaguar’s presence makes you uneasy, it might be time to sit in stillness and go inward to reconnect with your inner compass for how you wish to show up in this world and then follow its guidance.

Wednesday 8/22 - Alligator floats into the picture on Wednesday encouraging us to take in everything that is going on around us before reacting. Notice what you see on the surface, but be sure to look deeper as well in order to truly understand all sides of a situation. There may be more than meets the eye at first glance. Take time to digest what you find, and only make a decision or take action once you feel certain that you’ve been able to see all sides.

Thursday 8/23 - When Bat shows up in the reversed position, it is a clear sign that you might be resisting the natural cycles of your life and stunting your own growth. Are you so afraid of the loss of who you have been that you are not allowing yourself to become who you are meant to be? Remember, your evolution is part of the greater evolution of humanity and impacts not just your life, but all life. Can you find the courage to let go of what is known and familiar to step into your destiny?

Friday 8/24 - If you’re still struggling with getting Bat turned right side up, you may be in need of some assistance and the medicine of Black Panther shows up just in time this Friday. Black Panther reminds us to embrace the unknown. This is the medicine of courage, trust, and surrender and each of us needs these gifts at some point in our lives. What do you need to do today to release your desire to control or know the outcome? How can you connect with a sense of faith, both in yourself and in the Universe?

Saturday 8/25 - On Saturday, Elk comes trotting into the cards to remind us of the importance of pace, and in particular, of not moving through life at such a fast clip that we wear ourselves out. The secret to stamina and achieving goals is a moderate but steady pace in which you are consistently moving towards where you wish to be. Take time today to check in with your energy levels and if you are feeling depleted or run down, figure out what you need to adjust in order to stay in the game for the long haul.

Sunday 8/19 - On Sunday we are graced with the medicine of Whale, which sings to us and encourages us to find and share our own unique voice. Do you have a message to share that you’ve been keeping to yourself? Have you felt a block around speaking your truth? Don’t underestimate the power of sound frequencies. Vocalization can be incredibly healing whether that is through song, toning, or simply saying something that has been trapped in your throat.