Over the past couple of months, I have come to discover the magic of Sundays. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’ve always loved Sundays. The farmers market, brunch with friends, and my sunset hikes to close out the weekend. But lately, I’ve been making space in my Sundays for something else, too: Nesting.

I recently did a little gardening project at my condo. I repotted all of my plants on my balconies, 99% of which were hand-me-downs from friends and family members who moved or were getting rid of plants, and I also began filling the inside of my home with a variety of plants that are very quickly turning into the indoor jungle I’ve been dreaming about (and plotting--hello, Pinterest addiction!) for years.

Now that my plant family has grown dramatically, I’m finding that I need to spend a little more time tending to all of my leafy friends, so Sundays have become my gardening days and honestly, they have become magical. After my morning meditation and tea or tonic I start making the rounds through the rooms in my house and my patios, checking in on each plant, examining them for signs of too much or too little water or sunlight. I water the ones that need it, clear away any dead leaves or flowers, and move any pots that look like they could use a shift in lighting. The whole process has become a sort of moving meditation and I love it. Connecting with the earth as I touch the leaves and soil, cultivating that loving, attentive presence, the simple joy of watching things grow and knowing that I am nurturing them into their most vibrant expression (usually, haha). But more than anything, I’ve really been reveling in the process of nesting. Of creating beauty in my space. Of grounding into the feeling of home and the knowing that this is something I can and do create for myself.

It’s become part of my practice and I’m seeing very clearly how powerful it is to set aside regular time out of my week to tend to my home, and really to myself. Because that’s really what it’s about. Just like I go the gym to care for my body, spend time with friends to nurture my connections, and dedicate time to all the various tasks that are involved in building and growing a business, this other form of nourishment that is softer, quieter and more internal, is just as important. It offers a way to connect to myself. To practice self love. To cultivate the life I envision. And I’ve noticed that the impact is already extending past the pots of plants scattered throughout my home.

This space I’ve created on Sundays to tend to my apartment has also become my time to nest in the home of my heart. As I discard lifeless leaves and re-arrange pots, I also find myself getting clarity around what needs to be cleared away internally. The beliefs, experiences, and energies that are no longer serving me and that I am ready to release. I shift and shuffle my plans for the days and weeks ahead to meet my current visions and dreams, which grow and change just as constantly as plant life does. I check in with my own needs. Am I also getting enough water and sunlight? What about down time to replenish and restore my energy? Creative outlets? Movement? Truly nourishing foods? Am I feeling aligned with my work? What do I want to manifest in the week ahead? Are there intentions or practices I can put in place to support me showing up in the ways I wish to?

I’ve found myself tidying and preparing my home. Prepping meals and fresh ingredients to have on hand for snacks. I clear away old papers and take walks in my neighborhood to gather little clumps of fresh flowers to place throughout my house. I burn sage or palo santo or sweetgrass, depending on my mood. Sometimes I dance in my living room or sit in a sun puddle on my floor and journal. And it’s all part of one big, fluid process that’s had me falling asleep on Sunday nights much more content and waking up on Monday mornings feeling refreshed, clear, and ready for the week.

There’s no formula to it. It’s not complicated and it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes self-care involves contorting our bodies into yoga poses we never thought we could get into or juices with exotic healing ingredients. But sometimes it’s as simple as setting aside a little time to nest, both in your home and in your heart.